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Pylera Side Effects

Hi, I was placed on a Pylera ten day treatment for H-Pylori, but during the course of the treatment, I felt uncoordinated, dizzy and very ill. On day 9, my left thumb started twitching, along with spasms. I ended up in the E.R. twice, but all they told me that I was ok and it would go away. The left thumb has stopped, thank GOD, but the twitching and muscle spasms have progressed and its been over a month since I immediately stopped taking the Pylera. I also have episodes of feeling uncoordinated, weakness in my legs and a lot of trouble sleeping. I'm wondering if anyone out there has had those same symptoms and what type of doctor was seen for help? ## Have you consulted your regular doctor about this? They really need to look into this and see what's causing the problem. Regul...

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