Pill Shortage Opana Percocet Ect

stel1618 Says:

To all suffering the Opana, Percocet, ect pill shortage her is some valuable information. Endo Pharm is the maker of these drugs and thier website endo.com is addressing this nationwide shortage also here is there phone number 1 800 462 3636. They are assisting patience in locating a pharmacy near you by giving them some basic information such as your zip code. They will try to help you locate a pharm who has the drug still instock. Make sure when you call that your script can be fill and you have several zip codes to give them because thier search is only a 10 mile radius of the zip code you give them. You can only call three times within a month. According to Endo the shortage is due to mispackaging wrong pills in wrong bottles and broken pieces in otc bottles. My friends believe if this were the case they would put it on the new. Also my friends believe when they start shipping to pharmacy;s again it will be the new Opana formulated, abuse proof. Time will tell.

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David Says:

Another alternative to contacting Endo Pharm to help locate a pharmacy would be searching for one within a given mile range of your zip code.

Listed below is a pharmacy-locator site, that uses your zip code to find nearby pharmacies within a given mile range:

Phone numbers and addresses are included in the list after you verify your zip code; so I would suggest calling a number of them to see if anyone can fill your prescription. You may have to consider looking at online pharmacies as a last resort if this doesn't work out.

Please post back if you need information on finding legitimate online pharmacies here in the U.S.

Hope this helps!

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Verwon Says:

Endo is actually not the sole manufacturer of all of these, but due to the way the manufacturing limits are divided up between companies, it can still create shortages in some areas.

I also have to question what OTC products would have to do with their prescription medication supply?

Does anyone else have more information on this?

And no, I'm not trying to say you aren't telling the truth, I am questioning the line the company is feeding here.


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Nicsdragon Says:

I don't know what the heck is happening. One day here and next day gone. No clue what the drug co are up too since they are sneaky bastards. I won't believe anything u til I see it. I've been to 30 diff places and found one that had half my script. Finally I gave up to OxyContin 80 which I'm not too pleased with. At least , knock on wood, I still get my oxycodone which gets me by. What a nightmare. Is this the govt way of controlling drug addicts- ummmmm

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suffering Says:

Does anyone know an online pharmacy that is legal. Trying desperately to find opana. I been taking opana for a very long time. I'm in terrible withdrawal. I have my script but no pharmacy has them back yet. Thank you

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Nicsdragon Says:

The co is saying the meds went into excedrine bottles. I mean it's all just too weird - something stinks around here. Also now the govt has said that no one can get more than 180 oxycodone a month. I used to get 270 but not now ;(

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Tucker Says:

I would info for legal online america pharmacies. We've been trying to get our legit scripts filled without any luck.

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PharmTechChik0323 Says:

FYI......Endo will help you locate Opana, But not Percocet. I called the 800 number provided in the original post.

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Dennis Says:

Just to inform all, there's a shortage of Percocet in NYC. ALL BOROUGHS!

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Bryant Says:

looking for a pharmecy to fill a prescription for percocet 10 in the 19126 or surrounding zip codes. this is for an elderly woman who has a terminal illness and needs this pain medication.

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Timmy2 Says:

Why would you ask that here? Are you not familiar with this site and the internet? You should use google to try to find a pharmacy. This is not a good nor appropriate place to ask such a question. You may also want to try finding a pain patient advocacy group in your state or area. They should be able to help. Use google or a pain advocacy group to help you locate a pharmacy. You also will probably have to try various pharmacies. Pharmacies cant tell you if they have opioid pain medicones in stock over the phone. Good luck.

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Brim Says:

@ Timmy2: um, why WOULDN'T that be an appropriate question?? View a few more of these threads. There are dozens asking the same question, which caring people actually answer, not chastise the asker!

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obarka Says:

Brim, I totally agree with you. I was referred to this page because of a problem I'm having in Florida with getting Percocet 10/325 written prescriptions filled. Timmy2, your response made me feel guilty for being someone with legitimate pain and a legitimate prescription who has been sent scurrying from pharmacy to pharmacy due to, well, God knows what? Is there a state or national attempt being made to regulate or restrict the use of narcotic pain meds? If so, how do we find out if not by sharing our experiences in forums like this to see if there is an answer out there. You are right that the pharmacies cannot tell you over the phone whether they have specific drugs, and I can understand (barely) the logic of this restriction. I'm not so much interested in patient advocacy, Timmy, as I am in getting a legitimate answer to a legitimate question. I have been on pain meds for years, and this shortage is new, at least in South Florida. If someone wants to know why, this would seem to a legitimate place to look for an answer, not a lecture on how to use the internet!

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Brim Says:

Obarka, don't let people who think they know everything and feel the right to pass judgement on total strangers get you down. Have you tried contacting your insurance provider and asking them for a list of pharmacies that may stick your meds? If not, you could call your doctor and ask for a schedule 3 substitute for now, just for the time being while you search for the medication you need. I feel for you and wish you good luck!

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trishlm Says:

There is also a shortage on percocet 10 in the Oklahoma city area. I went to walgreens who said they had called every pharmacy even outside of just walgreens and couldn't find any.

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Hollycat Says:

Completely out of Percocet 10/325 in Louisiana. From the Baton Rouge area down into New Orleans. I've called every Walgreen's, CVS, Walmart, and Target in both major cities.

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Avalon Says:

Just spoke to Linda at end and she was not aware of a percocet shortage. She also said that fda had mandated
for them to no longer prescribe anything with acetaminophen higher than 325 mg. As soon as I receive more info I'll report back.

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trishlm Says:

There continues to be a shortage on percocet10/325 in okc. What medicine is equal to this that doesnt have a shortage problem ? I am also on ffentanyl 25 patches every 48 hr. The docotor dont want to raise the dosage on it. I am due for the percocet again next week. Any advice would be truly appreciated. I take the percocet 3x a day. Thanks

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Ponkis Says:

I got my Percocet 10/325 qty 120 in New Orleans at around 3pm today. You just have to keep looking around.

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trishlm Says:

Just wanted to say after running everywhere I found a walmart the nezt town over to fill my percocet. My dr cant tell me of any local pharmacies that may have them and he wont change my meds. After finally finding them tohave him write another script he requires the ppharmacist to fax him the script date and date they were filled. Now this has the pharmacist upset as he dont have time to do what the Dr can look up himself so he is also upset and told me not to use that pharmacy anymore. Its so difficult to find a pain dr and my regular dr wont even write my script for ativan anymore. He says get it thru my pain Dr. What is going on with these drs anymore? It worries me as spots have been found on my lung and liver which is possibly cancer. Im sick about this

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Linda Says:

There is a shortage across the US for percocet's and because of the new drug laws, the strongest percocet that anyone can get is the 10/325. When you've taken the 10/650 for years and your swapped down to the 10/325, I'll tell you these do nothing. I mean I took 4 of the 10/650 which is still under the 4000 mg of Acetaminophen so I don't get the war against allowing people to be prescribed this strength. Anyway, the makers of Percocet has known for months and months to start mass producing the 10/325 since this law was passed almost a year ago, knowing that in November and December when doctors started changing the strength that it would cause a shortage, I don't get why they wait till the middle of December before realizing Oh crap, we have a problem and then to blame it on an error in packaging. Yep smells like something else going on here.

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