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Drinking Propan With Iron Multivitamins

I eat a lot but I dont gain weight. My friends say that i should drink propan with iron.. but before that, i should make sure that i dont have parasitic worms inside my body... My question is, is it still effective if i drink propan even if i have parasitic worms in my body? Your answers will be greatly appreciated, thanks! ## It isn't that the nutritional supplement would be ineffective if you have parasites, it's that if you do, it could be the reason you aren't gaining weight. And if that's the case, then supplements aren't going to help you gain weight, either. If you fear that you may have parasites, you should see your doctor to be tested. Are there any other questions or concerns? ## Don't say drink, just say "take". Before you take propan + iron, ...

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may be over the counter.What is it used for ## Used for pin worm treatment in humans, prescribed OTC by Reeses as in 'Reeses Pin worm Treatment'. It is the base ingredient in 'Hartz Rid Worm'dog wormer tablets (113.5 mg each large dog chewable tablet). Both human and animal medication labels stated that it is a one time dose based on weight. Minimal SE and no OD sympyoms found by me.

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