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Looking for details on Polyphenon E ointment or capsules.

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Simon Says:

I am wondering if this could help with prostate cancer relief?

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Verwon Says:

Polyphenon E is a supplement containing an extract from Green Tea, this it is NOT proven to help cure or treat anything, including Prostate cancer.

For appropriate treatment for such a seriousl medical condition, you should follow your doctor's advice.

Did you have any other questions?

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Kelly Says:

One should not rely, exclusively, on one's doctor for advice, on anything. Urologists are in charge of a patient's medical prostate cancer treatment. They are surgeons, not oncologists, and are quick to resort to extreme treatment (i.e. removal of the prostate.) It is estimated that 80% of all prostatectomies are unwarranted - that is, the patient would have been as-healthy or healthier, had the intervention not occurred. There can be extreme side-effects to surgical interventions: urinary incontinence, blockage of the urethra, impotence, perforation of the bowel, among others. It is a major surgery. Read, educate yourself, do not get hysterical or follow hysterical advice from your surgeon. Prostate cancer is the slowest growing of all cancers and the great majority of men will, at some point in their lives, acquire some prostate cancer and die with it, not from it.

Polyphenon E has shown potential, in clinical trials, to have a beneficial effect in slowing and/or reversing the growth of prostate cancer. John Neate, chief executive of the Prostate Cancer Charity, said: "There have been several studies into green tea and its potential benefits, but there is, as yet, no conclusive evidence.

"The results of this study* do suggest that there is merit in further research into the effects of extracts of green tea, both in relation to its impact on the prevention of prostate cancer and in controlling progression in men already diagnosed with the disease, as was investigated in this instance."

"These initial positive findings could indicate that green tea could have a place in 'active surveillance', where a slow-growing, low risk tumour is monitored for changes and men want to take something which could help keep progression at bay."

One cannot say with certainty that green tea extract will help you but it will do no harm. There are many other diet and life-style changes that may also have a beneficial effect that should be followed, whether one must opt for prostate removal or chooses active-surveillance. Please see the Prostate Cancer Research Institute's guide to making decisions regarding your prostate cancer: prostate-cancer.org/pcricms/node/34. Both Mayo and UC San Francisco have sophisticated, active-surveillance programs, as do other leading medical institutions.

My prostate cancer was diagnosed nearly 4 years ago and it remains stable, without progression. I have an annual biopsy and quarterly PSA tests. I take it very seriously and I am better off for having resisted my urologist's insistence that I have this small tumor removed within a few weeks of diagnosis. Do not be panicked into making a hasty decision. Read - there are many good books available, ask questions, consult many sources, and take responsibility for your treatment. Including, diet changes and, possibly, polyphenon E capsules.

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Iswor Says:

Hello, I am looking for polyphenon E, but have not found any website yet that has it. Is it available over-the-counter? If so, can anyone please help me point me in the right direction?

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linda Says:

I am from China. As I know that Polyphenon E ointment is a better treatment to genital warts, but it didn't go into China market, so I would like to know if I can find some over the counter in another country?

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