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Potassium citrate causing acid reflux

I have been on potassium citrate meds since February ‘22 to help control the formation of kidney stones and I am beginning to have trouble with acid reflux. My urologist tells me that some people come off these meds because of this and just deal with the occasional stone instead of putting up with the side effects of the meds. Does anyone have any experiences to share? ## Have you asked your doctor what you can do to alleviate the reflux? If it's safe for you to take, an antacid might help, though they can also cause side effects, such as nausea, dry mouth, and headache. Ref: Antacid Information Are you on any other medications?

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pot cl micro tab 10 meq

When I should use pot cl and what are the benefits? ## Hi, Abdo! This is just a potassium supplement, it is vital to our overall health and a deficiency in it can cause quite a few health issues, such as high blood pressure, elevated heart rate and irregular heart rhythm. However, you shouldn't take it, unless your doctor has actually done a blood test and told you that you need to take it, because too much of it can also be very dangerous. Did your doctor prescribe this for you? ## I was prescribed pot cl micro 10 meg along with water pill. Now that I'm not taking the water pill I've been still taking the potassium since August. What danger am in. I feel something going on ## Can I crush these very large tablets?

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Cheaper equivalent to Postassium Citrate ER 10 meq tab

my doctor has prescribed potassium citrate ER 10 meq tab. I just recently had my first bout with kidney stones. It's so expensive but my doctor said there's not a cheaper med. that is equivalent to this on the market. I live in Las Vegas, Nv. Can you help me? ## Hi roy, Apparently there are MUCH cheaper alternatives to potassium citrate. Lemon juice is one option that exhibits similar efficacy to potassium citrate in the treatment of urinary calcium stones in patients with hypocitraturia. Ref: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18946667 Potassium bicarbonate (found in some fire extinguishers) and baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate) are two other alternatives that may also be much cheaper. Additionally, potassium citrate is found naturally in many foods. Foods high in potassium citrate include...

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Potassium Citrate Tablets

Is there a difference in Potassium Citrate ER 10 MEQ Tab and Potassium Citrate 540 MG SA Tab? ## Hi John, Other than the difference in dosages where 10 mEq is equivalent to 750 mg, the "SA" also appears to be an extended release tablet; so from what I can gather, there aren't any immediate differences besides the dose. The only other differences would be found in the inactive ingredient list of each tablet, since they may be manufactured by different companies. Certain "inactive" ingredients that may or may not be present in each brand, are actually detrimental to how the drug is metabolized and used by your body. Because everyone is different, your body may agree with one medication over the other, due to how you feel or based on whatever side effects present themse...

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Does 3 5meq er eq 1 15meg er?

My urologist prescribe 5 meq 3 times daily. I asked my gp to write a new script and showed them the bottle. She wrote it for 15 meq 1 a day. Is that really the same? I have been getting terrible leg cramps. ## Hello, Joyce! How are you? Yes, that would be the same, just taken all at once, rather than spread throughout the day. The FDA warns that this medication is very harsh on the stomach, so it should be taken with food. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Acalka effectivity & safety

what is the success rate of dissolving or passing out kidney stones with acalka? will this not have adverse effect if person has osteoporosis? ## This contains the active ingredient Potassium Citrate. In a study of 500 patients, it was shown to reduce their frequency of kidney stones from around 2 a year to half, which is a really good effectiveness ratio. You can learn more on it here: And as to its effect on Osteoporosis, since this is mineral that it vital to our bones, it is actually beneficial to that condition. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Does Acalka have the same effect on Gall Stones? Does it also dissolve Gall Stones? Or does it just prevent its formation? ## is it acalka make me fat if im going ta take this coz i got a problem in my kidney what is the cause o...

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alkasol, potassium citrate, magnesium citrate

I have been diagnosed with enterococcus infection in my urine. After doing sensitivity evaluations, nitrofurantoin was advised to me by the doctor. In addition I was prescribed alkasol. When I went to buy alkasol, the chemist gave me K-2 whose composition is potassium citrate and magnesium citrate. He told me that k2 is the same as alkasol. Is it true? Can I take k2 instead of alkasol?

Alternative Forms of Potassium Citrate

My dog is 16 years old and had bladder stones when he was about 4 years old. I used the costly meds listed above but eventually found 500 gm of pure potassium citrate selling for a cheaper rate elsewhere. I add the salt to my dogs food three times per day. His urine is most acidic in the morning so I give him more at night than at the morning and afternoon meals. But how much? I base the dose on monitoring his urine PH using German PH strips with the target PH being 6.75 in the morning. During the day his urine PH may go up to 8. I have used this approach for the past 12 years and there have been no recurrent stones. The strips are pH-FIX Indicator Stix, 4.5-10 PH, 100/PK. You can cut each strip in three. One approach before switching over is to use the strips throughout the day and see...

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The Potassium Citrate Drug

My urine is depleted of potassium citrate and vit. B 6. The Dr.has given me rx to take these two. But I'm not sure about his judgement. He has told me I would have to take this the rest of my life. The reason I was sent to him was because I was keeping a low grade infec. Because I had stones. I still had a flake of a stone in my left kidney. That's all he told me. ## Hi Vern, My guess is that your doctor just became concerned with the issue regarding your urine and became focused on trying to fix that issue instead of putting his focus on the reason why you were sent to him. If you are looking for more information than what you were given, I suppose you will have to let him know that there are some "missing links" and that you need to know more. In regards to your urine ...

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Potassium Citrate Er 10 Meq

Hello. I have a precription for Potassium Citrate Er 10 Meq. I get 60 tablets a month (2 a day). The problem is that it's rather expensive. It's usually been around $50 a month and it has recently increased to over $80 a month. And I'm told I already take the generic kind. Is there an equivilent medication I can take that would produce the same results, and wouldn't cost as much? Or is it possible to buy this without a prescription? Plenty of places seem to sell general Potassium Citrate, but not the Er version or in such a large dose. Basically, I'm just hoping to find a cheaper option. My doctor has advised talking to the pharmacist and the pharmacist says to talk to my doctor, so I'm not really getting anywhere with them. Thanks.

potassium citrate 1080

I NEED TO PURCHASE ## this site does not sell medications, nor supplements, this is an information only website! ## Why is Potassium Citrateer so much more expensive than other Potassium and why is it so hard to find with any break in the price?

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Andrx 560 - Large Blue Capsules

I take Potassium Citrate. I always had the off white large tablet. Today I received these dark blue Andrx 560 capsules that are ridiculously large. I don't think a horse could swallow this one. I am taking them back to the pharmacy to get the other brand I always had. We do not have to accept what they give us. ## You should be aware that your pharmacy is not obligated to take those back from you and replace them. If they do, it is strictly something they are doing as a courtesy. Once the pills are in your hands, they have no way of knowing if they have been tampered with and, even if they do replace them, they would have to dispose of the ones you have returned. This also means that you may be charged for the new prescription. In the future I recommend checking all medications at t...

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Bethel S30 Diet Pill

They say that the bethel s30 pills don't have side effects, but when I take it, it makes my heart go crazy. It beats so fast and I feel short of breath. Any recommendation except seeing a doctor? Thanks. ## make sure you are eating a banana, cantaloupe or other source of potassium (potassium citrate 99mg with breakfast) and drinking plenty of water daily ## This is a supplement, touted, but not proven to help with weight loss. It contains: Flos Citri Aurantil, Cassia Seed Extract, Jobstear Seed, Mulberry Leaf Extract, Spirulina and Medical Amylum. That said, you might be sensitive to one of the ingredients and probably shouldn't continue using it, without consulting your doctor. Have you called them, yet? ## Thanks for the reply: Verwon, I haven't talked to a doctor about it...

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Potassium Citrate Er 10 Meq Tab

can i buy this w.o. a script how many for how much& shipping ## this site does not manufacture, prescribe, nor sell any medications, this is an information only website. And in the U.S. these Potassium supplements do require a prescription, because taking too much of it can be just as dangerous as having a deficiency in it. Has your doctor suggested that you take this?

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white oblong tablet COT 149 on one side

white oblong tablet with COT 149 imprinted on one side ## I can't find any imprint for this, what country are you in? Does anyone else know what this is? ## Could you possibly be referring to the imprint code cor 149? It might look similar to a T. You can view an image here. If this is the pill which you have, it is Potassium citrate 10 meq. This medication is used to treat a variety of conditions in humans, dogs and cats. You can read more about it at: Do you have any other questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. Also, if the pill which I described is NOT what you have, please let me know...

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cof 149

Slightly off white color, cylindrical shape, with cof 149 on one side ## I believe I located a match to a oblong pill with COR 149 on it, click here to see a picture of the pill. If this is your pill it's Potassium citrate which has been known to help prevent certain types of kidney stones. To learn more click on the link below... Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do.

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the pill is tan colored with mission imprinted on it ## These are over the counter vitamin products or prescription supplements of certain types, made by the company that makes Citrical, Mission is their company name and logo. Pill Image Not sure if that is your pill or not, since you didn't list the full imprint, you only listed the word, not any numbers. However, if this is the pill you are talking about, it is Urocit K Extended Release Tablets 10meqs, this is potassium citrate, it is used to make your uring more alkaline to prevent to formation of more kidney stones in someone who has had problems with them. This is a prescription med, as it is not good for people to use them who have no had a problem, it is not safe to make your urine too alkaline, either. It is also used in som...

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