Prolia & Osteonecrosis Of Jaw

Rose Says:

I had 4 shots of Prolia. I am not taking it any more as my last bone density test showed improvement. During the time I was on Prolia, I had a cracked molar and it had to be pulled. Now there is exposed dead jaw bone in my mouth. Oral surgeon said it was not ONJ, but at that time I had only had the problem a few months. He also treated me for an infection in the area with antibiotics. Now the exposed jaw bone has been there for the better part of a year and is not getting better. Has anyone else had this problem after dental work? Any treatments help?


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Mimi Says:

Prolia ...since April 2013... continue to experience jaw pain with difficulty eating which in-turn am still unable to put any weight back on. The rheumatologist finally accepted the fact that this medication indeed was responsible for all-encompassing issues described during this period, all other neck, shoulder, hips and legg pain ect...disapated after approx. a little over a year. This "poison" is being pushed very hard without regard to any of us women. I expressed to my "doctor" how we are nothing but guinea pigs. I wish you all the best with the pain you endure and I pray one day they will put something on the market to help instead of harm and hinder.

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Carolyn Says:

Prolia information. I had my first Prolia inj. in July of 2014. In August I developed severe joint and muscle pain. My doctor put me on Prednisone. After I finished the steroids the symptoms came back. My Dr sent me to physical therapy and prescribed more steroids. I didn't connect the problem to the Prolia become of the elapsed time. January 20, , 2015 I had the second Prolia shot. February 2nd my husband noticed blisters on my elbows and I developed a raised red rash on my knees and upper legs. No itching or pain. I would have been unaware of the blisters if my husband hadn't seen them. The next morning I couldn't get out of bed. Severe groin and lower back pain. The rash had spread to my hands and feet. I realized that it must be the Prolia.

To make things even more complicated, we were out of the country on vacation. I emailed my primary care dr. He faxed a prescription for Prednesone to a local pharmacy near where I was. Thank God they filled it and I was much better in a few days. I am now on my third round of steroids. Prolia is the gift that keeps on giving. I finish the course of steroids and within a week the same symptoms begin again. No end in sight. My Dr said that it is definitely the Prolia. For me this is a dangerous nasty drug. If not diagnosed the reaction could have killed me the next time. Be very cautious and pay close attention after taking this drug. Symptoms can appear weeks after the inj.

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