Pill Pink R 33

bluebutterflies Says:

Small pink pill with R33 is a 5mg Clonazapan, Generic for Klonopin.

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Verwon Says:

It is a Clonazepam tablet, but it is only 0.5mgs.

Learn more Clonazepam details here.

Clonazepam/Klonopin is actually only available in a maximum of 2mgs.

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Marisa Says:

I was taking a .5 ml clonazepam tablet for a couple of years. I had no side effects whatsoever. Recently, my pharmacy has switched to an orange .5 ml clonazepam tablet. I am now experiencing dizziness as well as less beneficial results from this new pill. Will the dizziness go away in time or should I look for a pharmacy which uses the pink tablets? Thanks.

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dezi Says:

Can u take it if u think ur pregnant

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jbird Says:

you cannot take nerve pills or muscle relaxers while you are pregnant, unless your physician has prescribed it to you and told you that you can. it is very dangerous. it can make the baby just fall out.

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Misty Says:

It is a POINT (.)5mg not 5mg.

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Mandy Says:

Yes you can take if your pregnant. My Dr had me on them.

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