Prescription For Desoxyn

tracy Says:

I would like to know how to obtain a prescription.

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anthony adcock Says:

send info please

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Victor Loveday Jr. & Sr. Says:

Desoxyn was prescribed to me and my son for narcolepsy. It is amazing that such a safe & effective drug was taken off the market. We have not been awake since the discontinuince of desoxyn. We currently take adderrall & dexedrine, they don't come close. What a better world it would be if it were still available.

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david Says:

If you have ADD , ADHD or Narcolepsy, Your Doctor can write you a script. Usually only if nothing else works! Provigil...ect...Aderrall, ritilan, Dexadrine.... Just makes my heart beat fast, gives me the jitters and makes me feel .....scared!???? DESOXYN does not do this. It is absorbed much better in the fatty tissue of the brain. The HORROR stories are from the crap sold on the steet. 15 to 25mgs. 2X a Day seems to best dose for most people. Some use much more!!! I guess everyone's matabolism is different. I have ADD and Narcolepsy. I have to take 400mg. of Provigil, 1 or 2 -10/325 Hydro's, 25 mgs. of Desoxyn and an unbelievable amount of supplements every mourning. I am not recomending the Hydro's!!! That is just what I have to do...for other reasons...not addiction! Hope this helps. And If Victor reads this response, I believe you were told about the discontinuation of Abbott's- DESOXYN GRADUMET time released 5, 10 and 15mg. Now only sold in 5mg. tablets by OVATION & I believe a Generic by...Maybe Able Labs. No one is going to carrie either in stock. But walgreens, CVS and a small homeTown Pharmacy can order it for you. Be prepared to wait 3-6 days for it to come in. DON'T WAIST your time at WAL-MART!!!! They made me wait a week and then told me they could'nt even order it!!! Hope this saves you time, Helps you stay awake and concentrate!!!!!!!!!! DAVID IN Ks.

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allison Says:

I need this medication to be identified by the physical appearance- It's a oval shaped orangish colored pill ,and on one side it's marked 20 mg.,and the other side has b/973...WHAT IS THIS?

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Vic Loveday Says:

I've taken the 5mg. 3are not the equivalent of 1 15mg gradumet. I'm presently taking 8 15mg dexedrene per day.imagine what the cost of the desoxyn would be .I would pay it vic

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Verwon Says:

Re: allison (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

B 973

This is Amphetamine, Dextroamphetamine 20mgs, a generic for the ADHD drug Adderall XR. Next time I'd recommend starting your own thread instead of posting in an unrelated one.

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michelemybell60 Says:

how to get a perscription of desoxyn

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Verwon Says:

Only a doctor can prescribe that, and if it isn't warranted for your condition, they will not.

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Stacy Says:

Anyone know what websites will write a prescription online for desoxyn.

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Verwon Says:

It is illegal to try to obtain it that way if you are in the US. You will need to see a doctor.

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Jules Says:

Verwon, the information you gave the girl about the b973 pill was incorrect. It is not the XR.

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Verwon Says:

Thanks for catching that Jules.

I was trying out a free prescription drug database that day and I guess it has proved its unreliability.

The one I pay to use that is a professional database that is updated regularly does list it as the regular release med.

Thanks again.

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mel Says:

i have been taking adderal 20mg for awhile and have tried every other adhd medicine but nothing seems to work better and i have been having extreme fatigue problems for the last 6 months also, how do i approach my doctor about wanting to try desoxyn and which one is still available?

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Pat Says:

Desoxyn has not been taken off the market. They aren't prescribed as much because of newer meds for ADHD so are you sure your pharmacy wasn't just out of it and needs to order it..Possibly your pharmacy has decided not to carry it because of poor sales and or robberies..If you have this condition, I can't understand why you are having problems, get another doctor if he/she won't prescribe it..Have you tried Vynase? My husband has been on it forever and it helps him so much, and the main reson he likes them better than Desoxyn is because since it is a long acting medication, you don't get the high you get on Desoxyn..As for the person asking about buying a class 2 narcotic on the net..It isn't going to happen,, you will either get ripped off. or you could go to prison if the site happens to be a sting operation..If you need this medication for your illness why not get it from your doctor?? I know when my husband was first diagnoised with adult ADHD first his doctor (By law) he had to try about 5 other drugs first..It started with welbutrin, ritilin. a few others then finally the vynase..I was also diagnoised adult ADHD and took medications, but I did poorly on them, I don't like my heart to race. and the coming down was so depressing for me, I think I was mis diagnoised..I feel better W/O it..I am no angel and I am a recovering heroin addict on methadone maintenance, but I used to use those online pharmacies in their hayday. but those days are gone and all you are going to get is a whole lot of trouble...I am not here to judge. only to offer my experience and if you truly need desoxyn your doctor will give it to you or send you to a doctor who will, if you are using it just for fun, again no judging, just experience, stop before you get so far in you can't stop...These drugs are powerful and you need to have a good strong heart to take them, too many people I know have died, and it hurts when anyone dies even if I don't know them...Good luck to all of you and keep in touch

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Prolific7PC7 Says:

Your honesty and sincerity is greatly appreciated. My sister is an RN and she says I am a textbook case of ADD which until now after my own research I am understanding how and why my life from every aspect has been pulled down by this gravADDy. Any direction or advice on how to get help with this would be greatly appreciated. I am located in upstate south Carolina, Anderson to be exact. Thank you!

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nonmane Says:

Dr. Wayne C Jones
Richerson, Tx

No guarantees he will prescribe desoxyn, for you. but he can and will prescribe whatever he thinks you need. He doesnt take insurance (u can get refunded by your insurance, possibly) since he doesn't work for the insurance companies or an hmo. He can do what he thinks needs to be done.

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Kelly Says:

Pat. I agree. YEARS ago, after being diagnosed with ADD, a doctor put me on desoxyn after I tried ritalin, adderol and dexedrine. The effect was truly extraordinary without any discomfort as it wore off. HOWEVER!!!! it is extremely tempting to sustain the effect and should be strictly regulated to protect the patient from falling into abuse. I no longer take anything for my ADD and am much happier.

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Sameoldbs Says:

That's awesome it's so refreshing to read a positive post regarding LESS medication and the enrichment your life has enjoyed without the use of these powerful addictive substances.they can truly be life saving for those in need and where every other behavioral or pharma intervention proves ineffective .
So many think more is better when in most cases that is so untrue. Thanks again for your posting

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