Prescription Discount Needed

Richie Says:

Please send me a very good prescription discount card because I don't have insurance nor a job right now so I really need help paying for all my medicine. Thanks so much! {edited for privacy}

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MedsChat Admin Says:

Hi Richie - thank you for your inquiry and sorry to hear about your challenges with the costs of medicine. Our web site actually offers a free Prescription Discount Card which you can either print or email to yourself. If neither of those options work then let us know and we can mail you a printed copy. We hope this helps and wish you good health!

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Roy Says:

Those discount cards can work pretty well and the savings will vary based on the exact medication. Another option can also be to contact the manufacturers of your drug and get on their patient assistance program. Pretty much all the big companies offer this, and if you qualify then you can get your meds for very little cost. What are you currently taking Richie?

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Richie Says:

I am prescribed ADHD meds Zenzedi and Vyvanse. Also Klonopin and Vibryd. I'm getting help with the Vyvanse for 6 more months but the rest I need assistance on. Thanks and let me know.

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Roy Says:

Hi Richie - there is a non profit site called which may be of interest to you. You can basically type which drug you need assistance with and they will typically be able to link you to the manufacturer's patient assistance program applications, etc. For example, I typed klonopin into their search and it showed me that there is an RX outreach program for that medication with a phone # of 888-796-1234, and it also linked to PDF files of the applications.

Lastly, have you tried this site's discount card yet? You might be able to save $$ the next time you go into your pharmacy without having to fill out any applications. Hope this helps and best wishes to you!

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Jean Says:

Richie...This will get you Vyvanse at NO COST for a year after you are approved. If you have Vyvanse covered for the next six months, don't do it now--wait until after you have begun the last of your six months. See Shire Cares, where you will find an application that is completed by you and your prescribing physician. The application along with a the page of your most recent Federal tax form that shows your adjusted gross income on Line 39 will be sent to Shire; they act quickly and have you approved or disapproved within 2-3 days. If approved you will receive a card that entitles you to Vyvanse at no cost for one year; based on what you stated in your question you should have no difficulty being approved. Hope this helps.

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Amanda Says:

Ok so earlier I mentioned How TERRIBLE CVS IS, in a whole! Not only are they rude, crude, and don't give a damn, but their prices (and they are, or just were, in a huge scandal type legal suit due to price gouging their customers & charging people's insurance wayyy more than what they were supposed to. Basically, Fraud, if u ask me and from what I read. Right here is a prime example and only one of many! This is minimal compared to others. But look at the cost of CVS's price compared to Walmart, Walgreens, Target, & others! THIS RX ALONE IS $88.57 MORE AT CVS THAN THE SHOWN COMPETITORS! And, this is Only one site, and this is also the discounted "prescription savings card" price! That's almost $100 one hundred dollars in savings elsewhere! I know because I had to pay cash for this exact medication for my son while he was in school. He was prescribed this amount due to his unfortunate, yet extreme Case of ADHD/ADD. Buyer beware of CVS!

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