Pink Pill No Markings

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No markings on either side - What is it?

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Crystal Says:

I would need more information in order to locate the exact pill you have. Is it scored? capsule? Any more information will help me better in assisting you.

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Katera Says:

I found this fairly large, I guess oblong-ish oval shaped pill. The pill is a light peach, has NO markings on the front, but is scored on the back. I can not find ANY answers anywhere! Please Help!


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Roy Says:

Without more specific markings it is most likely an over the counter product. Unfortunately it is extremely difficult to verify for sure what it is because only prescription drugs in the USA are required to carry unique inscriptions. For example, this page depicts a round pink tablet, reportedly a Vitamin B12 pill from CVS. But there can also be many other pills with a similar appearance.

@Katera - do you have any other details such as a manufacturer name, packaging, or origin of the product?

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Minoguesque Says:

Pills should be in blister packs which contain all the necessary information about contents, strength, manufacturer, license number etc. AFAIK the only country which insists on the pills themselves being identifiable purely through their appearance and unique embossed marking is the USA where pills are sold loose more often than in boxes and blisters.

When I think pink, oblong-ish tablets I think Consort Etizest 1mg etizolam, but they SHOULD be in blisters of ten. 40mg simvastatin are generally that color and roughly that shape (some are more oval than oblong, and there are a couple of generics which are round) but almost every one I know of, no matter where from, would carry the number '40' as the pinkish ones are that strength.

Very few tablets originating in India carry a marking at all but all info is, as noted above, carried on the blister. Not enough information to identify and tests would have to be run.

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Crystal Says:

Mine is the same way and yes it's scored half way.

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