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Davoe Says:

3 months after treatment with epclusa, numb fingers, toes, no energy at all severe anxiety pain in knees. I'm 65 years old, before treatment I felt fine enjoyed life now it's opposite wish I could feel normal again. The liver nurse said "you were probably going to get unwell symptoms anyway, but I do not believe this and blame epclusa. I'm in Australia during treatment. I had no support from the liver clinic or liver Dr.

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VerFree Says:

You are not the first person to report such issues after finishing treatment with Epclusa. There are several posts on this site, and others, all from people dealing with similar issues. Everything you've described is listed by the FDA as normal side effects of the medication that should, theoretically, go away once you have finished your course of treatment. However, I was unable to find anything regarding possible long-term side effects.

There are some more details about it on MedlinePlus.

Since you said you did not receive support from a specialist, were you tested for Hepatitis B, before undergoing treatment with Epclusa?

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Lou Says:

Epclusa nerve damage

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