Pharmacy That Carries Watson

Everill Says:

The generic Watson pain med has really controlled my severe disabling pain and I was switched to another generic brand which is not working for me. Are there any pharmacies that carry this? Help.

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Verwon Says:

There is no database that lets anyone know what pharmacy carries the medication from any particular manufacturer, such information would be completely dynamic and virtually impossible to keep updated, anyway.

But what particular pain medication are you talking about?

Have you tried asking your pharmacy if they can order it back in for you?

They will usually do so for regular customers, but you may have to pay any small price difference between it and the current generic, since insurance usually won't do so.

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DD Says:

watson 387 hydrocodone my pharmacey doesnt carry them anymore, they seem to be the only ones that help with my pain. i live in California

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From CO to FL Says:

CAUTION watson is now a different formula under adiffernt company i believe actavis bought tho i know my body i been injured badly and ive been taking meds sine soo4 first car accident; watson, now their binders and filling are different and inconsistent or my body is idk, but i got one scrip of perks filled and they were huge and just acted and killed my stomach - they were garbage well i just got a small rx of them same brand and they are smaller in size and they are so strong!! i truly believe i got a bad batch or i thought maybe was placebo. I'm getting sleepy now. Have a blessed on keep your heead up, never lose hope!! sorry about the typos!!

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Pears Says:

I live in Kansas City, Mo., and the local Walgreens Pharmacies dispense Watson brand 5/325 hydrocodone...I know this because I had to stop getting my prescription filled there due to the fact that I have a negative reaction to the binders used in the Watson brand of hydrocodone.

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stormy Says:

Had same problem CVS mail order pharmacy carries Watson but Watson is now called Actavis. Go to CVS and check their website and if not their Mail Order division carries most brands. If not they will search for you to provide meds. But once again CVS carries that brand. Each local pharmacy may or may not... You can do a search for your local CVS store asking who carries (name of med) by Watson/Actavis, and it will let you know locally.

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karen Says:

Watson is no longer it was bought by Actavis and they did something with the pain meds cause they no longer work like when it was just Watson Actavis claims they did nothing different except take out the dye they are not telling the truth.

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Edith Says:

What pharmacy carries watson hydrocodone in Norfolk, va or va beach area

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Edith Says:

What pharmacy carries watson hydrocodone in Norfolk, va or va beach area 325 5

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Laurakilliang Says:

I wish they still did in Bmt. Tx. I take the same thing and Walgreens gives me some bunk Acteva (sp?). Doesn't really do much......just saying

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Lynn Says:

I am looking, here is the phone # for Watson pharmaceutical: 862-261-7000. Hope this helps! My pharmacy also tried to give me ip110 hydros, they suck! I can't take yellow, as I'm allergic to the yellow dye! Any meds coming out of Canada suck as well! Watson is a cleaner, less fillers, med, if you will? At least that is what I know! Do your research & you will be enlightened!

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Cathy Says:

Help!!’ My pharmacy Walgreens no longer carry the 10 mg watson norco. I live in the inland empire area, chino hills ca. Where can I find these???

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Lynn Says:

Re: stormy (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I was told it was Teva by them this morning, talked to them twice (two different ppl) to confirm my info. I was told by Watson pharmaceutical, they quit making generics & Teva is making their generics. So I called Teva, talked to them twice (2 different ppl) they said they probably won't change formula, because it's too expensive!! If you call Teva at 1-800-272-5525, they will answer your questions! Hope this helps! I may be wrong about the name (Teva), but I did spell it out for the lady I talked to! I try to be accurate when I research!

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Lynn Says:

Re: karen (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

They probably did lie to me,but I did call Watson 2xs & Teva 2xs,they all told me same thing,see my other comments,cuz I am hurting & tired!!

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Terry Says:

Re: karen (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Karen, google Watson. Watson bought Actavis.

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Steve Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

The brand qualitest/par makes a Norco just like Watson it better it yellow v 3601 works great for me I myself had this problem with Walgreens doing away with Watson so I called around Mom and Pop Pharmacy and a pharmacist that uses pain meds recommended these yellow V 3601 and I plan to go back and get more I paid $33 more compare to the Watsons I'd rather pay more than throw up on trash Norcos just say no to ip110 I can't even keep one down for 20 minutes.

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Chipi Says:

Re: Cathy (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Hang in there for a month or two. My Walgreens switched brands for two months, but returned to the Watson brand. Also, I don't understand people's accusations that drug addicts are the only people who complain about a brand of Norco. There are differences in the generics, just as there are in generics of non narcotic drugs. A sane person would want to take the medication that would best treat his or her pain, right?

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Carl Says:

The generic hydrocodone 10/325 manufactured by Actavis is the only one that works. The pharmacies, even the mom and pop have a few left but all regular pharmacies no longer carry it. The formula has changed and is no longer effective. I believe the government has intervened due to the false opioid crisis which is caused by the illegal meds coming out of Mexico. The reformulated hydrocodone have enough opioid combination to stop withdrawal but that is it. I have tried all the others such as Qualitest and Amneal, etc but the days of relief are over. Must consider if the patch will be effective. Still in pain and now I am truly going through depression. It's government intervention and lawsuits that has made manufacturers dilute effectiveness. Common sense dictates why this has occurred. Unfortunate for chronic pain sufferers like us.

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moe Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I have, and they will not accommodate.

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