Question About The Rx, "intermezzo"
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Josey-Anna Says:

Does the Rx, "Intermezzo", come in continuous-release dosages, as does the brand name, Ambien, of the same active ingredient (i.e. 6.25mg and 12.5mg)?

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Josey-Anna Says:

Thanks, Jenna! As soon as I posted the Q about it, I thought, "Duh - why didn't you google it?!" So I did, and learned that it is formulated for those who wake up around the middle of the night, and can't go back to sleep -- NOT for those who have problems going to sleep when they first go to bed. It's a low dose... not nearly as high as Ambien and its generic 'Zolpidem'. Thank you so much for answering....

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Jenna Says:

HI Josey-Anna,

Based on my research, Intermezzo (zolpidem) is an under-the-tongue tablet designed for "quick release" and there aren't currently any "extended release" formulas.

You can learn more about this drug on the page for Intermezzo Details

Do you have any more questions about this medication? Please post back if you do.

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