Picked Up My Prescription And Found Pills Different Then Previous One These Are Oval White On Side There Is A Line Down Half 2 S

Helene Says:

white oval line down middle #2 and#3 on other side of line Reverse side of pill has an X please tell me what it is ASAP supposed to take immediately

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Verwon Says:

I'm sorry, but I'm finding your description of the markings slightly confusing and I can't find anything that matches the searches I've tried.

What medication is it supposed to be?

That might help me to check them for you.

Learn more prescription drug details here.

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gocanes Says:

My wife and i were transfering some jewelery from and old jewelery box that belonged to her mother. While cleaning it out I came across 7 blue oblong tablets. One side says "OC" and the other says 160. She passed away over 13 years ago and I know the medicine is no good and there is definitely no old medication bottles around. I looked the tablet up and it turns out to be the infamous "oxycontin" that is in the news all the time. Is there anybody I can contact for instructions on disposing of this medication?

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yvonne Says:

I would just flush down the toilet

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Layla Says:

You can take it to any fire department and they will dispose of the medication. I know for some reason they say not to flush medication but for the life of me I can't figure out why not. I would flush them down the toilet.

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Valerie Says:

I believe that the reason is that flushing meds somehow allows the meds to reach wildlife/marine life or central purification stations. Don't quote me on that. I may have read it somewhere on the internet. Sad if it's true. Must research that I guess. I love learning.

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house Says:

just flush it....no rocket science involved....

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Katz trippin Says:

I have heard there are health risks in flushing meds down the toilet. If Theres a lot of a medication I suppose it could get into waste water supply? That 160 OC must be really old because I don't even think they've made that milligram in over 15 years. I've read it was so strong people where over-dosing on them. One tablet was like taking 32 5ml percocets in extended release form. In our town they have 1 or 2 days a year where they take old meds and burn them in an incinerator.

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Momma 5 Says:

The reason you shouldn't flush pills is because with the way sewage is recycled into drinking water in some areas it could get into the water supply. Also, if it wind-up getting into ground water which is used in alot of wells, it could contaminate water used for drinking and cooking.

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