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Prialt trial succes

Just had single shot trial and pain was gone,but the symptoms started to return after 5 1/2 hours is that normal? Returned to opioids due to withdraw symptoms and the on set of discomfort. Looking for other opinions and experiences. Thanks ## Just had Prialt single shot drug trial and I am so excited. Have been in pain for 17 yrs. Went in with level nine pain and walked out with level three. Relief lasted 24 hrs. before pain returned. Slept for six hours straight and even had a dream. I usually sleep for two hours then back up. No problems, no side effects. My husband commented that he could see the relief on my face. Looking forward to follow up office appt. ## Prialt is a non-narcotic analgesic, but like any other medication, it doesn't work well for everyone that tries it. It cou...

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Should I try Prialt?

I have been living with severe chronic back pain for nearly 10 years. Had a Fusion L4 -L5 disc space had collapsed. Surgery Failed. Pain was worse after. Was on oral oxycodone and others. I had a morphine pain pump put in 2012. Pain has been steadily increasing. I cry all of the time. I am severely depressed. See a psychiatrist. Take muscle relaxers and a lot of meds. I currently take 11 prescribed meds. I stay at home all of the time. I wake in pain. Most nights I sleep 2 hours and then I am up. I had to stop working. I am at a lose what to do. I can not do hardly anything. I am at the point now I can not take it any longer. I have told my dr at the pain clinic I feel like driving my car off a bridge. He then said he thinks I should try Prialt trial. I've read side effects and it s...

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Prialt - to use or not?

My husband has had two failed cervical spine surgeries and is on the maximum amount of dilaudid you can get in the pain pump. He also has to take oral medication with little relief. He is going on 12 years of pain medicine and his doctor wants to try prialt. How is the pain on it and the side effects? He has COPD with one lung so we want to make sure he will not have breathing issues. If we could find something else to help with his pain it would be a Godsend. ## Hello. Sorry to hear about your husband's situation. I sincerely hope that he finds some relief soon, in one form or another, whether it be a single treatment option or many. And not all treatment options have to be medication. Aquatics (just moving around slowly in a pool) may help relieve muscle/spinal pressure from gravi...

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