Pms Zopiclone And Alcohol Recovery

Barbara Says:

My son took a single Zopiclone last night and has been hallucenating all day. Is this normal?

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Jenna Says:

Hi Barbara,

Based on my research, Hallucinations are one of the less common side effects associated with Zopiclone. Other less common side effects include but are not limited to: aggression, tremor, rebound insomnia, depression, nightmares, and hypomania. Have you spoken with his doctor about this?

I hope this info helps, please post back if you have any more questions!

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Ashley Says:

I know this may be a old post but i took these when i was 15 or 16.. i think it was 16 and I had it bad just like your son. When i was on them i was like a 4 year old. you could tell me anything and i would bileave it, I was in a dream world and i had no clue what was real and what was my pill-real. It is sooo rare in people but it happens. I would strongly suggest with in reason trying something else. No matter what the reason... if the drug is acting up with the person than it's not right for that person. if you have any more questions about it or want to talk more my e-mail is {edited for privacy}

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scott mooney Says:

My sister has a hard time sleeping.She also drinks about a 6 pack maybe more of beer a night or a few glasses of wine ! I want to know if it is safe that she is also taking pms-zopiclone 7.5 mg ? Could this hurt her in any way or God Forbid make her not wake up ? I am real worried about this! PLEASE get back to me ! Thank You....Chris,M,M

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