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Suspicion of Proair HFA and sulphate allergy

Facial/head and body itch, swelling in my calves and ankles...The symptoms have been persistent, and I haven't used the medication in a couple days. The symptoms are still present. I was using the medication as needed...(maybe up to 3 times a day or more). Would like to know at what stage does the symptoms dissipate. ## How long were you taking it and how long have been off of it, now? Has there been any change? It has been known to cause such symptoms as side effects in some people that take it, according to FDA reports. However, it is always best to have such symptoms checked out, to be safe. Are you on any other medications?

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swollen lips reaction

proair Hfa ? causing swollen lips. How long does drug remain in your system. ## Hello, Maureen! How are you? How long had you been using it, when the reaction occurred? That would be a factor in how long it may last. And any time you have a severe allergic reaction like this, it is very important to see a doctor, because it may require medical treatment. You may need antihistamines and a steroid to bring the swelling down.

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