Prempro Is A Miracle Drug

Jodi Says:

I am on my third day taking Prempro and I am floored by how good I feel already. I have been through a lot over the past six years and it caused depression then anxiety. At some point during this time, I went into perimenopause. Lately the anxiety was so bad that I just didn't want to go on anymore. I refuse to go on anti anxiety medication due to personal experiences with loved ones. My doctors didn't think that HRT would help because there were underlying issues causing my depression and anxiety.

In only three days I am a new person. Yes life's problems are still there but how I react to them has improved 100%. I am staying asleep all night after years of not being able to sleep more than 5 hours. My dryness is gone and I feel attraction/attractive again. My mind is getting clearer. My anger is gone, things like DC traffic don't bother me. Daily tasks are a joy now. I don't mind being alone. I feel like hot flashes have ramped up a bit but hopefully that is just my body adjusting, if not I will take hot flashes over that constant nagging depression in my gut all day long. I feel an incredible feeling of peace that I haven't felt in so long that it is foreign to me. I had a little bit of a headache yesterday and a little gas and constipation but if they persist it is easily treatable and tolerable. I hope that this instant improvement is long term and I don't have any side effects.

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VerFree Says:

Unfortunately, we live in a time when women's issues are only starting to be taken seriously, and sadly, that means that many doctors are not fully educated on the impact that changing hormone levels can play on a woman's overall health, both physically, and mentally. While things are somewhat improving, there are also problems caused by the fact that most doctors are way overworked, which makes it difficult for them to engage in ongoing educational opportunities.

I've personally experienced such issues, several times I've had a doctor tell me something that is patently false, or outdated.

Given the past take that various lady's issues were just normal, due to the fact that we are female, it has been very slow going to get some to finally admit that this isn't correct, and to learn how to help us, and given the state of some political fronts, it seems we also need to be concerned about regression on this matter.

It is a fact that changing hormones can affect us in many ways, including causing depression, and anxiety. I rarely suffered from anxiety, until I was hit with perimenopause, but then it became extremely bad, and I had to go on medication to help.

Ref: Perimenopause Information

The hot flashes that you're experiencing can be a normal side effect of HRT, such as Prempro, you may also experience irregular bleeding, bloating, headache, weight changes, and diarrhea.

Ref: Prempro Information

They should improve with time, as your body gets use to the medication, but if they become problematic, or severe, you should consult your doctor.

Another thing that is often not discussed is how long a woman may experience perimenopause, it can start as young as 35, and I know quite a few women who were told they were too young to be experiencing it, and their doctor's wouldn't even do blood work to check their hormone levels. I've been dealing with it since I was 42, and I'm not done, yet, even though I turned 51 this year.

I am very glad that someone finally listened to you, and helped. Leaving women to suffer through it alone is a horrible stance to take.

How are you feeling, now? Has there been any change?

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Michelle Says:

I haven't had a period since Nov 2016 and doctors don't even talk about menopause with me, the one I was seeing when my periods stopped he retired about 9months after they stopped and he was the only one that I know would of done any tests I wanted and helped me with all my symptoms as my period didn't return and it's sept 2022 I just turned 50 the 9th of this month, but I also have had things that made it seem like It was possibly my thyroid, I lost a lot of weight in the beginning but the last year I've gained 40lbs and I don't eat anymore then I ever have i actually now eat maybe a little less than normal because I have this throat issue going on ,but anyway your post caught my eye because I asked my last doctor for some medication to help me with all the unpleasant things like, hot flashes ( those went away about 2yrs ago) dryness, no libido, memory loss, anxiety, unable to sleep through the night, and terrible skin! I've always had a great complexion on my face and now I have these white spots that are mushy sometimes and what looks like blackheads that won't pop! Oily skin and dry hair! I've never had a belly I look like a pot belly pig now! But my last doctor told me I was to young for medicine for menopausal symptoms!!! And now it's like I'm almost done to them now so they just move on past it onto other things! So should I just ask for this medication specifically?

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