Phenol In Insulin

Shar Says:

I am wondering if there are any other diabetics out there who use insulin & are allergic to phenol. What are your reactions to it? I get really sick, like an extremely bad case of the flu with chest pain.

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Suzanne Alva Says:

Using levemir and having chest pains and liver burning sensation. also fast heart rate. I am afraid to up my doseage. Taking Stem Enhance it is lowering my blood sugars. I believe I am allergic to this insulin but the clinic will not take me off. I am going to see another doctor.

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Thomas Campbell Says:

Dear Shar,
Now I know I'm not alone. I've been suffering with severe, asthma like, chest pain and the inability to catch my breath. I figured out, it always happens after taking insulin. I became diabetic at age 55. I learned I had an allergy to Phenol many, many years ago when working in the photofinishing business. Yesterday, I discovered my insulin contains Phenol. What have you done to avoid Phenol, yet be able to treat the diabetes?

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Sandy Says:

Ive been feeling really bad with fibro and flu like symptoms. Wehn I stopped the Levemir I was ok the next day. Apidra is the only short acting insulin i can take, and tonight I am starting on Lantus. From what I read it doesn't have phenol. sure hope it works. I really need a long acting insulin too.

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Shar Says:

Hi Thomas, All the insulins out now contain Phenol. I try to use the one with the lowest amt, Humalin 70/30. There is a new one coming out which you spray onto the roof of your mouth. Don't have the name handy. Other things contain Phenol too, such as cleaning products, cough syrups, etc. The first thing I tell any dr is that I am alergic to Phenol & it's diretives, M-Cresol & medicresol. You have to keep on your toes as it is your life at stake.

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greving wife Says:

Yes I belive my husband died as a result of chemicals such as phenol in insulin, and as all of todays insulin is made up of toxic chemicals there is no wounder that most diabetics suffer from flu like simptons to chest pains. He originaly suffered near multy-organ failure from the two American banned drugs called Avandia and Metformin, then they put him on insulin when it was recognised he was alleric to all the insulin the drug was stoped and he recovered. It was only when he was addmited to another hospital 15 later with a harmless abcess they insisted he took insulin (against his will) they forced him to take it for 5 weeks and died from total distruction of flesh from his lower limbs. Look up what concotion Josef Mangel used in his injections during the Second WW

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Shar Says:

Dear Greaving Wife: I can't tell you how sorry I am for your loss. These drs just don't believe patients when they say they are allergic. If you ever just want to talk, let me know. Take care of yourself. Shar

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DJ Says:

Camio chemicals description of M-cresol is found at:
I noticed gangrene was one of the side effects, and also it is injurious to the eyes and pancreas. OMG, why do the insulin makers put an additive in insulin which further damages the pancreas? If M-cresol is such a wonderful preservative then why the following---the problem my son has had with the analog insulins is that they quit working effectively upon use of about 3/4 of the bottle. I hate Eli Lilly and Nova Nordisk.

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