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nicky85 Says:

Im new to this whole thing and i just desperatly need some advice. Im sorry if i ramble in this post im just really upset right now :(

Im 26yrs old and currently on a pain contract. I have taken 4- 20mg oxycodone a day for 5 years due to a severe car accident I had. I will try to make my story as short as possible. I would appreciate any help any one can give me:

Yesterday I went in to get my meds refilled, I was 8 days early which is 32 pills for me. I dont know what happend. I just know their gone so im assuming they were stolen . This is not the first time this has happend. About 2 months ago some one stole 6 pills from me (which i believe was my husband as he has done this to me many times) And i told my dr what happend and he still filled script with the strict warning that if my meds were stolen again hed have to dismiss me because it is my responsibility to keep them safe. After that 1st episode I bought a RX locker from walgreens that i keep in my purse wich is on me at all times, even when I use the restroom. Well so yesterday when i went in i was terrified to tell him that i was short again. I was trying to work my way up to it by telling him that i had been in more pain this month than normal (which i actually was) Hoping that if i just told him i had to take more for my pain that it would be better than saying they were stolen since he had already warned me about that. Well he never even checked to see if i was due and just wrote my script. I was so elated since itd been 8 hours since i had my last pill and was already starting to feel the withdrawls that i just accepted the script without saying anything. On my way out i asked if i could change pharmacys because i was worried that my normal one would hassel me since they knew i had just filled on the fourth, And that was the start to a disaster.

I dropped off my script at the new pharmacy and after waiting 40 minutes they told me that they couldnt fill it because my insurance said i already had filled this month. I told them i always pay cash when im early (which i always have) And they told me: If you can afford to pay cash for your opiate but not the others than maybe we should call the company and have them do a review because you can obviously afford your own care. I couldnt beilieve they said that! I didnt know that i was doing something wrong but i guess i was :( I told them that my doc said to call them if there was a problem, which they replied that it was there decision wether they even wanted to call the dr or not and they have the right to refuse service to anyone. I was so upset that i was being treated like that but keep in mind i was already in withdrawal and im sure i did probably look like an addict. After a very heated conversation i was able to get my script back and just take it back to my normal pharmacy. But by that time they had called that pharmacy and told them about me coming there. Well they ended up filling my prescription but only for 20!! And they wrote me a note on my prescription bag that said " your doctor said to fill only 20 and to make an appointment asap!

I am so scared right now i dont know what to do! I feel like he is going to dismiss me now. Why else would he make me come back in when i was just there yesterday and only fill me 20 instead of my normal months worth. And on top of that he is the only Pain management doc within 350 miles of me. I live in a remote part of alaska :( Not only am i scared to death of having to deal with my pain without meds But if i was only out of pills for 8 hours yesterday and started getting that sick then i dont even want to imagine what will happen if he just stops them. Im just so upset because I did not go over my limit and i do not abuse my meds, SO the only thing i can think of is that my combination code was cracked while i was sleeping :(

So I guess my questions are:

1. If he dismisses me will he atleast step me down off them or do they usually just cut you off cold turkey?

2. Does anyone have any ideas on what i can say to him when i go in on thursday to try and prevent this from happening? Any ideas would help

3. Do you think his intentions are to dismiss me? Ive seen alot of people say when they were dismissed that they were notified immediatly. So Im not sure what to think. I feel like he is because why else call me right back in? But then again he did fill that 20. I know it would only be speculation but id really like to hear what people think.

4. How long do the withdrawals for oxycodone last? and how severe are they?

Im sorry for all the questions Im just unbelievably stressed right and i feel like im goin out of my mind. I have a 10 yr old and a 6yr old at home and my husband lost his job so i am the only source of income for the house and i just cant imagine having to miss work right now due to withdrawaling not to mention i just dont know if im mentally strong enough to do that right now. Im in a crappy place in my life right now and i feel like my meds are the only thing keeping me sane. I just dont know what to do. Please help

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Rosie Says:

I'm so sorry, I really feel for you. I know how horrible withdrawals from oxy are. I also know what it's like to have kids depending on you being able to care for them, and not having time to lay in bed for three-five days in severe distress from withdrawals. It sounds like you need to tell your husband to go to the doctor for his owns meds.
I have overcome this problem by switching from oxycodone 30mg to Percocet 10/325. They are Oxycodone 10mg, and 325 mg of Tylenol. It takes care of my pain, they are much much easier to fill, and not as controlled as straight oxy. You should not have as much trouble getting them, and you won't be in danger of running out and going through withdrawals.

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bmontgomery Says:

well i do feel for you.i also take rocaset 30 mg 6 a day for back pain .and i lately have ran out. l couldnt figure out what was going on. i know i never over med, and i know nobody stole any. well last month soon as i left the pharmacy i decided to count my pills. well to my surprise i was missing 14 of my pain killers.i was still in pharmacy parking all i can say is somone who filled my meds stole,misread or didnt know what they were doing. i went back inside to talk to pharmacist.i was told all fills are on camera and checked by 2 people before given to me.they said the cameras would be checked and pills counted and they would get back to me. well a week later noone called ,me and i decided to call them. i was told they looked at cameras and talked to lady who filled my script and they know the pills were there... come on i never stole them?and i dont think they even CHECKED but it was my word against theres.and wqe all know how that goes. well i let my doctor know what happened as you know your always to blame.seems like no one believed me.why?im realy fustraited by this.i know pain meds are a big thing on street sales and i think someone at this pharmacy is stealing meds.if i wouldnt have counted them in the parking lot i would of wondered about family members in my home stealing or friends.i go back for more refills on tuesday. im going to count them in the store this time,i hope there is no problems but im sick of being looked at as if i stole or lied about this why would i?so i wish you best of luck and yes sounds like your gonna get cut off. just go find another doctor plenty out there..iv had to start over with pain doctors many times.

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nicky85 Says:

Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. Ive literally been sick the last few days worrying about it. Thankful I have a great doctor who believed in me and is willing to give me one last chance. I live in a remote part of alaska so had he cut me that wouldve been it since there is no other pain dr in the area. I actually ended up getting a safty deposit box from the bank today before my appointment and also gave him the web id adress from a sight on youtube that shows how to get into that paticular lox box without anyone knowing. I wanted him to see that it was possibly for someone to steal my meds even tho they were locked up and also show him that i was being proactive. I guess it worked because even thing is fine now. I ve heard some horrible storys even people getting cut cold turkey and my heart really hurts for them. Im also sorry that you have gone thru what you have too.

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Verwon Says:

nicky85, as to getting them filled early, whether your paying cash for them or not, since Oxycodone is a narcotic and a controlled substance, they actually aren't supposed to do that. No pharmacy is, they are only supposed to fill them, when they are due for a refill and that applies to any controlled substance.

bmontgomery, your best bet is to insist that they are opened and counted right at the counter, with a pharmacy representative looking on. The minute you step away from the counter, if some are missing, they can try to claim that you did something with them, you took them, dropped them in your purse/shopping bag, whatever.

So, if you need to do it, make sure you do it immediately and in the presence of someone that works there.

I actually had that happen, many years ago, when I was on pain management. I knew I wasn't taking any extra pills, but started to notice I was running out early and that made me start to count them, when I got new fills from the pharmacy. A woman that worked that actually had been stealing them and ended up getting fired over it and had charges filed against her.

It had just taken awhile for anyone to notice, because rather than take a lot of pills out of any one prescription, she was clever and would just take 4 or 5 from each.


Are there any other comments or questions?

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ncs Says:

I'm having the same problem with my prescription. I also suspect it's someone in my family. I bought the rx locker too. My doctor has given me my warning. Can you please share the link to the youtube video you showed your doctor so I can show my doctor too.

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Ashley Diaz Says:

I have a question that I need some help with. I had Kaiser for insurance and was on a pain contract with them, well i got laid off from my job so lost my insurance. Now I dont know what to do. How do I go about keeping my contract with another dr, or is my contract now void since I losr my insurance. I am so confused and am in soooo much pain,please somone help me. Thanku

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Verwon Says:

Ashley, as far as I am aware, those contracts are only valid and enforceable as long as you would still be under their coverage. You may wish to double check the details of the contract, to be certain, but as a general rule, they cannot prevent you from getting needed treatment, under any circumstances.

So, even if you are no longer covered by them, you should still be able to see your doctor or pursue treatment from a different doctor.


Is there anything else I can help with?

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Terry Says:

I have been on Percoset for 3 years for Herniated disc pain in my back. When I go to the pharmacy to drop off my perspiration I make sure it is the 30 days time frame because the pharmacy says if they fill it early the insurance company will count how many days early and give you less the next time or cut you off. Also the dr can lose their license if he give them to you and your pills are missing or stolen. It is good you are being proactive about these pills.

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Rae Says:

I go to a methadone clinic. I took a 5 mg. oxycontin yesterday morning and the morning before. I was urine tested today. Do you think my urine will show positive even with such a low dose. I really messed up. I know. I had been doing so good. This was my last urine to get my take homes. So I really had not been taking anything till now. of course.

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Verwon Says:

Rae, yes it is possible that the Oxycodone will be detected in the test. Most narcotics, even in low doses, are detectable for 4 to 5 days, after you take them. This can vary from person to person, depending on your metabolism, activity levels and other factors.



Is there anything else I can help with?

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chaos Says:

OK so before I forget, I really feel that it was the pharmacists, as this happened to me.I was having to give up my PM for financial reasons. So I went to my primary she said cuz I had medicare she was more hopeful that I would get into pain therapy. So she wrote me 10/500 viccdin, 3 a day. This Is only a portion of how much I was taking 4 Norco and 4 perc0. Vet. 10/325. SO I called her told I had been to the ER for sever headache, entirely really did go, I also told her I had been taking 4 a day and would she call in a new scrip for 4 a day, so she did. My insurance wouldn't pay I said ok I'll pay. Pharmacists says ok but i want Dr. Consent, well no problem, Dr. Consented
As Dr. Anticipated I got into PM and got chiro care going on and a trial with the 'S Contin morphine extends relief. So for first 6 weeks I'm adjusting to doses, started st 15 , 2 weeks later tell him it's not taking me to 12 hours. NO problem that's real PM. SO the same pharmacist refused to fill my 's Contin in the way it was increases. He wanted 30 days to go by before filling any new one. THen he was the one who filled the increase in vicodin. I think the pharmacist was concerned I was abusing this not having a clue about the cyst on pituitary gland smashing on my eye constant headaches and face pain. Then I have Rupturs and degenerative discs, severe L5 S1 I take my scripts across the street to different pharmacy. So yep the pharmacist called your doc.I hope you don't get fired but prepare fir the worst, but be honest , hey I think my hubby I'd takin my shot (meds) and now I'm here looking like a fool and I'm only trying yo be comfortable some relief of pain....or you might say yes I had more on this day
Like on my period straight up I take more and I tell my doc. So he's work on with me to get a perfect dose and breakthrough dose..part of being on episodes you get stereotyped

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bobby Says:

Tell ur doctor he can't do that to u cuz withfrawp cam take up to 3 monthes to get over withdrawl with out any pills I take over 100 milliagrams a day and I'm not.perscribed ibhave to buy them on the street they cost 30 bucks a pill for 30 mg u get the grey pill that's 20 mgs but ur doctor won't do that he is calling u in cuz he thinks ur selling them trust me he is ganna test ur blood to see if its in ur system that's y he is calling u back in I wish I got percribed perks cuz I feel like I'm dying when I dnt have them if u got any ?s call me {edited for privacy}

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Bryan Says:
via mobile

Most pain doc will step you down. Somethin has to be wrong in order for him to want another visit so soon. The withdrawals you are going to have will most likely headaches, jitters, feel things run thru your veins, weakness, depression if not all ready, hardly eating at all , and very little sleep. I'm from GA. I have to get higher pain pills from off the street in order to kill my pain. I have had serval IV's in my back, three back operations where two L5 and L4 to be fused. My doc keeps me on s*** like perks 10/650 x 2daily, and OxyContin 10. It bad that you only have one pain doctor. I'm not sure if your PCP will write pain meds for you. Mine did until I had a back doctor and then pain doctor. But the FDA and DEA is cutting down hard on doctors due to increase of deaths from over dosing. For a while I use cannabis to help with the side affects since I used all mine pills up. My doctor would not call me back. I have serval back in the lower back and nerve damage were I only feel pain on the inside and nothing on the outside. My nerve pain keeps me up all night mostly. It had for me to know how much I sleep. Sometimes 20-30 naps if I feel no pain.

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Michelle Says:

Can someone please help me?! I have a script for oxycodone 30mg that I cant get filled ANYWHERE.. I live in Sevierville tn. If anyone knows of a pharmacy up here that would fill them I would greatly appreciate the help. Thanks

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suzette Says:
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I am having epideral surgery tomorro but my pain management doctor said he is letting me cold turkey after procedure......yet he wants me to keep me next on oxycodone.....i ran on 10mg....1tab every 3hrs can he do that?please help ease my mind

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MrsJamesEMT Says:
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Michelle & Suzette, you should start a new thread to get your questions answered faster! This thread dates back to 2011!

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kally Says:

I am sorry to I am going through a similar problem my Dr dropped me after 10 yrs I was in 16-10 mg methadone a day for pain and 2- 20 mg oxycontin at night for break through pain and clonopin for stress and seizures, and temazapam for sleep, I now see a dr at Kaiser because someone said they are really easy and sympathetic, this guy I have seen 5 times he hasn't even checked me and he is weaning me off of methadone I am terrified, the pharmacist at Kaiser said he wants to see how I am doing coming off and if I don't make an appointment before the 26th he wont give me any more, any way the guy I was seeing for 10 wrote me a letter stating he is dropping me, because he isn't taking Medicare anymore but will give me all my meds 1 more time and I have to find a dr, well this dr is a quack. I don't know what to do, if you are on a contract then he can cut you off without one last refill. if not he still doesn't have to give you one more because I asked the state medical board so he may be letting you go and if so I am so sorry cuz I have a rod pins and screws in my back and the pain I awful, I was getting 480 methadone a month and 30 oxyconton a month yet I seemed out early on my methadone all the time, I don't know were you go to fill your meds but no matter now every pharmacy is hooked up to each other cuz of the new FDA law so filling it at that other pharmacy wouldn't of mattered any way cuz they would of known were you got it filled last any way, but I used to go to wall greens and the last 2 yrs they got a whole new staff in and I know they think I would not count 480 pills cuz people trust the drug store, but I think they were taking like about 30 so if you go to wall greens stop, they have been on the news here in Portland and rite aide has been too for taking medicine from people so if you go there don't any more and tell your dr you want to go else were also good luck if he does let you go then tell him you would like him to please give you at least 1 more months worth till you find a dr it is getting scarry now with all the new FDA stuff all Dr's and hospitals have computers and just look up your name and it will show who you have seen and were you have been I am so terrified good luck let us know what happens.

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james Says:

i live in ceteral wv and am a stage 4 lung/liver cancer and have just started chemo again and am prescribed oxycodone 30 and a local leader pharmacy wont fill my meds till the 30th day even though the shape im in is it the pharmacy or state law?

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kally Says:

that is sad and I am so very sorry, Tell you pharmacy what you have and they may not treat you so rough. but it is the FDA and DEA they all got together, I think because of all the stars over dossing they decided to make it harder for people to get meds. its sad because there are people who really are suffering.

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John Says:

I'm sorry your going through this but if you are having withdrawals after only 8 hours, you are probably severely addicted to the oxycodone and that is not a good thing. Being mildly addicted and getting adequate pain relief is not the end of the world, but 8 hours? Something is definitely wrong. You need to talk to your pain doc asap. Let us know what happened at your appointment. Good luck.

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