Private Doctor To Prescribe Methadone Instead Of Clinics In Fort Worth Tx

Donna Says:

I took Hydrocodone for pain for several years and became very dependent. I have been going to a Methadone Clinic now for 2 years and it saved my life. I have led a productive life since. I take care of my parents and they both are bedbound. It is getting so hard for me to go to the clinic daily. Does anyone know of a private doctor in Fort Worth Texas that subscribes Methadone? Thank you for your help

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Verwon Says:

Have you considered a possible switch to Suboxone? It has been very successfully used to enable people to become completely drug free, rather than staying dependent on something, as often happens with Methadone.

Treatment with it is also often done with a take home prescription, rather than always having to go to a clinic for a daily dose.

You can check for a doctor in your area at the website



I did try to search in your area for outpatient Methadone treatment, but all the ones I found require inpatient treatment or daily clinic visits.

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jp Says:

I'm on suboxone now and just moved to the Waco ft. Worth area I'm having the worse time finding a Dr. Even knowing the web site that has the 20 of them listing that prescribe it they either won't take anymore patients or are booked for months methadone just seems easier to get but I don't want to get re-hook after kadien and hydrocodone for years any suggestions?

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Gizmo Says:

Did you ever get a reply or answer for your post question looking for a good doctor in DFW area to perscribe methadone? I take it for pain but Im not addicted its just as effective as morphine but much cheaper. I live in Plano area.

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Chris Says:

I dont know what methadone clinic you go to, but if your clean and just using methadone you get to take months home at a time.

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comments Says:

please help...

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comments Says:

hi its been a while since your post about methadone i have an important question for you please if you can will u call me at {edited for privacy} its sort of important, than you so much!

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KL Says:

I would like to know if anyone uses a private physician that dispenses Methadone,out of his/her office, in Houston, Texas area? Going to a crappy daily dosing facility and these losers act like its a probation office or something! What the heck? Why treat ppl badly when they willingly walk into your old crack house turned clinic & pay you for a service? Does this make sense? NO!!!!! I need to Gina private setting w a real dr that dispenses and I don't have to go EVERYDAY like some kind of felon!!!!!

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sissy Says:

i'm looking for a doc that prescribes methadone..been on it for two years now . Just moved to the Burleson area in Fort Wort..know any ??if so please let me know asap..ty..oh yeah im on disabilitly so on medicare and medicaid

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wandamccomas Says:

Sissy ,did u ever find a dr for methadone? I live in fort worth and after 21 yrs and the last 12yrs on methadone,280 mg a day, my dr decided only to treat federal w/c cases! He wont care for me anymore and i really need someone to help me. if you can please write me back my name is wanda. thank you.

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Daphne Says:

where? i jst moved to the ft. worth/ dallas area and im in desparate need of a methadone or sub dr.! please help! call me @ {edited for privacy} NOW PLEASE!!!!

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Christopher Says:

Suboxene is not really working for me. I guess i need to get back on methadone. That's just the way it is i guess, as much as i hate it. Any suggestions? CHRISTOPHER would appreciate it.

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radiantghost Says:

Just moved to Tx need to find Dr in Dallas or 50 mile radius!

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Heather Says:

Was wondering if you ever got any good info about Houston doctors? I go to a methadone clinic, but would like to have it prescribed privately, Just need to find a doctor who isnt scared. Dont want Suboxone. Let me know what you found out.

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FriendofGrandma Says:

Honey if you have Insurance I really encourage you to try Suboxone. It's so much less 'muddy' than Methadone, and you can get a month's worth of strips. Has kept me from my horrible addiction since I started taking it 3 years ago. Good Luck!

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This is ridiculously insanity. For some people such as my self the whole methadone thing has gone mad! The only way anybody can get their hands on it anymore is going to a clinic every single f***ing day.I mean how ridiculous.I almost lost my job because the methadone dispensing hours conflicted with my work schedule. And our only take home dose was.given to us on Saturdays because Sundays the clinic is.closed and.sunday was my only day off work. I almost lost my kids again. Im court mandated to keep my job in my kids .they aren't gonna care if it's over methadone.they are gonna think im.nuts.instead I have to suffer on Oxy cottons for.the rest.of my on the highest dose of.oxy.the dr.can.prescribe.and.its.beginning already almost out and have weeks before I can get.a.refill.which I.will Something.stronger on.the streets. I've been.on.oxys for.over a decade.and I do not on them.anymore.I already missed.all my work days because.of the dang methadone clinic.who told me once im clean will work Right.lie.noone can get any methadone these.days on the street and.noone even.knows of a.private dr who.dispenses anymore! Isn't there one that I can see after work once a month or even.once a week? I get off work before most offices are closed ,but I have to pick up kids from school. But if its not every day and only a once to four times a month.thing Im where i.can.have a friend pick them up.or I Can request my day off to be Monday instead of Sunday.PLEASE.HELP ANYONE

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Hey it's newsunnn again, I wanted to add that I am unable to take to an.allergy

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Chris1 Says:

If you say you are taking Methadone for pain and describing the relief akin to morphine... you sir are self delusional. Medically, you must be the exception to 99% of the population.. Methadone is worse than H to detox from. It has become a savior to some and a curse for most others and that's why I hope this reply reaches many ears. It is like trading a monkey for a gorilla on your back. These outfits that are licensed to dispense methadone are in a money agenda maintenance mode and not on a mode which gets you stable and then a gradual forced detox so one can regain their LIFE...
Listen real hard to these words people.. the Truth is a powerful weapon. Get off this insidious drug mister.

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Chris1 Says:

Yeah dude, but only after a year or more giving them money so you can get higher step levels . What are you some mole from a maintenance clinic.....You did not tell the whole truth and have mislead others. That is simply not need to get somewhere..

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Chris1 Says:

You have a computer work it crybaby. Pain mgmt with methadone my such thing dude and don't think you are not misleading others by saying this. Look up the medical physiology of actually what, where, and how methadone does it's work and then rethink what you are so pitifully saying. I suggest you do not post anything until you know what you're talking about .

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Kelley Says:

Can you please let me know what doc you use for methadone?

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