Phendimetrazine Addiction And Withdrawal

Bec Says:

I have been taking Phendimetrazine for 8 years gradually increasing my dose as needed, having no idea how dangerous this medication can be. It's gotten so bad I started seeing multiple medical clinics each month just to get enough to feel normal. I was up to 18 a day and decided I had to stop. Over the past 5 months, I have been trying to stop and have been unable to. When I do stop, I have no energy, constantly want to crawl out of my skin and the emotional pain is too much to bear. I know I HAVE to stop and i'm starting to feel rehab might be the only way, which I don't want to do. I'm so scared at how hard this grip is on me and I don't know what to do. Does anyone have any experience with successfully withdrawing after getting in this deep??

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Verwon Says:

Hi, Bec! Wow, I am very sorry about the situation you've found yourself in.

This is a stimulant drug, so I can assure you that you aren't the first person that has been through this.

The safest thing to do would be to see a doctor for rehab help, because the best way to stop taking it is via a slow taper and you may require other medical support while doing so.

I'd suggest you undertake it now, before someone gets on to the fact that you've been seeing multiple doctors and getting multiple prescriptions and the DEA or other law enforcement step in. They take such things very seriously.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

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Bec Says:

Thank you for your response :). About 5 months ago when I realized this had gotten so far past anywhere I ever expected, I tried to stop and couldn't. I HAVE gotten down to 3 per day, which has been a huge success, and I'm now back to visiting only 1 clinic. However, every time I try to stop completely which is what I want more then anything, I become incapacitated - physically, emotionally and mentally. So I take a pill and feel normal. I'm wondering how likely it is that I will get past that stage and begin to feel normal (lively, joyful, motivated) again - at any point - without this medication. I'm working with my MD who I've been honest with but he admidtedly doesn't know that much about the drug itself. He does feel it's dangerous though and is working to help me wean off. I agree I most likely need to see an addiction specialist or enter into a rehab situation. I never knew in a million years I'd be in this situation. Do you know other areas to look for more information about the drug? This is the first forum I've found that addresses Phendimetrazine.

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DPnightmare Says:

I am new here to this forum. I happen to come across your question. I am also. about 8 years too. Get yourself on an anti-depressant. Cymbalta is great for withdrawals. I would know all to well. You can ease your way out of this addiction, slowly very slowly. One day when you are really ready.... start to eliminate one of your pills. If you are taking 15 a day, the next day take 14. Follow up the following day back to 15 and again back down to 14. Do this for one week. On your second week, start at 14, following day 13, back to 14 and so on. All the best to you & good luck.

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Bec Says:

Thank you DPnightmare. Thank you. I've muscled through and down to 4 a day. I will use your method toward complete abstinence. Thank you. Thank you so much.

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DPnightmare Says:

I remember even trying to open my eyes was a complete struggle on a daily basis. I literally could not move. It all is perfectly normal. It took me about a month to start to feel a bit of energy. Get yourself some good water pills, get your thyroid checked too, very important, thyroid.. it can make you very fat while coming off these. Go to an Endo and have it checked for hypothyroidism. Our body has gotten to acclimated over many years of -what I call- "tricking" our body into working a certain way.
All the best, your very welcome... good for you!

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cmg Says:

Hi Bec,
Finally I found someone in the same situation??? Thought maybe I was the only idiot to get addicted to these pills. I really want to stop taking them but I'm a bit afraid of what my mood may be like.My husband has no idea my problem is this bad. I also have 2 young daughters,I need to stop. I had no problem stopping cold turkey 2 times during pregnancy and nursing my girls however as soon as I was done I went right back to the pills.I have no idea what the hell my problem is.If I were single I think I would put myself in rehab or some sort of detox,however that's not an option,maybe they have some sort of outpatient rehab in my area?I'm still searching.Any advice would be appreciated,it sounds like your on your way to being off must feel great,Im not sure what to do,but I need to do something.Im 44 years old enough of theses pills already!!

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Superchicken Says:

Dear DP and Bec... I sympathize with you both. I've been taking these pills for so long, I can't remember HOW long! 8 years? 10? Fortunately, I still only take just 2 of those little yellow pills a day. Without them, all I think about is food and I have an unjustifiable fear of being heavy. THat's what led me down this road in the first place. Just recently I began thinking I should stop. I'm so afraid of heart attack, etc. But.. when I DON'T take them? I feel horrible and all I think about is food. I'm so tired of this dependency! Rehab? What would they do for people like us? I can't take an anti-depressant because I'd have to tell my husband about my addiction. He thinks I take "allergy" pills. Oh, how I long to feel good, and stay healthy, and NOT gain a ton of weight!

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cmg Says:

Hi Bec...
Im in the same boat....I posted before but didn't seem to get any feedback ...I need to stop as well,I feel like Ii'm taking it more for energy then weight loss.I'm taking way to many per day :(

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Frank Says:

Hi. I have been on these pills for almost 4 years myself and was in same position. I have 2 young boys & just to try to make it through the day I needed lots of these pills. I think I was up to like 12-14 pills and was going to several clinics to get the pills. I finally was caught by one health professions who informed the others so no one would see me any longer. I was ready to quit the pills and needed to but needed a push. However since my circumstances happened I wasn't able to wean myself off. I'm on day 4 now and its very difficult. You are very exhausted &
Moody but the emotional & physiologic effects are almost the worse. Does anyone have any advice on how long it may take to recovery or any advice I should seek? Thank you!

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Star Says:

I have been addicted to diet pills for over 35 years. When I was 17, my mom worked for a doctor and started bringing diet pill samples home for her friends. (Why pharmaceutical companies were giving samples of diet pills to the most well known gynecologist in Dallas, TX at the time is anyone's guess). I took one pill and was instantly addicted. I finished off my mom's stash -- "Mom, I have no idea what you're talking about. I didn't take all those pills" -- and then had to find my own doc(s) to keep the supply coming. One prescribed me Black Molly's (pure amphetimine); the other gave me phendimentrazine. I always took double of what was prescribed, but never more than double, and I was actually proud of that. For most of those years I took 12 phendimentrazine 35mg per day - 6 in the AM, 3 at noon and 3 at 3pm. A few years ago I replaced 6 Phendimetrazine with 3-4 pain pills (Hydrocordone), all of which I take in one dose in the AM. (Because I was now only taking the exact doses of both meds prescribed to me, I was extremely proud of myself for this LOL).

Then last month my doctor had his license temporarily suspended, and the doctor he referred me to cut my dosage down to 3 diet pills per day. (I'm 5'1" and weigh 105. New doc said most doctors wouldn't prescribe it to me at all. Only reason he did is because quitting cold turkey would be too hard on me). So my new regimen became 3-4 Norco's per day plus 5 diet pills Day 1, 4 diet pills Day 2, 3 diet pills Day 3, 0 diet pills Day 5, etc. (I took more than prescribed the first few weeks, so the last few weeks I've either taken 3 per day or or none at all. Of course, the less I take, the more naps I take.).

I'm officially out of pills today, so am sleeping a lot. But aside from the sleeping, it's been surprisingly easy this past month. But my circumstances are also a bit different than others who posted on this site. (For example: I'm older; single; my kid is now grown and I don't feel the need to be Superwoman anymore. I own my own biz; work from home; and for the first time in my life now actually enjoy taking naps).

I plan to go back to the new doctor on Tuesday, and ask him for more pills. But this time I have a game plan. My goal is to get 90 pills/month for the next two months, and slowly taper off. (I've been smoking since age 15 and quit nine months ago. Trying to make major changes in my life, and really think I can beat these little pills this time).

The thing I hate the most is being dependent. Making plans around your pill supply; canceling plans because you ran out; counting your pills so you can plan how to ration them out; dreading waking up on pill-less days, looking at others and wishing you could be normal like them... You all know what I'm talking about. Anyways, I wish you all the best of luck.

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Bec Says:

How is everyone doing? I have continued my pursuit for sobriety from phendimetrazine and have finally (hopefully) made some movement forward. I want to share with you all what I’ve learned so far, what’s worked and what hasn’t:

1) In Feb 2014 I realized I would not be able to beat this addiction on my own. I went to my MD with prescription bottle in hand and told him I needed help. He did not judge me and only wanted to help. I hope that would be everybody’s experience with their doctor and if not, keep looking until you find one that is.
2) He told me he must have my word that I would not go back to the clinic for more phendimetrazine if he was going to prescribe me medication to help support my system throughout the withdrawal process
3) Because I so desperately wanted off, I agreed completely
4) He put me on 30mg Adderall, 3 pills per day
5) I have not taken another phendi pill since and couldn’t feel happier or be more grateful for that
6) However, of course, I began abusing the Adderall. Not because it was causing high energy but because I otherwise still wound up exhausted
7) I have been abusing them now since May (3 months) and realized I had only traded one addiction for another
8) I was back to being desperate and feeling helpless
9) I wrote every Top Speaker / Healer / Medical Intuitive I could think of. One called back and offered her services - $600/hour
10) I was ready to spend the money when I was led to:
11) A Medical Inutitive/Nurse, well regarded and only $100
12) I feel (hope) she is in the process of saving my life and I’m going to include her instructions so everyone can benefit. I’m only starting this journey and will keep you posted on how well it succeeds or utterly fails (although I can’t fail. I cannot fail at this again)

From the Medical Intuitive/Nurse following a two hour phone session:

“Basically what we have to do is take this step by step. This isn't something you will or should do quickly or all at once. We need to support your body thru each and every step to be sure there are no major obstacles due to set backs.

You have had 12 years of neurotransmitter imbalance due to the weight loss pills affect on your brain. You probably had this imbalance before starting the pills and is probably the reason you started them in the beginning and became addicted.

I believe you were stressed and also threw out your hormonal balance. Your adrenals have taken such hits through the years that to recover from the use of the pills has been insurmountable.

So, slow and steady the course!

You need to first take core supplements for 2 weeks:

Vit D: daily

B-complex: daily – It HAS to be the Complex Multi-Vitamin

Each morning mix 1/8 tsp of Real Salt in water and drink. This is a great multi-mineral and as such, Real Salt is the only kind of salt you should use.

Magnesium Glycinate: Take before bed each night. You can add in the morning as needed if you feel stressed or anxiety.

Painstresscenter has a product called Sleep Link. You must get a good night sleep. Think of sleep as a medication! Use it as directed.

Pureformulas has an adrenal supplement called AdrenaCort. If you have high blood pressure then please don't take this and let me know.

Also from here you can order L-glutamine. Take this 1 per day.

Ok! That is your homework for the first 2 weeks. Then we will begin the Adderall withdrawal issue. What will happen is the medication will be reduced by 1/4 the dose per 7 days. While that happens, support is given with amino acids. This is so the symptoms that often occur when trying to stop won't happen because we will be giving the body what it needs to manufacture it's own production again. We will discuss this more at that time.”

**If anyone is interested in hearing about how this progresses, let me know and I will continue to post additional information and progress (hopefully) reports.

**I have purposively left doses out because I don't want to break any unknown forum protocol

**I KNOW this isn't for everybody and one person's cure may not help someone else. However, if one person discovers healing from this information, then it is worth putting out there

**If you don't find any helpful information in this post, then please ignore

**If anyone would like the Medical Intuitive's information, let me know and I will privately share with you

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STAR Says:

Here's my progress since posting almost 1 year ago. I have been withdrawing VERY SLOWLY from both phendimetrizine (wrong spelling) and pain pills. One year ago I was taking 3 phendimetrizine (sp) (down from 6 per day) and 3-4 pain pills per day. Started slowly decreasing. 2 phen per day + 3-4 pain pills. Then 2 phen one day and 1 phen the next + 3-4 pain pills. Doctor still perscribes me 50 phen per month (2 one day and 1 next day), but I'm basically just taking one pill per day, so I wait way longer than 1 month to go back for refills. And I've got my pain pills down to 2 pills per day.

I honestly don't feel I physically need any of the pills now. I just take one per day out of habit. I'll send update when I go down to zero phen/zero pain pills per day. (Should be soon!).

I didn't mention before, but when I started running out of phen pills, I started doing meth. Addicted for 15+ years. I went from being SOOO addicted on drugs to being SOOOO high on life. I don't miss any of it. My only regret is that I wasted 35+ years of my life being addicted/dependent on drugs.

I didn't go to rehab. I did it on my own. Amazing as it may sound, my family and friends never knew of my addiction. (Although I've come clean with some of them now). My way won't work for everyone. But what I did was withdraw slowly.

And I've never been happier!!! Finally I feel like a normal person for the first time in 35-40 years.

I hope my story gives some hope to others. I'm happy to supply additional details to anyone wanting to beat this crazy addiction.

God bless you all. You are in my prayers.

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STAR Says:

In response to Verwood...

I agree with Verwood about the slow withdraw method.

I quit cold turkey when I was pregnant back in 1980. I went back to the (black molly) doctor after after the birth of my daughter. I was breast feeding and he told me the

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Bec Says:

How interesting Star, we both posted updates almost a year to the day. Congratulations on being clean! That's great news and very inspiring. I look forward to the day I can post with the same results.

I understand the regret of years wasted that occurs once you become clean of a long term addiction. For me, I feel much regret having been addicted during what some would consider the most important years of ones life (30-43). My husband and I never had children and I can't help but wonder if that would have been different minus the addiction.

I also still find myself feeling wistful (although being clean from phendimetrazine is still very recent for me and I have yet to beat the stimulant addiction altogether) of the energy, work outs, weight loss, creativity and endless inspiration I felt while using. This wistfulness causes me concern of a relapse so I have been conditioning myself to think forward instead of reminiscing of the past and of what once was.

I realize I will need to address the psychological reasons I became addicted in the first place once the physical aspect is cleaned up.

I have gained 40 lbs during this withdrawal process however, suprisingly, that means less to me then I originally would have thought. Becoming clean has become the most important goal in my life. Once that happens and all the psychological, physiological and mental issues that started the addiction have been explored, I will rebuild from there.

Congratulations again! Show yourself kindness and celebrate your strength. It sounds like you've come through a journey where most people could not. Because of this, you do not deserve any harshness of thought for having been in the first place.

Thanks for the update! I would love to hear continued updates as you move forward with your new and improved life!!

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Elaine Says:

Desperately looking for help! Hey guys, I could really use some support. I've been addicted to Phendimetrazine for 5 years now and my life is just out of control. Not only am I addicted to Phen but now also to Ambien. It's just awful and I'm so depressed. I've tried to stop cold turkey, but I have a very demanding job and don't have the time to detox/sleep. I've searched and searched for info on how others have weaned off, how long it takes, etc., and am not finding any good answers. I've literally considered suicide (have never acted on it) but at this point, just dropping dead is preferable to living like this. I'm an extremely disciplined person in every other aspect of my life, and I'm willing to do what it takes to kick this, but I need to figure out a way to wean off and still hold down my job. Anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone completely kicked this drug? I'm so desperate for advice. There is no one in my life I can talk with about this. I can't believe this has happened to me. I just want to be normal again.

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cmg Says:

I feel your pain.... I'm kinda in the same are you?

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Joshy Says:

Elaine, I just read your message and I am really worried about you. Are you okay?? If you need someone to talk to about it anytime. I too just started taking phendimetrazine last month and I have lost 10lbs already but I need to lose 60 more lbs. diet and exercise go a long way so I don't have to abuse the drug. I was worried about taking the diet pill with pain meds. But it doesn't seem to have any side effects. The phen diet pills give me a lot of energy but after I come down my body is really sore.

I broke my femurs 10plus years ago and the pain after work is unbearable. I really appreciate the diet meds to help me lose the weight because it's hard to exercise with my leg condition. It's nice to see this forum and share our experiences. I hope Star and Bec are both doing well and Elaine you are in my thoughts and prayers, suicide is never the answer!!

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smch42 Says:

Wow. Just reading all of these makes me feel not so alone. I have had the same problem. Prescribed dose 5 per day. Haven't lost weight on the 4 years I've been on them. Started at 2 then 3 up to 5 a day now. Clearly my body is addicted to the rush. I have pushed the.max taking 6 or sometimes 7 a day over the last year. Rationing out to make it to next appointment. Recently started calling a week early with whatever excuse and they often squeeze me in. Things really escalated last month when my teenage child was in the hospital for a week and I was off for 2 Weeks. Single parent super mom at the rate of 8 to 9 a day. Now, I have juggled the diet dr with my regular dr who has given me a 1 per day supply and is "weaning" me off. Put me on wellbutrin xl last week to help me quit smoking, adjust to being off phendimetrazine and whatnot. Reality...I'm out of meds and ready to freak out. Will this ever end? I wonder how people make it thru the day without a "kick "?! I'm semi high up in accounting and could barely keep my eyes open. The wonder woman accounting super mom is hitting a wall. Ugh!

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cmg Says:

Hi Frank....I was is it going?

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smch42 Says:

So it's been almost a month with Wellbutrin. But also still have phendimetrazine. Well actually I just ran out of phendimetrazine a couple days ago. The wellb seems to have me semi mellow and either it or the heat has made smoking less appealing. But I really want the energy from the phendimetrazine. It's definitely addictive. On the plus side, I'm not nodding off at work if I have it. However with the escalation of increasing the given dose, I find I'm scatter brained so to speak. Like running around doing a million things while accomplishing nothing. I often wonder how people stay awake at work. How did I used to? Any advice or encouragement would be fabulous. Lol

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