Pharmacys In Hernando County Florida That Carry Oxycodone 15mg

jenn Says:

I have been prescribed oxycodone 15mg for my chronic pain for close to 3 months and all of a sudden none of my local pharmacies have it in stock to give me a refill. Has anybody else been noticing this problem as well?

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Verwon Says:

It appears that there was a shortage, due to imposed manufacturing limits at the end of the year, so it may just be taking awhile for all pharmacies to get a supply back in to fill prescriptions. Has anyone had luck getting theirs filled, yet?

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Frustrated Caretaker Says:

No we do not!!! We all hoped when the Feds cracked dowm on the "pill mills" that legit people would no longer suffer. However the everyone has aids so wear gloves routine is still in play. There is no pharmacy around that has the meds. As i sit and watch my terminally ill mom die and suffer I wonder what will become of this situation.We use only one chain pharmacy as allowed by her pain managment aggreement and its been weeks with nothing. It's really sad that legit people are suffering at the hands of addicts and pharmacies that dont care.

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betterdays40 Says:

I'm actually a legit patient and went to one of those "pill mills" with no idea it was just that until after the fact of them getting shut down. Im sick of people labeling innocent legit chronic pain patients that happen to be going to a doctor and the place gets shut down to no fault of me or noone else i ever saw there except other legit people that were in real pain. so quit your labeling people and get mad at the governor and senator and congressman you probably helped vote in to begin with. blame them.

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Pain Patient Says:

Better Days 40 talks s*** to Care Taker. Care Taker, although I have also been effected by the shortage of oxycodone in Florida, I can not imagine watching my mother suffer with cancer pain! Also, I have been going to the same pain specialist who also specializes in anestesia. He has a floriscopy machine and does procedures out of his office as well as the hospital. This is a pain specialist and the way that you guage a good one. When you go to an office that only takes cash and sitting around are a bunch of young kids with lots of bling .... you should know you are sitting in a pill mill!

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DAN williams Says:

I really wish you went to my clinic because i dont know how he staggerred patients but the ones when i went were clean and 40's and some older and younger. but all im saying is i couldnt tell i was at a pill mill when they just got closed or i would have chosen a diff. doctor. i guess i know now first hand what a pillmill may looklike since i was in one without knowing it. sometimes its hard to tell nowadays they are much more careful.

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frustrated caretaker Says:

Um...... I replied to someone elses post wjo was askin for help locating medicine as was i for my mom and stumbled across this website. Trust and believe me im on the legitside all i do is care for my mom and get frustrated when i cant find her medicine. When i referred to pill mills it was to the not legit ones who over prescribe to people who dont need the medicine in the first place and take away from people who suffer in pain. My mom gets hers from her primary care doctor npt a pain clinic. So really theres no need to be nasty. I think it sucks when legit people show up to a doc appt only to find its been shut down its annoying and not easy to find another docwoth or without insurance at times. And for your smart ass comment i dont vote or acknowledge politics of any kind. I raise 5 kids and take care of a sick mom who slowly dies everyday. I commented here to find a pharm for her and help out others if i found one first. So im not sure why you were so nasty to me. I wish you luck and a pain free life.

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frustrated caretaker Says:

And my mom is terminally ill. No epidural shots or anything will help her at this point she is only 51 years old im 30. And as i stated she gets her scripts from her primary care doc not a pain clinic of any kind. He just had her sign a paper stating she would submit to random drug screenings and would use one pharm ( prob for tracking purposes idk) im just amazed at your anger. And she doesnt have cancer she has severe scoliosis and her spine is curving so much its crushing her rib cage and its crushing her heart. She also has degenerative disc disease and arachnoiditis( its a nerve disorder) sounds like a spider fear but its not. Anyways, good luck.

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frustrated caretaker Says:

Thank you. My mom actually goes to her primary care doc because shes terminal no pain clinic is needed as theres nothing that can be done at this point but keep her comfortable. It amazes me that one month you can be at your doc and the next appt you go and they are closed. It sucks. And i just wish legit people could get security in doctors and pharms so you can get your meds. Its a huge issue nationwide and the only ones who suffer are legit people. Others will most likely buy them off the street, substitute with something else or do whatever it takes. Its ridiculous. I hope you find a legit doc who ensures your pain free witjout issue. God bles and good luck.

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frustrated caretaker Says:

Pain patient.... sorry i misread the post from you. I thought you were that 40 person who was very cruel to me. I meant that post for Him or her. I appreciate your story. I put more detail in my reply to hopefully shut that person up. I wasnt judging anyone or bashing clinics. I just asumed the bad pill mills as they call them were done with and hoping medicine would be available for people like my mom who suffer everyday. Again sorry. Good luck in your life and hopefully science will evolve and help all the people suffering in pain. God bless.

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