Pharmacy To Fill A Prescription For Roxicodone

Bethani Broussard Says:

unable to find a pharmacy that will fill my perscription for roxicodone 30mg

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Verwon Says:

Where are you located?

Without at least a general idea of your location, it is going to be difficult for anyone to help you, because we have people that use this site from all over the world.

If you're in Florida and someone knows which pharmacy has them in stock in Bangladesh, I doubt it will be very helpful.

One tip I can give you is to actually go in to the pharmacies, with the prescription in hand and ask if they can fill it for you. If you are just calling them, they have no way of knowing whether or not you are a legitimate customer and due to the risk of theft, they will not usually give you an accurate answer over the phone.


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alvini Says:

I hve prescriptions for 30milli roxy I'm frm Brooklyn ny where can I get it filledh

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Disgusted in Ky Says:

I am in KY on vacation for several months from Ca. where my insurance and physician are located. My Dr. has mailed my scripts to me for Soma and Percocet yet no pharmacy here in Ky will honor them as they are out of state nor will a local Dr. see me as my ins. is not accepted here. Any advice I"m in lexingtom/Mt.Vernon Ky area.

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Rayanne Says:

Good luck to you.I live in KY. and had a very hard time finding a Pharmacy to even fill my oxycodone hcl 15 mg.It is very sad for people that are not addicts or drug dealers to get medicine in this state!

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Keith Says:

You need to contact your insurance company to see how they want you to handle this situation.

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Keith Says:

I know exactly how you feel. I am sick and tired of the pharmacy techs and pharmacists looking at me with a look of disgust on their faces. Just because I fall within a certain age range and have visible tattoos does not mean I am a junkie. I live with pain, from injuries that occurred while serving my country. It has come to the point I am considering moving away from Kentucky and any other 'pillbilly" area

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J Says:



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leah Says:

trying to get my prescription filled oxycodone 120 30mg from an bradenton doc. antone know who may have them in stock or when they maybe in stock again? ty

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tuco Says:

i have had a script for 3 days. no one has them in south florida. the last place i talked to, the guy said there is a "back order" till at least feb of next year.

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donq69 Says:

can anyone help me find a pharmacy close to Detroit Mi ,i have been looking for days ,every place i go says pills are on back order, i am a cancer patient and i need my medication soon,my pain is horrible ,somebody please tell me a place to go

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Marilyn Says:

I can't find a pharmacy in south florida that will fill a legal perscription for roxicodone 30mg. and the ones that will are charging $6.00 to $9.00 a pill. How can THAT be legal. They won't even accept my health ins.

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macdude Says:

I live in West Palm area and am having the same problem finding them. I used a mail order service until their corporate offices decided "not to fill mail order scripts for people in FL any longer"....WTH? I walked into one pharmacy and they wouldn't fill it as my doc is in Boca and there was too great distance to "West Palm"....another WTH?!?
If anyone does find a service that will fill it- PLEASE POST A REPLY OR PM ME!!!

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molly Says:

I don’t know anymore, I am a professional, work every day have always done the right thing, and I am stumped. I cannot find a pharmacy to fill the long acting medication, ANYWHERE, I cannot go to work without these, the pain is too intense. I already take loads of everything else, Advil, Neurontin, muscle relaxers, Cymbalta etc. I am out of options, what are the answers? My FAMILY is going to lose everything and quickly if I cannot work, I have a child with brain damage and one in college depending on me, my own government is doing this to us, WHY??? What is the next step...I have been dealing with thisnpain for over 15 years and am finally comfortable and then this. I understand the reasons why the DEA is doing this but they are truly hurting the wrong people. This is going to destroy a large amount of people and families, people DYING of cancer and they CANNOT GET horrible is this? And why isn’t there a larger outcry??

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judy Says:

In Calif we ran into the same problem with oxycodone being on back order. I found small pharmacies vs CVS, Walgreens, etc got them. But, I would also try a hospital pharmacy like Kaiser who is open to the public. At least in Calif. Good luck!

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kaman24 Says:

can't find 80 mg oxycotin in north fl. please heip.

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teresa Says:

There is a program thru Perdue Pharmacuticals that will send your medication free if you qualify and all you do is go to and it will prompt you in what you need to do to get your medicine for free

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David Says:

Hi Teresa,

The link you posted to Perdue Pharmaceuticals doesn't appear to be working. Would you mind double checking the link and posting back?

I also googled the company and their page is noted to be "" as opposed to spelling out pharmaceuticals. They do have a patient assistance program if this is what you are referring to?:

Hope this helps!

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teresa Says:

David ; yes you did good because since I was on the sight it was different but I thnk I still Have the info but mainly they want to know if you have filed taxes in the last 22 years and if so send them the income cpies as for me I answered no and was qualified and that was before they reformulatd them ,There is a patient asst progrm for all long term [extended released ] medication for the monthly scripts for free. If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask..teresa

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teresa Says:

Sorry david last 2 years

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macdude Says:

I HATE to hear this...I am in the same boat, so I can relate. I am switching to dialudid 8's, as I can find a place to fill them. It direct work as well- but it is SOMEthing.....the DEA has SCREWED true pain sufferers in FL.

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