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Side effects of Pregabalin

What are the side effects of the drug pregabalin? I can't seem to find them. ## Pregabalin is essentially an acyclic analog of gabapentin which is more potent than gabapentin and has more linear pharmacokinetics. Neither drug is metabolized to any sigificant extent, and despite their names, neither drug acts as a GABA analog, or has any affinity for the benzodiazepine binding sites at GABA receptors. It's believed to modulate calcium gated ion channels. Drowsiness / grogginess are its most pronounced side effects, along with forgetting words or one's train of thought, and edema (swelling of the hands or lower extremities) and some degree of weight gain (2-5 pounds roughly). Naturally not everyone will experiece all of these to the same extent, if at all. Don't drive a ca...

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Use of this medication for Fibramyalgia

This doctor stated this medication has been used in the treatment of fibramyalgia and I can not find any infor. to support. Looking for supportive information ## Go to and try this my be the right one if not I will find the right one for you. Good Luck ## Het go to Pill Identity on web type in lyrica and go down and it is there.

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