Prolomet Am 50

Nagalingam L Says:

Taking Prolomet AM 50 -1 bd for the past 6 months.

Upper portion of the toes of both legs getting swollen for the past one week

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Verwon Says:

Have you contacted your doctor?

How have your blood pressure readings been?

Prolomet-AM contains the active ingredients Metoprolol and Amlodipine and, if you are experiencing such swelling, then you need to contact your doctor immediately. Such fluid retention could be the sign of a serious health condition starting, such as congestive heart failure.



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NAGU Says:

Doctor was consulted & she prescribed Prolomet XL 50 instead of Prolomet AM 50. BP was 120/80. After changing the medicine, the swelling started reducing a little but not stopped. I stopped Prolomet XL 50 for a week. Swelling disappeared gradually & again I started taking Prolomet XL 50. There is no swelling. The other medicines taken by me along with ProlometXL 50 are:
Telsartan 80 ... 1-0-0; Nitrolong 6.4 ... 1-0-1; Glucobay ... 1-0-0; Glycomet 1g ... 0-0-1; Lipikind 10mg ... 0-0-1;A to Z MV TAB 1-0-0. BP now also reads 120/80 . BS(F)-120; BS(PP)-142.

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Ms Johnson Says:

My wife is taking prolomet a m 50 to control BP which is totally unr control. Simultaneously it was found that sHe had some Thyroid problem also as TSH levels went up very high. Besides she used to have migraine since about 10 - 12 years. With prolomet and thyroxine all the above features got controlled and is normal .

However now she gets some suffocation and spasms in the neck muscles particularly while sleeping. She feels like some one catching her by her neck internally. Could you suggest what could be he reason ?Å„

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Nandan Says:

getting prolomet AM 50 for 15 days for curing HBP i.e. 160/100, but i have diastolic pressure is still 100 what is the future trouuble with this, i feel headach everyday & dizziness too.systolic comes to normal now it is 130mm Hg.Reply i am of 26 yr age.

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Sagar Says:

Hi, I am also using this prolomet am-50 for my HBP. I am using this medicine for last 2mths, Till now I have no complaints about it, but from last few days I feel some backache(I am overweight). So is this any side effect of this medicine or it is simply because of my Overweight.

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bikash das Says:

difference between proloment d 50, xl 50 and r 50

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Doctor find out High PB last 10 year 160/ 100, Doctor started the tab PROLOMAT AM 50 from August 2013 one tab in night after dinner, taken the tab i fill better and my BP under control. I want to know i have tack alcohol with this drug or not. many time i have drunk beer two to three glass in night party and then sleeping time take this tab. It is safe ?, Pl. guide me how i can tack alcohol and tab same time or not ?, also guide how much alcohol i have taken ?. i have drop dosh leave 50 to 25 ?, i am 40 year old and nothing any health issue.

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Laxman Says:

Hi, I am asked to take Prolomet AM50 once a during the day for managing hypertension.
However I have taken an extra tablet tonight by mistake. Both doses were 8 hours apart. Is this any thing to worry? Please advice.

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