Pregabalin And Increased Weight Gain

desperate from cheshire Says:

I have been taking pregabalin for over two years and yes I had put over two stne on. After a discussion with my pain consultant I understood a lot of the weight gain was excess water. I started taking homeopathic water retention tablets and these really helped. In the last month instead of my 150mg & 75mg at night and 150mg & 50mg in the morning my dose was changed to 200mg and 250mg tablets. My weight has piled on to what it was and more besides. Does anyone know if the lager doses normally do this.

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Verwon Says:

Yes, if your dose is raised, it would be normal to experience more weight gain, as well as the other side effects that the FDA reports, such as nausea, headache, dry mouth and mood swings.

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peachy101 Says:

I am on pregabalin and have put on 4 stone because of this, so I tried to come straight off of the pregabalin and unfortunately I was so sick I had terrible withdrawals.... I need something to either counteract the reason that the pregabalin are putting weight on me... or finding a substitute that is not addictive to put in the pregabalin's place. also I am actually eating more healthy now than I was before I started the pregabalin. So for me it is certainly not because I am eating more... i've always been my bmi weight 10 stones 3, and never fluctuated. Any advice appreciated

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