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Identify small white tablet A over 620 and 5

I am trying to identify a white tablet which is small in size. On one side there is a score line with a capital A above and 620 below it. On the other side there is just a number 5. ## What was the answer to this? Did anyone reply? I have the same question ## I need to know too, did you fond out? A score 620 whitw round tablet, 5 on back ## It’s Prednisolone, 5mg. ## That identification provied by Azulkia is correct, this tablet contains 5mgs of Prednisolone, which is a steroid class medication that is often used to treat swelling, allergic reactions, and immune issues. Its typical side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, acne, insomnia, and fluid retention. Inactive ingredients may include: Lactose monohydrate Pregelatinised starch Sodium starch glycola...

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omnacortil tapering side effects

I am a patient of sarcoidosis I have been taking Omnacortil for the last one year. now I am being tapered off. Now I am getting spasms, depression, weakness in the muscles. My eyesight is getting weak Please advise is this normal ?? ## Omnacortil contains the active ingredient Prednisolone. The page for Prednisolone Details states that "A lengthy course of prednisolone can cause bloody or black tarry stools; filling or rounding out of the face; muscle cramps or pain; muscle weakness; nausea; pain in back, hips, ribs, arms, shoulders, or legs; reddish-purple lines on arms, face, legs, trunk or groin; thin and shiny skin; unusual bruising; urinating at night; rapid weight gain; and wounds that will not heal." So it does sound like you are experiencing some of the side effects - Of...

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Prednisolone Uses

I have been given this medication and am unsure what it is used for. ## what is prednisolone na 5mg/5ml sol it was percribed to my 6month old niece thank you crystal ## it is used for breathing problens when my friends children get sick the doctor gives it to the it has alot of side effecte my mother cant take it she see.s things that arent there also hastrouble breathing im surorised they give it to a baby ## my son use this his doctor gave it to him ## Prednisone is used alone or with other medications to treat the symptoms of low corticosteroid levels (lack of certain substances that are usually produced by the body and are needed for normal body functioning). Prednisone is also used to treat other conditions in patients with normal corticosteroid levels. These conditions include cer...

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Prednisolone effects on children

I am looking to find all important information on this drug, its effect short term and long term it can have on a child. ## Hi! Need to turn to your'e doctor,write down all the concerns you got about the meds. If he can't do it-find another doctor. OR ask the pharmacist. Don't look for answers on the internet. best regards and hope you find the answers! ## Prednisolone has been known to cause slowed growth, and development in children, as well as significant weight gain, but that's usually with long-term use, and your pediatrician should be monitoring them regularly while they are taking it. Ref: Medline Plus Prednisolone Why has it been prescribed, and how long will they be taking it? Typical short term use side effects, as reported by the FDA, may include nausea, heada...

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i found a pill with unexo inscribed on it

Can anybody tell me what pill this? It is small and white with the word "unexo" on it ## weight loss pill or for constipation, laxative pill ## Prednisolone B.P. 5mg per pill. Steroid. For skin inflamations. Itching. ## What are Unexo white pills for? Please assist.

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Excessive mouth salvia

I am taking omnacortil now 5 mg daily once after taking 20 mg for 10 days and then 10 mg for 15 days . This ws prescribed by my doctor as a follow up action due to asthma ,lung problem as x ray showed some shadow on righ lung. I have started experiencing excessive mouth salvia . Could this be side effect of using omnacortil . Shall I discontinue using this as asthama problem is very less now. What I can do to reduce excessive salvia. Plese advice ## I have been taking calcium 500 mg two times daily and once antoxin tablet for the past one year .I was thinking whether long time use of calcium is some reason of excessive saliva . I tried to check from internet it does not say any side effect of using omnacortil for excessive soliva. I am afraid that excessive saliva to exist for long time...

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white egg shaped pill with p120 on one side

Believe it may be 20mg prednisolone for a dog ## Hi Patrick, Are there any other imprints on your pill that may have been faded or are difficult to make out? I only ask because based on the description provided, the closest match I could find was a white oval shaped pill marked with "GF P120" and a score line. This particular tablet is an OTC cold remedy containing 600mgs of Guaifenesin + 120mgs of Pseudoephedrine. Another similar match that comes up is a round white pill marked with "P120" and nothing else. Although this one is a 325mg Aspirin tablet. Just out of curiosity, what information leads you to believe that it may contain 20mgs of prednisolone? I'm not seeing any specific details online relating to that, and also wonder if it might be something that's n...

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side effects for Deltacortril 2.5mg

Deltacortril 2.5mg ive been on for 5mnths and my consultant has been decreasing them im now on 3 tablets for 3 weeks and yhen 2 for 3 weeks just wondering i hav the moonface an extra weight when il see myself back to me again its so depressing and im so down thanks ## It may take a few months, before things return to normal, since you were on it for several months. Eating healthy, getting proper exercise, taking in plenty of fluids and following your doctor's advice are the best ways to get there as fast as possible. Have you experience any other side effects that the FDA reports, such as acne, fluid retention and insomnia? ## I have been prescribed deltacortril 5mg for polymyalgica rheumatica and told have to be on them for up to two years. Am worried about side effects as have hea...

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side effects of omnacortil 10mg

I am suffering from cough and i used this medicine for five days.But I am not still used.I am a diabetic patient. Can I continue this medicine? ## Omnacrotil contais the active ingredient Prednisolone, this is a type of steroid. If you have diabetes, it does need to be used with caution, since it can elevate blood sugar levels, so you shouldn't continue using it, without first consulting your doctor. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, water retention and weight gain. Read more: Are there any other questions or comments? ## I am suffering of alopecia from last 12 months, my dermatologies prescribe me omnacortil 20 for treatment since it started. So i think by taking one pill regularly, i have taken up too much dosage till now, but alopecia is not totally cure. but t...

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prednisolone 60 mg sudden hearing loss

I had ringing in my ears last sun ,monday noticed no hearing in right ear,saw dr sent me to hearing clinic right ear not working at all ,had m.r.i tues waiting for results dr prescribed mr 60 mg.prednisolone for 10 65yrs old day 11 of epclusa treatment for hep c.also have copd i wad on a steroid puffer once made stomach swell up depression anxiety ect.feel like i should stop predisolone before i get sicker and have yo taper off my dr will be back thurs.any idead thoughts appreciated thanks.

Side Effects Of Omnacortil 10mg Include Weight Gain

does omnacortil-10 mg leads to excess weight gain.?? i hav been using it for almost an year now..and suffer weight gain ## Omnacortil contains the active ingredient Prednisolone, it is a steroid class medication used to treat several medication conditions, such as allergic reactions, swelling and immunity disorders. And yes, it can cause weight gain, as a side effect. However, you should check with your doctor, because it can also cause fluid retention and if that is what is causing your weight gain, it could lead to other medical problems, such as congestive heart failure. Are there any other questions? ## You are right. Omnacortil causes Blood pressure and Blood sugar spikes, and also causes swelling and weight gain. I am taking it since last 18 months. At the time of prescribing, Dr....

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Short Term Prednisolone Withdrawal

I was prescribed a 40 mg dosepak and tapered over the course of 7 days for dermatitis. At day 5 it was clear that the dosage was too low and it was failing. I was then prescribed a 60 mg tapering dose that was 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 10. On day 5 I had a violent gastric reaction to the dose so I discontinued at that point leaving the last two 10, 10 doses. About 36 hours later I started to express symptoms of prednisolone withdrawal, which makes sense as it takes about that long for it to purge from a body. Symptoms were right down the check list. Severe drowsiness, aches, pains, mild fever, rash on forearms, acne forming on my back. Did some research but could find little guidance on how to proceed for reactions to short term dose withdrawal. Should I just ride it out? Some seemed to s...

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pill expiration prednisolone

Hi I am from Melbourne Australia. Can you tell me, is prednisone the same as prednisolone? Also has "panafcortelone" printed on the bottle. Expiry Aug 2014. Safe to take?? ## Hello, John! How are you? No, Prednisone and Prednisolone are two different medications, although the FDA classifies them both as steroids and they can treat similar conditions. And it doesn't become dangerous, once expired, but it does being to lose efficacy, so it would be best to dispose of it and obtain a new supply. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, acne, insomnia and nervousness. This medication is listed as containing Prednisolone. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi Verwon. Please let me know the difference between prednisolone an...

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use of wysolone tablet for kids

My Child 7yrs old has Albamin 4 + in Urine and the doctor advised to give Wysolon 40mg per day in the morning for 10 days and later the dosage will be reduced. Will there be any side effects for this. What are the precautions to take to reduce the side effects? ## Hello, Thomas! How is your son doing? Wysolone contains the active ingredient Prednisolone, which is a steroid class medication. Its side effects may include nausea, dizziness, fluid retention, weight changes, moodiness and irritability. Learn more Prednisolone details here. There's really nothing you can do to minimize them, other than making sure he takes it with food, if the doctor approves it. Are there any other questions or concerns? ## Thank you for the reply. After one week of treatment, the Albumin content became ...

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Side Effects Of Deltacortril Prednisolone 5 Mg

what are the side effects of deltacortril prednisolone 5mg ## Prednisolone is a steroid class medication, so it can cause side effects such as nausea, headache, fluid retention and weight changes. Learn more: Is there anything else I can help with? ## i use delta cortril 5mg since 12,13 years. how i leave the medicine. when i leave the medicine. i can't eat anyhing. ## im using Deltacortril one 5mg tablet daily for the last 6 months ,i feel dizziness ,my head aches with rashes at head skin ( also taking Methotraxate 5mg once a week) i have Rheumatoid Arthritis -recently I have problem of urination its burning sensation when I do it ,plus very little urine comes out / also sometimes I feel little pain at both sides of my kidneys . ## i have also having this problem when i leave it i ...

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omnacortil steroid

I am using omnacortil since I was 8 years old due to nephritic syndrome. not regularly but when I need it. In that time my mind was really good. I was like a genius. I was able to solve tough math problems and was able to do many things. my brain was really dashing. But after so many years and now I am 20 my mind and brain is really dull and I am really suffering from memory losses and I am not so good at studies and anything. ## Corticosteroids, such as this one which contains the active ingredient Prednisolone, are known to cause amnesia, and memory loss with long-term use, according to NIH reports, other side effects may including dizziness, headache, acne, mood changes, and weight changes. Are you on any other medications?

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Wysolone 20 Mg Side effects 5 days usage

Will there be any side effects of using wysolone 20 mg daily in thi night for 5 days? ## Every medication carries the risk of side effects, regardless of how long you take it. Wysolone contains the active ingredient Prednisolone, it is a corticosteroid. The possible side effects can include: headache, fluid retention, weight gain and muscle weakness. Learn more: Is there anything else I can help with? ## I have right ear hearing problem. My right nerve sensing report was shown negative. ENT Dr recommended me to take Wysolone 20 X 3 = 60 mg 1 time aftr food / ZOVIRAX 800 mg 5 times a day and Rabonik 20 empty stomach FOR 7 days. Today is 5 th day.Now I can start hearing from Right Ear but some time I get different sound from Right ear. Shd I continue for 7 days and visit Dr or can go tomo...

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omnacortil prednisolone dispersible

my doctor said to use these tablets 5mg, can anybody tell wht the reason of using these tablets ## Prednisolone is a steroid commonly used to treat pain, inflammation and allergic reactions. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and weight gain. You can read more here: Is there anything else I can help you with? ## I had severe cough and cold, and i was advised omnacortil - 10 mg, morning and night, so altogether - 20 mg per day. It got reduced and i was feeling fine, but now, its been 8 days of medication, severe swelling of body have occured, and face is swollen to the core., body pain.. and why is this...? iam 25 years old. ## I juz read the above msg.... acc. to my knowledge, Omnacortil -5 or prednisolone dispersible tablet is a steroid which is using to trea...

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wysolone side effects in diabetes

im am diabetes . recently i have suffering from bells pelsy on 27 th jul 2014, Dr prscrib wysolone 60 mg per dey, but my diabetes lavel not control.I have also take nsulne, ## Wysolone is a steroid class medication that contains the active ingredient Prednisolone, and it can cause elevations in your blood sugar levels, while you are taking, according to NIH reports. Other side effects may include nausea, dizziness, headache, acne, fluid retention, and hypotension. How are you doing? Is the insulin the only regular medication you take? How high have your sugar levels been?

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wysolone 10mg tablet side effects

For Bells Palsy I have been given 3×7=21days.Next 7days 2×7=14.And next 7days 1×7=7.How would it effect my health,what are the side effects I will face ## Doctor priscribed me defcort 12 for 7 days and then changed it to wyslone 10 for five days and then wyslone 5 for five and then to stop is their any possibility of adernal crisis or side effect. ## 10 days taken for wysolone 10 Prescription-morning-2 Night-2 &after taken wysolone 10 only for one time..for 2 weekss But by mistake i am taken wysolone 20...please tell me...How would it effect my health? ## My son is 8y old. He is suffering from urticaria. Doctor advised him 20mg of whysolone and 20mg of areas tab. After one week he got swelling on whole body. What should be done. ## Wysolone contains Prednisolone, it i...

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