Post Epclusa Heat Exhaustion

Davoe Says:

Finished Epclusa 2 months ago and hot weather is making me very exhausted, plus my legs have mild edema. I'm 65yrs old and dont know if the treatment was successful yet.

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Kevin Says:

Hello Davoe,

This is perfectly normal. Reportedly it takes roughly 12 weeks before the doctors will run tests to see if there is no longer a virus load and even when the tests show that the treatment was successful the body will still need additional time to heal. The healing process length is a case by case basis due to variables such as exercise regiment, diet, age, the bodies ability to recover etc. During the healing process you are already going to be fatigued more than normal and adding heat to the equation will only result in more exhaustion.

Just be sure to appropriately hydrate and take as many breaks to rest as your body needs. It is imperative that your body gets the ample amount of rest during the recovery process.

I hope this information was useful. Please message me back here if you have any further questions or additional information to add.

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Davoe Says:

Re: Kevin (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Thanks Kevin,i makes me feel a bit better after reading your poste ,guess its just a waiting game now thanks.

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