Potassium Citrate Er 10 Meq

Dave Says:

Hello. I have a precription for Potassium Citrate Er 10 Meq. I get 60 tablets a month (2 a day).

The problem is that it's rather expensive. It's usually been around $50 a month and it has recently increased to over $80 a month. And I'm told I already take the generic kind.

Is there an equivilent medication I can take that would produce the same results, and wouldn't cost as much? Or is it possible to buy this without a prescription? Plenty of places seem to sell general Potassium Citrate, but not the Er version or in such a large dose.

Basically, I'm just hoping to find a cheaper option. My doctor has advised talking to the pharmacist and the pharmacist says to talk to my doctor, so I'm not really getting anywhere with them.


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