Phensedyl Addiction Cure

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How to rid myself from this

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Dipu Pal Says:

I am Phensedyl addicted since last 10 years. Intially i took 50 m.l. per day and now i am taking 300 to 400 m.l. a day. How i can get rid from it?

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Verwon Says:

Have you tried consulting a doctor for assistance?

This contains Promethazine, Ephedrine and Codeine and the Codeine is a narcotic, which can be highly addictive and very hard to stop taking on your own.

Some of the most common side effects of it's use can include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

You can read more about it here:


Is there anything else I can help you with?

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Dipu Pal Says:

Actually doctors are asking to admit in the clinic, which is difficult for me for the social and proffessional identity. I have the full mental strength that i will give up but the problem is the body demands very badly like Fever, sneezing, tremendous headache, no sleep at night etc. So, is there any medicine or other ways that at least i can tolearte the reactions happens after giving up.

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David De Wet Says:

im a 51yr old male, and have been addicted to this phensedyl for over 30 years now. Yes, i am still alive and kicking but my health is deteriorating very fast and it is directly caused by the intake of phensedyl.

At the age of 17yrs, i was introduced to Benylin with Codiene, but in those times it was called BenyCod. I used this until i was shown Phensedyl.
With my very addictive personality, i went out and bought it for the first time...
it was fantastic.
Those years they had a 200ml bottle, and it was even dispensed in dosages of 250ml, 300ml, 500ml and finally 1 litre.
At first, i was averaging on 3-4 100ml bottles a day. as my dependancy grew stronger, my ultimate peak was 1.1litres per day..(1100ml)
naturally my kidneys began to hurt, i wasnt eating anything at all, and if i could ,i would nibble and then just leave the rest.
Also, i was an over weight man, with ugly strechmarks etc....this was my excuse for using...
Just because i had maybe a slice of dry toast per day, by the time 7 days went by i expected to lose weight rapidly.
I never did, actually i gained.

So between the age of 30-45yrs old... i was averaging on a litre per day.
using naturally hindered my place of work... and soon after starting id be fired either because i was way way too confident etc
dry mouth, constipation (geez and how)
I do recall this one incident...i had been using for roughly 15 days non-stop, averaging 500ml a day (5 bottles).. i had major cramps in my lower bladder, it actually was in my large colon trying to get out...
anyway... to cut long story short, after sitting on the loo for over an hour, gently pushing it out, it reached the anus..
for a long time after trying to push the stool out, i put on a brave face, focused on the end result... normally you suffer from major flatulents, but this time it was all out.
With a lot of pain, the stool began to move through an already tight anus.. once it had most definitely ripped it apart, the feeling of total satisfaction overcame me...
when i looked into the loo, i saw the biggest piece of stool EVER!
it was approx 40-50cm long. (a ruler length +10cm) and it was thick, as thick as an aerosol can

if u continue, there is only one way you're going, and thats down!! Nothing about this drug is good!!! You'll start off experimental... you will find the buzz it delivers is potent and it gives you a major sense of power.... this only lasts for 2 of the 4 hours. the remaining 2 hours is where the codiene kicks in.
Its so difficult to just leave and forget about it...
you are going to rip your own family off by taking small things from there and end up pawning them all.... this all starts a viscious circle...
good luck... stay AWAY!!!!

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David De Wet Says:

to carry on ..
here are the chain of events that lead me to where i am today with my life...

1. i was introduced to phensedyl

2. lost my job as a photolithographer at The Star newspaper because of the drug. i felt it was necessary for me to have at least 400-500ml of phensedyl with me before going to wrk. it would make me enjoy it and most of all, it made me become a perfectionist...

3. i was paid out R17 000 for my services, and was told to leave.

4. i was living at my folks during this time... i hadnt given them anything, no money for my stay, nothing... naturally

5. went out to pharm one morning, i had only R120 left from that R17k, and i managed to steal R200 from my fathers safe place, which was in the room....i had enough money to get over 3litres of phen, then just sit back, watch movies all day and get totally f&^k#d.

6. at the cross-section, the street where i had to turn into to get home, there had been a massive accient.

7. was not in the mood to check out the scene, so i drove past briefly looking at the type of car that was smashed..

8. i arrived home to find both my folks had gone out.. my fathers cigarette was still burning in the ashtray, my mother was busy cooking supper and all 4 pots were on the stove, all switched on and boiling. It suggested that they had just popped out for a min or so as there was a cafe across the main road..

9. i sat down on the sofa, turned on the t.v, becoz my folks were out i thought it was a brilliant opportunity to drink another 200ml's of Phensedyl and quickley ransack their room before they come back.

10. after drinking the bottles, i went into their room and took out about R500 cash frm the safe, returned everything back to its original state and i sat down again.

11. when i turned to where my dad left his burning smoke, i picked it up and had the last drag from it and put it out... it was at that exact moment when something just told me to go back to that accident... it was such a horrid feeling....

12. when i arrived there... i recognized the little 1979 mazda 323, it was my dad's car.. i insisted to see who it was lying on the road, paramedics couldnt stop me... no body could.....

13. i wish i had just listened to the paramedics, i saw my mother totally mashed up, her one side of her face had been almost like clean cut off... and my dad was lying 40m-50m away from scene..

14. i remember seeing this long puddle of blood, looks as if he survived the initial crash, tried crawling away from it, but died trying.

15. this is where i stop!!!! re-living this is just way too much.

16. you can imagine the guilt that i had on my shoulders now... i had stolen money from them, lied, cheated them out, sold plenty of their power tools, really taking full advantage of them, and now i cannot say im sorry to them. i will and have been living with this burden on my shoulders for the last 24years..

17. i blamed my using phensedyl totally on covering up the hurt and guilt i had... whenever i came down, id do anything to get more..

18. i had even gone another one step too far, i held up the pharmacy(the one i always used) at gun point..myself and a friend... we took the entire supply of phensedyl and cash totalling about R5500, which was more than R2250 each and 15litres of phensedyl each!

19. believe it or not, all my supply of phensedyl, i had finished everything all in just 17 days. YES!! 17 days

20. after which, i actually just wanted to die, i went back to that same pharmacy to continue buying from them. We had masks on etc, no way they could think its me.

21. everything went downhill from there..
22. there was a time in my life, (8yrs in total actually) when all i used was phensedyl and crack cocaine)

i met this dude, call him Peter.. he showed me how to free base. Smoke crack cocaine.... this was king..
one night, on my bike (i had a XT 500 thumper), was on my way to hillbrow.. i had just over R11k cash in my backpack, i had gotten paid my salary.. (i began to work again) went to our usual dealer to buy 20 rocks, until a taxi skipped the robot, it was raining, and ploughed straight into me.

i remember it was raining, and when i crossed the intersection, next thing i remember waking up in ICU at jo'burg Gen Hospital.
My left leg was in excruciating pain.. all i wanted was my backpack. some nurse gave it to me and as we all suspect, all the cash was gone!!!!
an eyewitness said that when the ambulance arrived, she made the call... the eyewitness, she remembers the taxt never fact the taxi stopped 2 blocks down, and loaded some ppl up and continued as nothing happened...the paramedics found the bag, the one saw the cash and walked round front of the ambulance and shoved all the cash into his pockets, underpants, everywhere he could... then he claimed that bag was my bag. he left only 3 R50 notes in it which eliminates him for stealing...

I had to amputate my left leg.
the 1st op was a total f*** up. they cut my foot off coz my toes was a ball of flesh, and tried to re-attach my heel.
this is exactly what NOT to do when amputating, but hey... its a public hospital...
after the op, i complained and complained about the pain.. all they gave me was 2 f****ng panado's.

anyway i was released and moved in with my sister. one morning i woke up, without any pain at all... and completely forgot that i dont have a foot, jumped out onto the floor, onto my leg... the entire heel just fell off. no pain tho. it was already long time dead.. gangarene

had another op at private hospital, thanks to my sis and her stinking rich husband... they cut my leg off just below knee.
i know that this enitre deal that happened to me, was god giving me punishment

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Rabi Says:

I am also a Phensedyl Addict about 15 years, and i want live a normal life, but i am scared that when i leave this other side effects will occur, so what medicine used for this problem. any body please suggestion..... i am kolkata

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tanvir Says:

i m surprised.., surprised for what i m reading.!
We thought, we bangladeshi r only victim of this bloody phensedyl. , in here this product is banned and found almost every where with a nine time higher price. Seller know, those who have taken this s**t must come by next evening.,, we r undone.
we have to have surrender to their wish. A 100ml addiction cost us 600tk.! I have seen many family ruined, i have seen many family destroyed due to this codine addiction, including me. We r undone, hopeless, dreamless life.
No one, listens our cries.. Our pains.
But, It hurts me more than a lot, to see u people on this quee.
Do there anything to do..
Do there anything to bypass this addiction.
Please, act now. Please help us to cure.

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deeeeeepppppppppp Says:

yeah 13 yrs on the run

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sabuj Says:

piyo jio ash koro......but why phencidyl.....don't take it.....though i have been continuing for the last 14 years...its cool. no addiction is better then it. but this s**t will destroy you. i am a young potential talented person but could not do anything in my life.... just a bloody bugger depends on his wife... unable to leave this s**t .....what to do....i can give you a suggestion....take ganja for someday, whenever u need phency...u can overcome the strongest willing to get a dyle...try it...i have done and i was succeeded ...but again catch...because u know Dogs tail was never been straight...........

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jay007 Says:

i'm phensedyl addicted last 3 years..i used 1 bottle per day...please help can i cure from this addiction...plzzzzzzzzz

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riky Says:

how can i get phensedyl in uk ?plz let me know.

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zak2021 Says:

in 1998 , when i was a young man.,there were some frnd of mine had intriduced me dyle.

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kalar Says:

think as much u think go on the mental stage while thinking but u r thinking must be run when u need phensedyl,u can quite,11 yrs experience

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I had been addicted to Phensidyl for about 4 years and after that I have surrender myself to the drug rehab charity Lifeline" They gave me the magic tablet name Subutex (Buprenorphine HCL). I could able to stop the phensy instantly. the cure was 3 x 2mg Subutex for couple of months (how many years phensy cont= no of months)

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Dyle Phoram Says:

u can think, u can advise, u can promise, u can dream BUT nothing will work at all. It is DYLE..... , it will not leave you alone.........who were with it.

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Zakaria Says:

Wow thanks bro. I never heard of this treatment before . will surely try it . been addicted for 22 years now. it has simply ruined my live. I will be the happiest man in the world if i can aquit.

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Dark Man --- Says:


Today while reading the article i feel how much addicted am i with this deadly drug.Pls guys never take this !
This is destroy your life & give you nothing but sad in return.

This is so mush stupid feeling which i can feel but cant avoid finally & in reality this is called drug this way.

Pls do whatever you feel except taking any kind of drug.

This will destroy your life !!

All the best & stay away !!

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Robi Says:

My age 31year.I take phensedyl almost 2.5 year continuously.I just take it for fun their is no addiction still i found. on average 100ml daily. in these year i have not found any major physical problem except feeling my sexual power maybe hampered. i stop it myself. i am not taking phensedyl last 2months, and nothing i feeling problem in me. any specialist can give me any guideline to make myself more perfect please.

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rehan Says:

in Bangladesh does these medicine available ? is yes , then where?

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rehan Says:

Subutex (Buprenorphine HCL)

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