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Fincom-5 generic for Propecia

I filled my rx for propecia but the pharmacy sent fincom-5 instead. Is it the same effectiveness? I want to know if it is good for hair loss? ## Fincom-5 contains the same active ingredient as Propecia. The only difference is that Fincom-5 contains 5mg of finasteride, but Propecia - 1 mg of finasteride. You can split one tablet into 4 parts and take per 1 part daily for hair loss treatment. ## Yes. Propecia is mainly used to treat male pattern hair loss. It is a very effective medication used for an enlarged prostate (scalp hair loss). If you are suffering from a hair loss problem then Propecia may be the best solution for it.

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Ordered propecia & received Fincom-5 It just has the name on the pill not 5 & didn't have a box or any info. How do I know if it's real? I will go to a Dr next time. Came from Combic Global Caplet PVT.LTD ## Hello, Allen! How are you? Unfortunately, when you order that way, there is no way of knowing for sure what you will receive and whether or not it is legit. Additionally, I can't even find anything listed under the name Fincom. Does anyone else know more?

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Fincom 1 Pink pill mgs?

Women are not allowed to take Fincom-1 , Propecia... nor any other type of Finastride!!! I was taking the generic form of Propecia called Proscalpin for 6 months. I have now switched to Fincom-1 (1 mg Ffinastride). The pill is pink, which is unsettling as the only pink pill they make is the 5mg not the 1mg. Giving it a go though.........will message back in 1-2 months time and let you all know how I'm getting on ## That warning is actually only relevant to women that are, or may become pregnant. The medication can be absorbed through the skin and it has been shown to cause some very serious birth defects. The dangers are not present for women who are infertile, for whatever reason. Learn more Finasteride details here. What are you taking it to treat?

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Finotop 1 Information

I need information on this small yellow pill. Can anyone help? ## This medicine is a very cheap substitute of propecia. Its $1 per 10 tablets,, ## Yes, this is a non-US brand name for Finasteride, US name brand Propecia. ## No it doesnt work, it causes impotency instead. ## Chemical composition of finotop1 include significant traces of aluminium phospide (commonly used in rat poison). Product is manufactured IndSwift Laboratories,Mohali (Punjab) India. Company has been involved in a number of high profile contamination cases in India. ## I have been sold this medicine by a canadian online drug company. I have been charged around Rs. 3300, which is just costing Rs. 39 (MRP) per 10 tablets in indian markets. If this is harmful, why at all is this sold? ## It costs Just Rs39 per 10 tablets...

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Finmax from Zenlabs

Finmax from Zenlabs India/Canada was received for an online order of Propecia/Finasteride. Is Zenlabs reputable and is Finmax Finasteride? ## Zenlabs replied to my inquiry stating that Finmax is Finasteride, but have been unable to verify by any independent source. My location is in the U.S. Midwest. namaste ## From what I am finding, yes, it is listed as containing Finasteride, I have found it listed as such at several sites and purchased by quite a few people due to the cheaper price. The Zenlabs in India is a partner of the Canadian company by the same name. This means their products are probably manufatured according to similar safety and quality standards, though I am not familiar with them myself. There have been complaints listed about many Indian companies and the medications th...

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I ordered Propecia (finasteride) tablets from an internet site (1mg)...i thought they were supposed to come from the US, but i received a bunch of pills from India, without proper packaging. They are plain white tablets with no markings on them. It says they are called Finmax (Finasteride tablets USP), from a company called Zenlabs Pharmaceutics Inc. 90 Pinnay Cres, Canada R2P1E7. I want to know if they are legit and why there are no markings on them. ## me too!!! ## Zenlabs is the marketing company. Lancer Pharmaceuticals is the manufacturer. Mfg. Lic. No: MNB/05-140. DIC Industrial Area, Baddi, 17320 (H.P) Here is a site that checks for bad batches, substandard Indian meds etc. ## Zenlabs Pharmaceutics Inc. 90 Pinnay Cres, Canada R2P1E7 Where is this virtual company on map ? There is ...

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Finotop a version of Propecia?

I have a small yellow pill. Is it a small version of Propecia? ## ## Chemical composition of finotop1 include significant traces of aluminium phospide (commonly used in rat poison). Product is manufactured IndSwift Laboratories,Mohali (Punjab) India. Company has been involved in a number of high profile contamination cases in India. ## Why is there no other information about the drup at all ? Is it really safe? How can we get more information ? Does this drup being a subsitute of propecia which is approved by FPA needs to be approved? ## I don't know what the deal is with it, but I just threw out every pill I had becaue of comment number 2. I've been taking it for 3 months, nothing happened, but it's not worth killing my body in the process of trying to keep my hair. ## How ...

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