Potassium Citrate Tablets

John Says:

Is there a difference in Potassium Citrate ER 10 MEQ Tab and Potassium Citrate 540 MG SA Tab?

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David Says:

Hi John,

Other than the difference in dosages where 10 mEq is equivalent to 750 mg, the "SA" also appears to be an extended release tablet; so from what I can gather, there aren't any immediate differences besides the dose.

The only other differences would be found in the inactive ingredient list of each tablet, since they may be manufactured by different companies. Certain "inactive" ingredients that may or may not be present in each brand, are actually detrimental to how the drug is metabolized and used by your body. Because everyone is different, your body may agree with one medication over the other, due to how you feel or based on whatever side effects present themselves.

When you switch brand names, the drug itself doesn't change, but rather the binders or fillers that they put with it.

I hope this helps!

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lilly Says:

I've been perscribed potassium citriate er. Why?

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Patrick Says:

I currently take Potassium Citrate 10meq tablets 4 times a day to control kidney stones. These tablets go through my system without dissolving, since I have no colon. Is there an equivalent dose in a gel or other form?

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Shame Says:

Why did the drug tier change from 1 to 4 for this generic potassium citrate supplement to prevent kidney stones, which is a lifetime maintenance drug for many people? Even doctors don’t understand why this drug costs so much. The manufacturer is zygenerics.

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Dd Says:

I am experiencing rashes on my hip, arms & legs that are very itchy, bleeding, burning and spreading. Could this be a side effect of Potassium citrate ER 15?

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Larry Says:

I take potassium citrate extended release tablets, but I can’t really afford it. I pay $300 for a 90 day supply. Could you tell me a way to get it cheaper?

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