Polyvinylpyrrolidone, Povidone Sensitivity

Vitymon Says:

I am sensitive to polyvinylpyrrolidone also known as povidone and a few other names. It is found in most tableted drugs. There are apparently a wide variety of grades of this polymer sold by a number of different suppliers. I do not have a bad reaction to all drugs containing this polymer so apparently some forms of this polymer are worse than others. I suspect it could be related to mol. wt. or impurities. How do I go about searching generic drugs to identify which ones do not contain this polymer?

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Roy Says:

So if you have a specific generic drug / manufacturer in mind, you take the NDC code (each drug and generic has a unique one), and from there you can usually figure out what the inactive ingredients are. This site has an NDC database, but they don't always list the inactive ingredients, so I also check on DailyMed. As an example, can you list one or more drugs and manufacturer names that you are wondering about?

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Vitymon Says:

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I am looking for manufacturers of valsartan and carvedilol that do not use povidone in their products. The brand name manufacturers of these drugs both contain povidone and it seems that the Indian manufacturers put this stuff in all the generics they make. I am looking for non Indian drug manufacturers of generic valsartan and carvedilol who do not use povidone in their drugs.

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