Prescription Pain Medicine That Starts With The Letter N

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I am going through therapy for my back and need spine surgery. I have been taking percocet for the past year now and my Dr wants to change my medication. He suggested something that starts with the letter N but didnt spell it right for me. Does anyone know of pain medication that starts with that letter. Not Naproxen, it's not an anti inflammitory

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Bobby Says:

It's supposed to be for nerves.

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Steve Says:

Probaly Neurontin which is used to ease nerve pain.

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Tj Says:

Or maybe Norco

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Verwon Says:

Those would be my best guesses, as well, since they are both used to treat pain, just in different ways.

Neurontin is an anticonvulsant that's also been shown to help with nerve pain, it contains the active ingredient Gabapentin.

And Norco contains the active ingredients Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone, so it's a narcotic pain reliever.

Which one did it turn out to be? Or were we all way off base?

You can learn more Neurontin details here and there are more Norco details available here.

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Darwinski Says:

Or Nucynta

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Chrissy Says:

Nucynta is newish pain med-non narc or rather similar to Tramadol

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Nikki Says:

I had a niece die from a med something called navoifen i don't know what that mean i tried to look it up it said a steriod but the medical examiner could not explain because he was not to sure he couldn't even spell the word

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Heather Says:

Norco may be the drug your Dr was talking about. How this helps

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Ken Says:

Maybe it's Norco it works just follow as your Doctor has written it. I take one every 6 hours he gives me 120 a month.

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Dawn Says:

Pain medicine given during labor starting with the letter N. I want to know what it was called.

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Roy Says:

@Dawn - Could you be referring to Nubain? According to the American Pregnancy Association, that is one of of the most commonly administered narcotics for labor, and it happens to start with the letter N.

Also, to anyone else searching for drug names starting with N, you might find this site's drug index to be helpful. Check out the page Prescription Drugs: N. Hope this helps!

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Kelly Says:

Steve (# 3) --

This is gabapentin I take this 600 mg 3 times a day and still have back pain after 4 surgeries.been on this 2 years

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Roy Says:

If you want to check the category page for Pain Relief, there is a long list of drug names if you scroll down past the discussion threads. If you go down on the list to where drugs start with the letter N they might list what you are thinking of. The same goes for the category Anti-Inflammatory. Hope this helps someone!

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