Powder Inside Of 100mg Dilantin Capsles

cindy Says:

I have always used the same phamacy. For about a year the purple and white capsles contained a white pill but now they contain powder. The pharmacey said they had no clue. I can't find anywhere that has dilantin as a powder. Anyone know anything about this? Sorry, but meds and seizures have left me about brain dead. I can't spell anymore.

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Shaky Says:

I take Phenytoin Sodium capsuls, 100 mg., and I believe they have powder inside. I think the manufacturer is Amneal. They are a substitute for Dilantin; I get them at Walgreens. I just started having seizures last year right before I turned 60. I hate them. I'm afraid to walk around the block because I'm afraid I'll have one and hit my head on the cement. Good luck and God bless.

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Kittycatcady Says:

Hi, A month ago today I started on Phenyotion 100mg capsules purple and white. I started feeling funny. Started itching with red dots on my hands and arms. They go away but...these pills made me toxic. I have been to the er 4 times in 3 weeks for blood levels. That is unheard of for me. I went to my nero. yesterday and she didn't know why I went on generic dilantin. I went back on 100mg brand dilantin. Now I am finding out they are changing the orange and white capsule to red and white and they are not the same. In the past 30 days I have had 4 different manufactures of pheynotion in my body and of course it is extended so I was pretty out of it. Please let me know what I can do to help.

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Kittycatcady Says:

I started feeling funny after taking the same form of dilantin from amneal a month ago today. I am back on brand dilantin. I am trying to get leveled out. I opened one of the capsules and it was all powder. I am going to get them tested. My pharmacy just switch to Amneal on my last refill and I had aweful problems. It's been a month and Im just getting back to normal.

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Verwon Says:

Just to formulate a theory, the problems may arise from the fact that the Amneal capsules contain a powder and the others are a tablet, so you may get more of the medication, at once.

The power ones aren't likely to be time released, either. That means that if you are on the time released formulation, you were more than likely given the wrong ones.


How are you all doing, now?

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