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My pharmacist said paregoric is backordered and don't know when or if it will come in. I've taken it for over 40 years for colon problems. I have a prescription for it. Is there any place I can purchase paregoric?

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Verwon Says:

It is not backordered, Paragoric has actually been withdrawn from the market, because it was actually an Opium based medication and is not considered safe by the FDA.

The only thing I can suggest is asking your doctor for an alternative.


Are there any questions or comments?

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Russ Says:

My Doctors have advised that there is no replacement for Paragoric or any other drug that has the same results.

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Carole Says:

Paregoric is the only medicine that even allows me to leave my home. I have such bad diarrhea and this medicine is the only one that helps. Is there any chance the manufacturer will start producing it again?

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BigEasy Says:

I tried several meds to try to replace the paregoric. Nothing worked. Now I'm having problems at work because I can't just go to the bathroom whenever I need to, especially when I may spend an hour or so in the bathroom.

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Carole Says:

Thank you for your reply. I thought I was the only one that found this medicine to work for my diarrhea. Obviously, from other messages I've read others have the exact problem. I have always had a prescription for this and am currently trying a new drug but it doesn't have the same effect. Last week I was confined to my bedroom for 4 days.

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Tammy Says:

You should stop eating all wheat rye and barley. If you feel better after a month and the bathroom trips stop. You have celiac disease. You could have your doctor do a blood test to determine this too. There is a reason your body is doing this and it is not lack or a drug.

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Tammy Says:

You should stop eating all wheat rye and barley. If you feel better after a month and the bathroom trips stop. You have celiac disease. You could have your doctor do a blood test to determine this too. There is a reason your body is doing this and it is not lack of adrug.

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Betty Says:

Re paragoric. I have taken this for at least 7 years for IBS and aneurysms. My Dr gives me a RX (one bottle about every 3-4 months)...I swear, it is the ONLY medication that I can truly "depend" on when my husband and I take trips or I'm away from home. One to two teaspoons and not only am I "safe", but have the confidence to leave home...does anyone know if it will ever return to market, or if it's available anywhere? How can they consider this "addictive"??? OK...it has alcohol in it...gosh, anyone can purchase a bottle of vodka or whatever...if prescribed and monitored by a Dr, why is this considered "worse" than so many other "narcotic" pills out there? Life is short...if a medication can help those of us suffering from this embarrassing "condition" of "sudden onset of diarrhea" (and I MEAN SUDDEN), ...I just don't understand...pls give any advice you can? thank you! Betty

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Walter Says:

They are withdrawing it from the market, when there is NO substitute for the symptoms it relieves, for a LITTLE bit of opium (remind you opium is natural and contains all alkloids), while the "Dr. Feelgood's and the FDA PUSH the heck out of oxycodone??? What has this health care come to? Hippocratic Oath went out the window and Nazi Medicine in!!!

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Betty Says:

Hi Walter...thank you so much for your fast reply and your attempt to help me...my pharmacist (Vons in Ca) says their supplier has it "under suspension"...(???) meaning, it may come back? May I bothor you with another question? Do you know who one can write to about this? It just doesn't make sense to me! Laudum (spelling) or "tincture of opium" w/o alcohol in it is what I understand IS available, and paragoric is much weaker than that! I will talk to my dr when he returns re a substitute...it's just, again, as you said, STRONGER drugs are available...and this one (paregoric), needed and helping so much w/such an embarrassing condition...ah, guess I must calm down, not burst one of my aneurysms, and "accept life and its rules"...difficult to though, when IT JUST DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!!! Again, thank you so much for caring enough to try and help me! Sincerely, Betty

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Verwon Says:

Betty, I understand, these types of decision cause hassles and problems, for many people, especially when you've used a medication reliably, without any problems, for such a long time.

If you want to contact someone about it to let your complaint and thoughts be heard, the FDA does accept these types of calls, you can reach them at 800-463-6332.


Are there any other comments or questions?

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terster Says:

I have the same issues as many others. Paregoric is the only product that really does the trick for loose stool and IBS. Lomotil and Loperamide help, but I often need a booster and that's where the Paregoric comes in.

My pharmacy, Walgreens, said that this is a restricted product and that their distributor needs some kind of special government permit to get the medication. Their distributor does not have it and therefore can not get it. They said that as far as they can tell, it's still being made, the rub is that it's nearly impossible to get.
So I like many others here are wondering how to get it. I even called the Veteran's Hospital pharmacy wondering if they have special government permits for special medications and they too do not have access.
The only thing i have not done yet, is find the phone number for the manufacturer which is on the label of the bottle, and call them. Finding phone numbers to the makers, even using online web searches, is sometimes difficult due to getting to the correct individual at those companies.

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terster Says:

Betty. Schedule an appointment with your Gastro. There is a drug out there that is made exclusively for women. Unfortunately i forget the name but i'm sure your gastro will know. It is a PILL not a liquid.

As an experiment, they put me on this medication about a year and a half ago. I am male, and we knew upfront the odd's of this helping me were less than 5% because again, it's designed exclusively for women.

Only 1 doctor out of a team of 7 at my clinic was licensed to perscribe this drug. He had to take special classes for it. If i can recall the name of it, i'll post again.

The key here... the medication is pills, designed exclusively for women, prescribed by your Gastro who has to take a special class in order to prescribe the medication.

Hope this helps.

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Betty Says:


Thanks so much for your reply! I DO, in fact, have an appointment with my gastro tomorrow afternoon...I am bringing your info with me.

My pharmacy, Von's in Oakhurst, Ca, gave me the name and telephone of their distributor, Hi Tech Pharmacal Co, 1-800-262-9010.

I called (more than once as I just can't seem to get a "definite answer" from them (grrr)...as to whether paregoric is or is not off the market. One customer service rep said the reason it is "on suspension" is that it it "old" and they just don't get enough requests for it.

Then I called back another day and another Rep told me they have have MANY calls on paregoric...

I called FDA (per Walter's suggestion...see his reply to me on this Site), and I was left with the impression, again, that it is TEMPORAIRLY under suspension...the woman I talked to referred me to another extension...I left a message but have yet to hear from them...

As Walter (from this site) said "POWER TO THE PEOPLE"!!! This is totally ridiculous! I have been on Paragoric for years...only take it when on vacation, or away from my home for a duration,...have history of IBS, many 2 total abdominal surgeries, and a hysterectomy...my family Doc thinks, not only do I have IBS, but scar tissue, blah, blah, all I know is I AM NOT ADDICTED TO THIS STUFF...gosh, with the taste of it, how can that happen (smile)

Again, to you and Walter, I thank you so much for caring...this is an incredibly imbarrassing "subject", and if those of us suffering from it have found relief...well, you get the jest.

Let us not give up...pls call above number (if you have problem, let me know?)

Let's all keep in touch on this, yes?

Thanks again,

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Betty Says:


I did rec your reply several days ago...I mean't to answer, to thank you again.

Read my latest reply (last message) on what I found out...

And again, let's keep each other up to date...'POWER TO THE PEOPLE"! (SMILE)


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Betty Says:

I am so sorry for typo...(brain moves at velocity of an antolope...no, space ship...) fingers...well... I mean't Vernon!

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Terster Says:

Hi Betty... i found the name of the script which again is for women only. It's kinda experimental still. The medication is called: Lotronox

I know your gastro appt was today, so hopefully they were able to figure out what i was talking about the other day.

Talk to your gastro... call them back if necessary, talk to the physicians nurse and inquire about that medication. You will probably be referred to another doctor, one that has the ability to write this particular script for as mentioned, they need a special certification for this medicine.

Good luck.


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Stephanie Says:

Betty,Lotronox, a presciption treatment for women suffering irritable bowel syndrome, is being pulled off the market after just nine months. Eight confirmed deaths, and over 70 cases of severe intestinal side effects, including ischemic colitis and constipation so severe that that some patients needed parts of their intestines surgically removed, caused the FDA to act swiftly. It becomes the seventh banned drug the FDA has had to deal with in 21/2 years.

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Terster Says:

Thanks for the update Stephanie. Didn't know that it was being pulled. When i found the record of the script, the date on it was about 2 years ago. I knew it was a risky medication considering only 1 doctor in the entire clinic took the class and was able to write the prescription. I didn't know that it too was being pulled off of the market. As was/is the case with me... desperate times call for desperate measures... and i found it worth the risk to try this med even thought it is designed exclusively for women.

But then with any ailment and any new medication... my personal opinion is that one should be looking stuff up on the internet and read, read and read some more. That way when you do talk to your doctor, you're at least informed to some degree.

Internet searches take seconds to complete and the amount that can be learned in only 1 hr is amazing in todays day.

Sadly what blows my mind is that in nearly 10 years time... there are still no new medications on the market nor any in the pipeline (at my dr. is aware of) for these symptoms... and in addition, things are getting worse because drugs like paregoric have disappeared.


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Betty Says:

Hi, everyone regarding paragoric

I just got off the phone with a really nice rep from FDA...yes, paragoric has been taken off the market, and soon to follow, will be ticture of opium...he said they have rec calls from people like us, who have found SOMETHING (paragoric) that WORKS and is actually "quite safe"...he said it's up to "supply & demand"...again, most patients/docs are going for the stronger meds...paragoric and tincture of opium have actually never been approved by FDA, and, as Rep said, pharmaceutical companies just aren't going to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to put it under required "investigation"...
So...Rep advised us all to WRITE (not call...writing apparently goes through a different process once rec), our Congressman re paragoric, and how we feel about it being pulled off the market...so...what does everyone think?
I did go to my gasto and will be picking up a RX for tincture of opium...his words of advice "follow the INSTRUCTIONS (with dropper) carefully, OR YOU WILL DIE"...(gulp)...and with paragoric, prior to taking a trip or going to a social function, I would "just take a swig" from the bottle...and KNEW it would work! Thanks everyone for your help...oh, and "the pill" we've been talking about? FDA said that was REALLY a dangerous one...but then...hmmmm....I don't know....I'll try tincture of opium...if it doesn't work...I don't know what I'll do. Stop traveling/going to social functions, I guess...thanks for listening! Betty

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Hi-Tech Pharmacal Says:

Paregoric is available from Hi-Tech Pharmacal and has been in the supply chain since August 2012. Independent pharmacies and chain pharmacies should be able to order through their local wholesaler. Pharmacists can also speak with your doctor about the availability of Paregoric.

Thank you,
Hi-Tech Pharmacal

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Betty Says:

Terster and all!

Hi! Yes, I've rec paregoric from two pharmacies in my little town of Oakhurst, Ca.: Von's and Raley's who both were able to obtain it from Hi Tech Pharmacael...

You're not able to fill your Rx where you live? Gosh...I THINK Hi Tech is out of New York, but...have not done my homework...

I read a post where "one of us, so appreciating this great RX when we need it" said, something like I hope it's not just a 'batch' they make up, and then we start all over with searching for a 'substitute' for a...a...what's the perfect word to describe this "licquid gold" (for those of us suffering from diarrhea 'bouts', or...as another posted, pain that requires (my definition of what she wrote) more than ibuprofin type treatment, and yet not as strong as others so easily obtained...
OK, so I'm on my third cup of coffee (Ca time) and...just saw your post...I'm really worked up about this...and yet, (objectively) understand "supply and demand"...not sure what my big heart (and brain, trying to match it) is trying to articulate here but...I guess I keep returning to my original thought of "stronger drugs (and demand for) re paregoric and...and...well, gosh, if it WORKS (for a true 'problem'), why, oh why, do we have..."such problems" getting it? I guess some have "moved on" and found "other solutions" for their symptoms, and I understand that, but...gosh, it's hard to give up something that WORKS for a "patient's problems" and thus enables us to "carry on with life" such as those who DON'T have our problems...without trying and getting our bodies useto something else that 1) doesn't work 2) too strong for our metabolisms ...
And, bottom line...thanks for listening to my rambling reply to your very well thought out question (:>),,,
Terster? Are you asking for all of us that have been posting on this (the availability of paregoric) or...are you still waiting for return of this? I'm thinking that, if you have a RX for it, and one of us have found pharmacy that has it, our pharmacy (one closest to you) could mail it to you??? Gosh, you were one of those "working so hard for all of us", and....you're still waiting? Pls answer, I will call my pharmacies (if you request) , ask them about shipping out of area, and let you know? Have a great day!

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terster Says:

Hi Betty,

It's going on a month and you're due for a refill... does your pharmacy still have it?

My pharmacy hasn't gotten it yet. They say it's coming but wont give a date.

It would be nice to show them that it's out there... they just need to figure out a way to get it.

Please advise.

Has ANYONE ELSE GOTTEN ANY in the past month? If yes, please post and let us know.

Thanks all!

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Betty Says:

Hi Terster and all...

I'm so sorry I didn't keep my promise and reply yesterday...I haven't forgotton you, but thank you for the reminder!
Yes, I went to Raley's (in Ca) and picked up a bottle of PAREGORIC (from hi Tech Pharmacal yesterday...THE REAL THING...this from a store house in Sacramento, Ca...
I wondered the same thing...is this just a one time "deal", or is it really back?

I took a teaspoon this a.m, and it definately has a "more licquorice taste" than the bottle I rec from compound pharmacy...Now, I so feel like a "hoarder"...(spelling?)...thank God, I don't work, so use it only when I'm going to be away from my home...
Has anyone else rec rx from Hi-Tech?

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terster Says:

Hi Betty,

Can you confirm you got a bottle of the real, true, paregoric today, per your post?

If it is actually in your pharmacy out in CA, then i'm sure it's only weeks away from being out here in the midwest.

Walgreens told me they would call weekly and let me know when it's in. The girl at Walgreens that i work with has been great in helping me out over the past few years.

I now wonder one thing... back around 2008, they stopped making Paregoric. They brought it back in 2009 and then stopped again in 2010 and have not brought it back since.

So i wonder... will this be permament or will they make one large batch and then that's it for a while.

I reccommend stocking for, if possible, once it becomes available.

Good luck.

I'll post again when i get my first bottle of the real mccoy.



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Betty Says:


OK Alan, yes I DO have 'spasms in colon (of colon)? I just had them this a.m., and they are PAINFUL! I was watching morning news, RELAXING, and sneezed, really hard...that started the "spasms"...(to me, it feels like my colon is "twisting"...)

My husband took my rx for paragoric to my compound pharmacy yesterday as I was still unable to get it from local pharmacy...(they told me to check back)...

When he arrived, pharmacist told them price had increased on paragoric...she would definately "mix me a batch", but her computer showed their warehouse had several bottles in stock...

My husband returned home (we live about 40 miles from compound pharmacy) with one, and I called all the pharmacies in my little town of Oakhurst, Ca...found that Raley's (a local chain in Ca) distributor in Sacramento, Ca has it, took my rx to them (Raley's) and Paregoric will be in (my understanding it's once again available through original distributor?) this afternoon...this is so much easier for me, as compound pharmacy charges cash (no billing computer available), and Raley's and other large drug stores bill my insurance (so I don't have to take cash out of pocket and wait months for my insurance to reimburse me)...ok, now...Raley's pharmacist called MY insurance carrier, and they will pay a PORTION of paragoric...not sure what the details are yet, but pick up rx this afternoon, and will post later on as to cost, etc...has anyone else been able to get a bottle of "the original paregoric" from...(can't think of name of mfg right now...it's been mentioned)? Will be back on line later...

I'm so sorry your gastro talked to you that way, Walter...man, if only everyone would remember the term "walk a mile..."!!!

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Alan Says:

hi to all the paragoric people did i read that post right morphine and opium are the same i sure didnt know that. my gastro doc wouldnt give me paragoric said it was too hard on the stomach has anybody else heard that i explained to him that paragoric was the only thing that fixed the pain i get in my stomach or intestines. Has anyone had problem with spasms when haveing a colonscope done, my colon or something clamped down on the doctors scope and boy talk about hurt i kept asking him if he couldnt give me something to stop it from haveing spasms and hurting so bad this scoping from the bottom and the top is all he does so he should know what he is doing he has been doing it for forty years i dont know if i should look for another doc it was really painful by the time he got done. I wish when i was reading these posts and the prices for like the liquid morphine people say it costs so much but they dont say what size bottle they get i havent bought paragoric for a few years I always have such a hard time getting a script for it I take donnetal for my stomach i dont think many people take that med it has a barbituate in it and was picked up on a drug test at my pain clinic but thank god i had put it on the list wasnt my fault they didnt know what it was. My stomach gets spasms and the donnatal makes them alot better..i guess i will have to try some liquid morphine and see if that fixes my stomach problems........thanks Alan

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Betty Says:

Oh, this is WONDERFUL NEWS! Thank you sooo much for all you've done for those of us NEEDING this so badly! I shall call my pharmacy this afternoon! I would like to believe it is YOU and those of us that called mfg...maybe someone, somewhere 'heard'? Again, thank you, thank you, thank you! So Sincerely, BettyW

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terster Says:

HI. I have good news to share.

Paregoric is coming back, per Walgreens who called the manufacturer only 2 days ago (8/19/12).

I recommend to everyone, CALL YOUR PHARMACY and ask them to call the manufacturer.

Your pharmacy will tell you it's no longer made. They are correct. But, if your pharmacy is worth their weight in salt, if you ask them to call the manufacturer to inquire if they are going to bring it back, they will.

Mine Walgreens pharmacy did and you see what was reported back to me.

Now, they said that the manufacture would not give a date, only that it will be coming back.

So again, please, call your pharmacy and ask them to call the manufacturer... maybe if the manufacturer sees a swell of demand, they will work more quickly to get it produced again.

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terster Says:

Hi. Paregoric is no longer made. The current administration's additional regulations forced the FDA to have these companies test their products, regardless of how long they have been on the market.

As you can tell from this forum, it's been nearly 2 years since since people started searching for it.

There are some alternatives posted here. Some work for some people and others for yet others. For some of us, nothing works the way Paregoric worked.

Some alternatives:

Lomotil - a prescription pill
Loperamide (now over the counter)
Liquid Opium
Liquid Morphine
Morphine Anyhdrous (spelling??) which is a Morphine based compound which most insurance companies will not cover.

Until this administration gets the boot and all the regulations are over turned, this medication will likely not be back.

By then though, it will likely be decades. Blah.

Good luck. If you find something that works, please let us know.

My script of choice, liquid morphine. It seems to work the best and insurance covers it.

Although last month, it was in short supply and backordered. Pharmacist said that yet NEW REGULATIONS have made that medication more difficult for the pharmacies to get, so going forward i need to allow a few weeks. In other words, don't plan on dropping off a script and having it filled the same or next day. Those days are likely now gone as well.

Gotta love government regulation.

Sorry for going political... but that is the reason we are all in this situation. Good Ole Uncle Sam... regulating our lives or should i say, the quality of life, for most of us.

Just wait til ObamaCare kicks in. We'll be in a real mess (pun intended) then.

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