Poly Iron 150 Vs Ferrous Sulfate Tablets

Robert Lee Says:

I have been taking Ferrous Sulfate tablets (325 mg; 1 tablet 3 times per day) for the last month. My Hgb is still 87 and Hct 27.7 (both results are still low). These pills have been perscribed through the VA Clinic. My Family Physician says that he has had better results using the Poly Iron 150 than the Ferrous Sulfate. My question then is: If I order the Poly Iron tablets....at what dosage am I going to take them. Now taking 975 mg of ferrous sulfate and the poly iron is 150 mg. Would I take the same dosage of the Poly Iron to do any good?

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David Says:

Hi Robert,

How many tablets of Ferrous sulfate are you currently taking in order to reach 975mg? I think the maximum available dosage of this medication is 325mg, but please correct me if I'm wrong. Poly Iron (Polysaccharide-Iron Complex) may just contain a smaller dosage, being only 150mg per pill v.s. 325mg or 975mg of Ferrous sulfate (depending on the severity of your iron deficiency I'd imagine).

I would still encourage you to discuss this with your doctor before taking any further action, but in my opinion it seems like you should just be able to take the same dosage, (mg for mg) of Poly Iron.

Some reviews I've come across stated that they were taking 2 Poly Iron tablets a day, and when they took Ferrous Sulfate, they only needed 1 tablet a day. Perhaps the pharmacology is different in so far as how the iron is delivered to your system. This is one other thing I would talk to your doctor about before trusting an online opinion on your personal needs.

I hope this helps!

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Robert Says:

David...this indeed did help. I have an appointment with the doctor this coming Tuesday and will take everything I have accumulated to him and see what he has to see. He was the one that recommended that I take Poly Iron since he has much better luck with his patients than the Ferrous Sulfate. Thank you for your answer and I appreciate your time.

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keda Says:

Hi i am in a situation where i need to take iron what did your doctor say about taking 2 poly iron?

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Robert Says:

Keda--my doctor says that two Poly Iron tablets contain more iron than 3 of my Ferrous Sulfate pills that I am taking right now. Mind you, this is my family doctor saying this.....the VA doctors say they don't know about the Poly Iron tablets! Matter of fact, my family doctor is just about the only doctor that does recommend them and he has asked two pharmacys in town to start stocking the Poly Iron tablets since they are not something that is usally stocked. I will order on-line for now....

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Kathy Says:

I have to take two poly iron daily. Can I take them together or should I spread them out?

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USMC88 Says:

Re: Robert (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Walgreens carry Poly Iron 150. Like you my non VA doctor prescribed Ferret Forte 150 Gold and it has worked for me for years. When I asked the VA they didn't have anything to compare it to so I got nothing. The three months ago VA said they could give me Ferris Sulfate 324 EC tabs. I don't plan on taking them until I get the okay from non VA doctor who is an internist is not a general practitioner.

I'm not sure what your disability is but if you have issues that are internal I highly recommend that you switch to an internist so that you say money on specialist (won't have to see as many). Good luck.

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