Polynerv-500 Green Tablet

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Can I take Polynerv 500 before sleep?

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jefferson Says:

anu po ang polynerv na gamot

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Verwon Says:

Polynerv is a supplement, which contains a lot of the B vitamins, these usually provide an energy boost and may not be advisable before bed.

Has your doctor suggested a dosing schedule?

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irene Says:

i am taking polynerve 500mg daily. what benefits do i get from this vitamin?

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irene Says:

what is the side effect of polynerve vitamin?

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Jomar Says:

None yet

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Jomar Says:

I don't know what this vitamin is really for.

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Verwon Says:

Jomar and Irene, since it is just a vitamin supplement, the side effect profile is not actually studied, like it is for a regular medication.

The only things noted for B vitamins is that some people experience nausea when they first take it and since they can increase energy, some also experience insomnia.

As to what it's for, many doctors in foreign countries seem to believe it can help with various conditions, including neuropathic pain.

What did your doctor prescribe it for?


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rey Says:

i had a pain in my pelvic joint and and sometimes got numbed only my right legs. what type of medicine should i take? thanks a lot...

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Sophie Says:

In 2009 i was advised to take polynerv forte due to uncontrollable movement of my fingers. Now i feel pain on my end foot and seems there is an electric movement up to my fingers which i cant explain seems a feeling of being numbed. I thought of taking polynerve again but in a country where i am right is not available. I ask my friend to buy for me but she bought polynerv 500 green table. Would that be fine to take? May I take polynerv 500 on a daily basis as one of my vitamins though am already taking mosegor? Any other vitamins you could advise as polynerve is not available here. Please advise! Thanks a lot

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Verwon Says:

Sophie, it would not be advisable to take them both at the same time.

Since these are both vitamin supplements that contain B Vitamins, you could end up getting to much of them in your body and this can lead to as many health problems as not having enough of them.

Moesgor contains Pizotifen hydrogen maleate 0.5 mg, vit B1 3 mg, vit B2 3.2 mg, vit B6 2.4 mg and nicotinamide 19 mg.


Are there any other questions?

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kaye Says:

i had my ear checked bec i sometimes experience hearing loss and was prescribed polynerv 500 to be taken for 2 wks. i experience nausea sometimes but an increase in appetite..and drowsiness...why is this so?

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cecil Says:

my doctor prescribed me polynerve 500 before bedtime..

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mariz Says:

I am 45 years old now and my monthly menstration had already stop 15 months ago...ultrasound declares that my ovaries are small nw,my obgyne conclude that I am menopause...she prescribed me vigor-ace, and I also take poly-nerve 500 green tablet..is there any bad effect for this that I took 2 kinds of vitamins in a day?

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Marietta Says:

I am taking polynerv500 for a week now after 4-months taking metformin for prediabetic. Is there any problem taking polinerv500 every mornng?

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wilbert Says:

My son have a maintaining medicine it is okey for him also to drink 3 kinds of vitamin like SANGOBION SYRUP AND MOSEGOR VITA SYRUP AND POLYNERV VITAMIN BI+B6+B12.advice please

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ann Says:

Can i take polynerve 500 while im having my gluta IV ang gluta capsule?

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Kemiagrace Egalin Says:

I had my ear check and my doctor prescribed polynerv500,is it OK while I'm taking memory plus gold?
Pls answer,,thank you

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dith Says:

anu oras ng tama pag inum ng polynerv 500

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Jambhey Says:

Nakakaantok po ba ang pag inom ng polynerv? Kaya sa gabi dapat inomin bago matulog..

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Rose Says:

What is the better time to talk polynerve 500mg thanks!

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