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Fluoxetine with Promazine

I've just started taking Fluoxetine (& was previously taking Mirtazapine), with Promazine alongside. I would like to know about any drug interactions between taking Fluoxetine & Promazine at the same time. I took it today & felt almost dazed & hazy as if my head was in the clouds. Is this caused by a drug interaction between the two or is this normal & something that will wear off with time? ## It appears that there is a potential for moderate interactions between these drugs. Fluoxetine may increase the effects of Promazine. You may need more frequent monitoring by your doctor and dose adjustments to safely use both drugs together. Let your doctor if your condition changes or you experience increased side effects. Ref: Interaction Report

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Hydrochloride promazine

Can I get this online. It really helps but I can't talk and clam up with my doctor. I am not suicidal at all but so much feel internally better for the time I have it. My thoughts are less irrational and solutions are clearer and easier. Thankou

anti pysycotics promazine

Been given this monthly in the past by someone i know, and it really helps. Agrophobia and anxiety are big problems which set insomnia. Please can I order these. I want to get back on track but can't get my feelings out to doctor because I panic then rush off out saying nothing. Altougn my family under stand they want mum back it's a slow process but my head Levels even if i only have relief for a short few day and feel so less jumbled. Rape takes years to get over . Thanks for listening, hope u can help

promazine pills

i feel sick and drowsiness its stoped me eattin as well how do i stop feelin like this ## i am very worried about my father who as been takeing promazine for over 2yrs now since my mother died he constantly complains of dizzyness and vomits at least once a day.he eats alot less than he used to do which at first i put down to the loss of my mother.he is living with me now and its very rare he finishes any of his meals even soups,also he sleeps alot more through the daytime now and has not been outside for 2 months. please can you tell me if any of this could be side effects from him takeing promazine,

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promazine tablets

My mother-in-law takes promazine in 25mg tablet and she is stuggling to get this from chemists near her. Any advice is much appreciated ## It comes in tablets & syrup & normally if they can't get the tablets then they'll do the next best & give the syrup, which is taken in 5ml spoonfuls so shed take 5 spoonfuls for 25ml, I had the same problem but once the chemist realized I was getting it on a regular basis they started ordering more in that should be standard with all chemists, maybe she should ask the chemist about it, sorry I couldn't really be a lot of help, best regards Ceri. ## Hi We are also having trouble getting the tablets for my Dad, he was given the oral liquid 25mg/5ml. This means the equivalent of one spoon 5ml for every 25mg tablet, not 5 spoons a...

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Promazine info

I am taking promazine and would like to hear other users experiences on taking this drug. I am a bit wary of taking it as I have only just started. I have read so many side effects and it concerns me Ianc ## Hi, no need to worry I been taking Promazine for a while now, it really does help, it can cause irritating side effects but I found that happened when I took it at night with my Mirtazapine, so I took it during the day instead, and found I rarely suffered any side effects, if you do happen to get side effects tell your doctor as there are always other alternatives you could try, good luck hope this helps you, best regards Ceri :)

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