Pill White Oblong 500 On One Side Only

Cedrick Says:

I have a white oblonged pill with only the markings 500 on one side. Can anyone tell me what this is?

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David Says:

Is there any chance that there may be another letter on the other side. Perhaps one that could've been smudged off or faded? The closest matches I'm finding all have at least one number on the other side.

There is one photo I found that appears to fit your description, but strangely enough there is no information stating what it could possibly be. You can view a photo here:

I have a hunch that it's probably an OTC medication, such as Acetaminophen 500mgs, so if anyone else can confirm this that would be great too!

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Cedrick Says:

Those pills on the pic look very similar to the ones that I found in my sons backpak...what are they?

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