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Pulmocare Liquid Nutrition Vitamin Content

Could I be getting too many vitamins from drinking Pulmacare? I had had severe diarrhea since I started drinking this and have lost 3lbs this past week alone. ## Hi megan, Judging from the percentage of nutrients listed on the nutrition label, it seems like you could probably have this at least a couple times per day before reaching a 100% DV of certain vitamins/minerals (and this is only based on a 2,000 calorie diet). If you think that Pulmocare could be causing adverse effects like diarrhea, I would probably question the source & quality of it's ingredients. I always try to make sure that the main source of nutrients are organic, raw, vegan, and unprocessed in order to receive its full intended positive effect on your body. Sometimes when it comes to diarrhea, your body may j...

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