Qualitest Is A Horrible Brand And Has Bad Side Effects K

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shannon Says:

the qualitest alprazolam are highly ineffective and cause nausea/vomiting, heart burn, severe migrains and swelling and/or bleeding in the throat and stomach which can be seen in the stool. my pharmacy changed to qualitest and i also recieved there oxycodone 30mg tablets. both have a deep blue color and have the same side effects. it maybe the dye or another inactive filler but what ever it is has caused me and about 7 other people i know prescibed the same things these symptoms. i sugget if you recieve this brand to request a different one or switch pharmacys. to top it all off they do not seem to have the same amount of active ingredient in them as ANY of the other brands i have taken> instead of treating my pain and anxiety i got sleepy and more irritable and no other brand does that to me or the others i have talked to that say the same. so in all i think this brand should be taken off the market because i havent spoke to anyone that is satisfied with their results, especially getting ill and some other serious side effects from these meds. stay away from this brand.

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zebo Says:

I am taking this med alprazolam 1mg made by qualitest pharmaceuticals they have numbers 2089 V on them . I get them from the VA. they make me sleepy and more irritable , this brand is the only one that makes me feel this way even my family noticed the differance in me . Darn VA. Anyone else having this too?

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zebo Says:

I am taking this med alprazolam 1mg made by qualitest pharmaceuticals they have numbers 2089 V on them . I get them from the VA. they make me sleepy and more irritable , this brand is the only one that makes me feel this way even my family noticed the differance in me . Darn VA. Anyone else having this too? A friend told me that they are for a dog alprazolam could this be true?

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Verwon Says:

The FDA does allow differences between generic medications and the name brands, in the active ingredient, by up to plus or minus 20%, this is considered an acceptable therapeutic window.

Problems, however, can sometimes arise, when you switch from one generic to another, because they are not required to measure against each other, thus you may end up taking one that has more or less of the active ingredient than the one you were taking previously.

For many people, this does not cause any problems, but some people are sensitive to any fluctuation in medications and can experience problems.



If you want to file a complaint about the product from this manufacturer, you can do so by contacting the FDA at 800-332-1088.

Are there any other questions or comments?

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Adrienne Hardee Says:

I totally agree with you. The 1 mg feel like a 0.5. I have taken many different brands and these SUCK!!! Take them off the market please.....
Very disappointed in QUALITEST brand.......................

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Adrienne Hardee Says:

I too have been taking these and agree that they react very different from any other brand. I am now switching Pharmacies.

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RB in Florida Says:

I've taken Qualitest, Sandoz and Greenstone....actually, Qualitest is just as good as Sandoz....I've read where others think so too....I get mine from the VA....no complaints here....

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Saree Says:

I prefer Sandoz over Qualitest for my Spironolactone. Qualitest I have to take double the dose to get the same effect as Sandoz, which doesn't work when the pharmacy switches and there's a 3-6 month wait to get into my specialist to get them to change my prescription amount back to a higher dose. A talked to my pharmacy several months ago last time a switch happened and it sounds like I can request a special manufacturer just for me and they'll put my name on it :)

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billybud Says:

qualitest made me throw up as soon as i took the pill that made my mouth burn and look as though i ate pixie sticks they were the worst ever what is the goverment doing i have to take coreg a heart pill i stick to aurobindo its a indian brand i think the gov should put there standards into effect i think its all a lie money maker if you have the money they will let you slide look at law enforcement pay traffic tickets pay this pay that money can buy you anything including freedom look at rich people they get out of jail quick poor people stay for ever what is with this country

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Lou Says:

Qualitest Clonazepan is awful. They must have the 20% difference in the reactive ingredient because it does not work as the other did. I use the VA. This is dangerous

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Batman Says:

Read Bluelight, a good forum. People regard Qualitest 1 mg Xanax just as good as Sandoz, though Greenstone is definitely the best of the generics....the FDA monitors the ingredients....Qualitest relaxes me just as much as Greenstone....As for Vicodin, Qualitest is much better than Mallies and Mylans....

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Don Cornelius Says:

I also take oxycodone hydrochloride 30mg tablets.I went from a generic sold by Wgreens to another drug store that had Qualitest, so I took my first qualities tab.and 20 mins later I got sleepy and felt heavy eyed. Then I felt anger. It sacred me to bits! So I found this website.and I read that I'm not the only one who had a bad experience. I wonder what's in the qualitest brand that does this to me? It does not feel Stronger, but it feels like it contains an anti anxiety ingredient I it,almost like taking a Valum. Before. Switched brands.I had no problems staying active while I take my med, but this brand makes me feel depressed and Moody and sleepy...someone needs to file on them.and get this med fixed or taken off zee market.I will ask my store for another brand.even if they need to order it. Qualitest is a bad brand. I've had same problem with another medication they make. It also had bad side vs

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Rj Says:

I've had so much 'trouble' with the Qualitest brand of Oxycodone 30s that I refuse to accept them or to take them...I have to be REALLY 'sick' (out of opiates) to even think about taking one. I guess I hope that they've 'changed,' perhaps due to the negative comments that are all over the 'net regarding their product, and now have better 'inactive ingredients.' That's all that I can imagine it is...different ingredients that affect so many of us the way they do. None of the other brands I've had...NONE of them...have ever given me the stomach problems their pills do. There's not a whole lot of 'benefit' in making this up, is there?, so there must be something to all the comments from so many people about how bad they, too, are affected by the Qualitest brand of drugs...and not just Oxycodones, either. I have a very bad stomach...have had two Nissan fundoplasty wraps (hiatal hernia 'fixes'), and have developed 'Barret's Syndrome,' a precursor to esophageal cancer (5% chance of living/95% chance of 'not' if I do contract the cancer). ANYTHING that's not quite right can set me off on a 'binge' of dry heaves, mega-pain and usually a several-day trip to the hospital after I get dehydrated and all. Not fun! They can keep their meds as far as I'm concerned.

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Roger in Orlando Says:

I know one thing....I've never had a negative reaction to a Qualitest 1mg Xanax. To me, they work just as well as Greenstone....for those of you who think there is a vast difference in quality and chemical reaction from these, I have to agree with the FDA. However, Mylan is one of the worst and that is a 2mg....No complaints from Qualitest....their 10/325 Norcos are very good and some consider better than Watson, and sure better than Mallies....

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chris11 Says:

I have taken soma for along time for envolentary tenseness. They gave me Aurobindo and then qualtest. has a v onit. the other D31

I seem to be getting a slight headach from the d 31 brand. I have to decide what to switch to by next week.

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Mr Big Says:

I've been taken Clonidine .1 mg for a few years now, recently my supplier switched to Qualitest....Shortly after I started having Intestional issues, I saw my GI and had several tests done with no apparent reason for my discomfort. I had some of my other Clonidine left so I quit the Qualitest Brand and my issues went away. What is wrong with these Pharmacutical companies and FDA allowing the garbage they put in our medicine....oh let's not forget our suppliers going for the cheapest guy on the corner either.
Anyway's with all the problems I've read about Qualitest and thier medicine I would not take ANY of their Medicine at all.
Just Saying

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Gator Says:

Qualitest is hardly the worst brand on the market....It beats Mylan and it's a close second to Greenstone....It's a very good generic....

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Kris Says:

I've taken Vicoprofen (hydrocodone/ibuprofen 7.5/200mg) for years for various reasons, including nerve hypersensitivity that makes it difficult for me to concentrate our function when I have a flare up. My pharmacy (Walgreens) recently switched manufacturers from TEVA, which I had never had an issue with, to Qualitest. They straight up do NOTHING for me. I feel tired — not sleepy, but TIRED — and get no relief for my nerves. Now that I've decided to do a little research, I'm not at all surprised to see negative feedback about the company.

I looked on the bottle the pharmacy gave me, which was straight from Qualitest since I get 120 pills at a time, and it says "MANUFACTURED FOR Qualitest" with an address for QUALITEST that is in Alabama. Where the hell are these things being manufactured, then? China?

I say that because my doctor told me about a case where it was found that Walmart pharmacies were distributing Wellbutrin that was made in China that had NO MEDICINE in them!

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Paul Says:

I've been getting Alrazolam 1mg. twice a day from CVS and had no problems. They were very effective for my anxiety. Recently I switched to Sam's Club (Walmart) due to price consideration and now very much regret doing so. The pills from Sam's are a bright blue, football shaped, scored in the middle and crumble easily. I called and found out they are manufactured by Qualitest. I told the pharmacist my complaint and he said he's heard it from other patients but there is nothing he can do because - get this - you guessed it, they go with the cheapest manufacturer at the time. So you get what you pay for. I've heard the Greenstone brand (a generic, division of Pfizer) is best if you can find it. I've asked Sam's if they can order it, he said he'll try but not holding my breath. CVS said their manufacturer was Sandoz. A bit of research shows that they have a better rating per internet patient reviews than Qualitest (an Endo company). So look around, ask about manufacturer for that product at that time, and best of luck.

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Paul Says:

I beg to disagree. Recently switched from CVS Sandoz manufactured alprazolam 1mg. to Sam's Club (Walmart) Qualitest same script. BIG difference. My wife has the same prescription and she has the same reply: Lack of effectiveness. The Sam's Club Qualitest crumbles easily, dissolves easily. CVS Sandoz is harder and does not crumble. That is not a concern actually, though the quality of the product and it's effectiveness is. A bit of research shows that a number of people report Greenstone as the better product, being a Pfizer company itself. Qualitest has had quality control issues in the past; I would not be surprised if this was an issue at hand. Though this is a personal observation I realize. If it works for you perhaps you were lucky and got a controlled "good" lot. The rest of us unfortunately did not.

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Artfemme Says:

I have been taking spironolactone for edema and hair loss related to hypothyroidism for over a year and it was working really well. The edema went away almost as soon as I started taking it and after a few months my hair loss went back to normal and my hair grew back. I was getting the medication from Walgreen's. My insurance company, Humana, suggested that since it is a maintenance medication that it would be more cost effective to get it from their mail order pharmacy (Rite Source, now called Humana) so I did. BIG MISTAKE. For the last 6 months my hair started falling out in golf-ball sized hunks every time I washed my hair and my scalp started feeling the burning itch that always accompanies the hair loss.... in the past I had blamed this on being under-medicated for my thyroid but this time my thyroid labs were fine. I also started growing dark thick hairs on my chin, something I'd never had before, and I got some hard cyst-like pimples that kept recurring. I have always had completely clear skin, even as a teenager. I saw both my primary doctor and my dermatologist and both were mystified....my dose of spironolactone had not changed. More puzzling was that my aldosterone, which was low in range when I STARTED taking spironolactone, was now high out of range. How could this be ? I have had problems in the past with my thyroid medication when a pharmacy switched me to a generic without telling me and I know now that the FDA allows generic thyroid meds to vary 15% from the brand and have fillers that bind the hormone further so the strength is even less so I decided to see if the manufacturer of my spironolactone had been changed. And LO ! yes, Walgreen's uses Amneal whereas the cheap-ass mail order pharmacy had switched me to Qualitest. I then did an internet search and came upon many sites all slamming the effectiveness of Qualitest products, with many claiming to have had a recurrence of symptoms with spironolactone just like I did. Because of the change in my aldosterone level from my baseline, I'm really concerned that not only did the Qualitest prodcut not work, but that it has somehow affected my normal hormonal balance in a adverse way. Spironolactone is an aldosterone BLOCKER, so how can it be that my level rose from it's norm ? I am throwing out this product and going back to Walgreen's, I will have my doctor write 'AMNEAL NO SUBSTITUTIONS" on my prescription in the future, and I also intend to report the ineffectiveness of this product to the FDA. I suggest all of you who have an adverse experience with any Qualitest products do the same, otherwise there will be no changes and this company will continue to dupe and rob patients with, apparently, full government approval at an adverse cost to their health. Shameful.

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