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Mulkena Says:

I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy and was given prednisone to reduce inflammation. I was on 120mg for 3 days. Then 80 mg for 3 days. Then 40 mg for 3 days. Then 20 mg for 3 days. Then I was done. I have been off for a week now and within that week I have developed severe acne on my chest, back, neck, face, etc. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I have read acne can be a side effect, but most things I have read have came from people who were on prednisone for years or months.

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Verwon Says:

These steroid class medications tend to linger and continue to have effects in your body, for awhile, after you finish your course of treatment.

Have you talked to your doctor about it?

This should clear up, on its own, in a few days.


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Thandeka Says:

I've been using prednisone and I've got a problem of dizziness, heart beating fast, insomnia, itchy body, cramps blurred vision and severe headache

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dave Says:

yep. mee too. sometimes I get a whopper dead center on my nose.

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mikesvoboda Says:

It's day 21 (3 weeks) since I've been off of prednisone for a severe neck rash I had. I took three 6-day dose packs over the course of a month. My skin immediately starting breaking out badly all over my back, neck, chest, and face as soon as I stopped that awful pill. Since then my back and face have cleared up, but my entire neck and chest are still looking really bad. I'm seeing the Dermatologist in 2 days to see if I can get another pill besides Doxycycline to combat this acne breakout. Doxycycline is not working for me and my acne has never been this bad. I'm 27 (male) for the record.

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Heidi Says:

Yes, a mixture of baking soda and water paste once s day did wonders for me.

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mikesvoboda Says:

It's been a month since I've been off of prednisone and thankfully everything has cleared up! Ask the doctor for ampicillin, it's very effective in helping the post-prednisone acne go away. Hang in there!

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JPat Says:

Does prednisone 54 760 Roxane contain glutton?

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Big foot Says:

I've been on prednisone 15mg a day and up to three days ago when I started to cut down the dosage to 12.5mgs, I began feeling lightheaded especially when I am rushing about.

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