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Will Proventil And Albuterol Cause A False Positive For Benzos

I take proventil loratadine and cingular twice a day for the last 4month, I also take over the counter sinus meds on bad days, I recently tested positive for Amphetamines..What could have caused a positve result? ## What type of OTC sinus medications do you take? There are actually several that could cause a false positive for Amphetamines, primarily any that contain Pseudoephedrine. Learn more Pseudoephedrine details here. ## i use pro air albuterol inhaler...i keep getting faulse positives for this possible? ## I am the methadone. Program and i have beeb prescribed flexeril and i also take albuterol, sprivia, qvar, benadryl, 0.083% nebulizer solution, ventalin inhaler, plus amoaphine, lisinapril, protonex, claratin, will any of these medications cause a false positive on ...

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Asthma Inhaler And Positive Breathalizer

I use Proventil for asthma and have used a home breathalizer, not drinking, and had a positive. Woul the Proventil cause that? ## Hi Rich, I can't find any sources stating that Proventil can cause false positives for anything, are you taking any other medications with Proventil? Post back and I'll be happy to help in any way possible!

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