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Suffering Says:

I've been taking Buprenorphine 8mg for 3 1/2 years now, all of a sudden every pharmacy in our area (that I know of) has switched the manufacturer they are order from, frustrating to me as I just seem to see a difference all though there shouldn't be. Does anyone know a pharmacy that still carries bup mg with the imprint 54 411?

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Roxanne56 Says:

Yes the Mylan brand is just as effective as Roxanne. They even look alike. They don't wear off like others either. Now I tried Mylan once. Hated it. They did something different cause they work. Also get an Rx coupon. It will save you half the price. I still encourage everyone to file a complaint with the FDA for that garbage Westward. I'd like to sue.

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Roxanne56 Says:

I can attest to the Mylan brand being as effective if not better than Roxane. They don't wear off and same effectiveness. I've been struggling with this dilemma since June. I've filed a claim against Wentworth pharmaceutical/Sun with the FDA. Please do so also. They bought our Roxane brand and totally messed up. It's made in India. So there you go.

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kdmrXohio Says:

Roxanne56, it seems you are confused. I don't want anyone else to be confused, or to be reporting WestWard to FDA for that matter because none of us want that!! Let me clear this up:

The new tablets that you don't like, have NOTHING to do with Roxane. If you are referring to the "460" imprinted tablets that is, which I believe you are. Those are manufactured by Sun Pharma. NOTHING TO DO WITH ROXANE. Pharmacies got those in when they couldn't obtain the Roxane tablets. Roxane was bought out by Hikma. Hikma is the parent company of West-Ward. West-Ward & Roxane were merged as one. They STILL manufacture the exact same white, round "54 511" imprinted 8mg tablets as before, and the tablets STILL produce the same efficacy as before. The ONLY difference in the 54 411 tablets is the manufacturer on the bottle should now be listed as "West-Ward" or "Roxane/West-Ward".

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Roxanne56 Says:

No no I have done much research. The West-Ward Pharmaceutical company bought out Roxane for 2.1billion $. They in turn manufacturer there brand via Sun pharmaceutical company in India.The Roxane brand 54/11 no longer are made. West word and a chemist from Sun emailed me with THERE FORMULA.It is supposed to be equivalent to the white 460they produce. It's NOT. I had horrible w/d symptoms. I gave it over a month thinking my body needed to acclimate to me ingerdients. I saw my Dr which encouraged me to file a claim with the FDA which I did and encourage others. It's obvious when you first put it under your tongue. Burning sensation nasty stuff. Roxane brand never did. I put a lot of research and reason into this cause I'm suffering along with everyone else. I was so perplexed why they didn't just copy it. It's made in India idk if that has anything to do with it or not. I've been on these. Since 2004. Btw, my pharmacy attempted to order Roxane along with CVS pharmacy. It comes bk marked Red. Discontinued. This thread has been very profound the last couple of months. If they are equivalent to Roxane why all the problems? I sure didn't make this up! Now I will say Mylan which was at the bottom of the list seems to now be as close to Roxane as I could find. And I've searched them all. Hope this clarifies my feedback.

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kdmrXohio Says:

No, the 460s made by Sun are not equivalent to the 54-411, no one is saying they are. It's very apparent to everyone that they aren't. But a lot of us have contacted Roxane-West-Ward labs and they have reassured us that they are still manufacturing and shipping out the same 54-411 tablets for distribution, daily. I am positive of this because my fiancee and myself are still taking them, and we don't even go to the same pharmacy, and the one I go to is nowhere near the one he goes to. He received the 460 imprinted tablets by Sun, only one time, after which all of the customers at his pharmacy who received them, returned their prescriptions and had complaints regarding that brand of the medication. From that point forward, the pharmacy stopped carrying them and now carry 2 other brands, Roxane/West-Ward being one of them. I also go to another pharmacy when my usual one is closed, and they too still carry the ones I prefer. So that's three pharmacies right there, and ALL in different areas. So I can 100% assure you they are still being made. As Roxane West-Ward labs have said, the pharmacist may CHOOSE not to order that brand because Sun (460) is a lesser cost, and they have no control over which brand the pharmacy chooses to carry. Yes the 460 are made in India and yes they are cutting costs, thus making a very poor product. But those two tablets, and those two companies, are very much separate!

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Becky Says:

I'm dealing with the same s***. I can't even locate any of the 1s made by Roxane and it's annoying. I hate the big peachy oval ones / & the tiny white 1s as well...they don't work the same at all....ur def correct.... I'm stressed & I live in massachusetts!!! Not PA, so it's everywhere.

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Allie Says:

I'm down to do the petition.
I just called my dr office to ask them if I had any options, I got the half moon pills, and they said I was the first to tell them about it.. I have withdraw symptoms. Called the pharmacy and she said to give it a few days, that maybe it's my body ... I have no other options at this point.

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HB Says:

Re: Zen (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Same here I live in mass outside Boston and waited for so long for mine that I was like a month to 6 weeks behind for my scripts. I take the Roxanne 54-411's I called around found some and had to cut down. I never used another brand bc the last time I did it sucked. It was when they switched To hi-tech and it was wearing off half
Way thru the day. I requested a special order and finally got them but then I went to pick up this month I sent someone else and they gave them the mylan m924's. I can't get a real answer on if they are awful and I'm afraid to try it. I want to return as I'm upset they did not inform me which I specifically asked them to do if I was not receiving the Roxanne which was bought by west ward pharmaceuticals or the Tevas. Now I'm sure I'll have to fight to return. Can anyone tell me what they think about the mylan m924s please. I have to say the past cpl months on the Roxanne I've noticed a difference that they seem to not be working as well so I wonder if anything changed and that's why they were bought out. At this point I'm willing to switch but I'm
Concerned for bad reactions which I've had from other brands when switching.

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Be ky Says:

Re: kdmrXohio (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

I totally would be on that petition.

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KdmrXohio Says:

Re: HB (# 28) Expand Referenced Message

Hi HB, I'm sorry to hear you're having a hard time. In regards to the Mylan generic, I do have experience with those. They aren't bad, I would choose them over every other generic aside from RoxaneWestward. They are the next best one. Not quite as good, but they do just fine. No side effects for me as has occurred with the other generics. If for some reason I was unable to access the Roxane-Westward brand tablets, Mylan are the only other one I would take. Hope that helps.

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Beckah Says:


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Beckah Says:

Re: Be ky (# 29) Expand Referenced Message

I'll Sign A Petition !!! I'm in the Cincinnati Area & have my Prescription but I Really Need a Pharmacy I'll Pay up to $360 ! Can anyone out there help me PLEASE ??????????

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Breanna Says:

I don't know where you are but here (NC) the Walmart pharmacies do. I feel your pain tho because I have dealt with the same thing and all of th rude pharmacists or actually usually just the people working the register like the techs are the most rude. And just because it's a different brand doesn't mean it is going to work the same for every person, the additives can/are different and if it's generic they don't even have to put the full amount of the main drug in them!

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Please no more Activas Says:

Oh no. Please, please, please let this not be happening again.

Has anyone had troubles in the last week or so refilling their prescription for Roxanne (or Westward)?

I'm very worried about having Activas as the only option for me again, which is truly not something I cant even do.

Walgreens filled my prescription with Activas even though I confirmed during dropoff that the note was still on my account that instructs to not fill with Activas and only fill with Roxanne.

When i picked it up later, I saw those scary words, "Activas/Elizabeth " on the outside wrapper.

I can't even explain the feeling that went through me when I read that. Sounds so crazy and pathetic, but I was instantly reminded of my previous experience with it.

I spoke with the pharmacist about it, and thankfully he was great and pleasant.

He said the system was showing Roxanne wasnt available, then after a little he said it looked like it might not be until October.

He kept searching and then asked things about the size, shape, color, etc. of it to see if it matched Westwards. (That when I mentioned the aquisition).

This was this past Friday. He said it looked like the Westward wouldn't get in until Tuesday.

Of course it was a no brainer to wait. You couldn't pay me to go another month on Activas. I'm very serious about that.

Well, today is Tuesday and I've started to worry since this exact same situation happened the other month.

Pharmacy ordered Roxanne (westward). They received Actavis. So they tried again.... The next day, they received another bottle of Activas and Roxanne was removed from their system altogether.

I went to another pharmacy and had to go with Hitech. Hitech is definitely not the same either. Very, very, very noticeable difference between it and Roxanne. However, I'd take Hitech any day over Activas if that was my only option.

So now it's Tuesday and I am very worried about experiencing the same, dangerous, back and forth waiting game as I did the other month. It's truly mind boggling how that is even allowed for this medication. If they are shipped Activas, even though they ordered Roxanne/Westward, it will be devastating.

I just wanted to hop on here and see if anyone else from the past couple months is facing this all over again.....

I really pray not. I sincerely hope this it is just me dealing with this, "wait and see" game, and that everyone else who knows how this feels is still able to refill with Roxanne / Westward (or whichever brand works for them.)

I'll update again after today, once I know whether or not the medication arrived. (The correct one, not Activas again).

Please let me know if anyone else from the last couple months is experiencing this nightmare again.

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John Says:

How many different companies make Buprenorphine. I have been taking this medication since 2009 and last month the Drug Store gave me a prescription made by ROXANNE. I became very ill with these, was dizzy, vomiting and just very sick. I normally get them from ACTAVIS and was told by the pharmacy that even though the main ingredient is the same, different companies use different binders, fillers and other chemicals in their pills.

Would like to know how many different companies make this medication? The one that made me sick was from ROXANNE.

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Ala181 Says:

Re: John (# 35) Expand Referenced Message

I'm freaking out!!! I can't find Roxane anywhere .. Walgreens says they are back orders but now I read in the thread they are discontinued.. I tried 2 other brands and got so sick at work I had to call out 2 days.. I am sweating and shaky and depressed .. I'm not sure what to do. Any advice?

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Lilly31 Says:

Re: Please no more Actavis (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Have you tried the M924 yet? Or did you end up getting the kind your use to?

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Ala181 Says:

Re: Lilly31 (# 37) Expand Referenced Message

I haven't, I just keep getting the stupid Actavis and another brand that is a very tiny white one from CVS which feels like acid under my tongue. It doesn't say the generic name and it feels nothing like Roxane but the side effects are not as horrible as Actavis yet still not as good as I feel like I'm dragging and have no energy and not myself. I contacted Westward and they replied that the Roxane is in stock but they don't know why the pharmacies don't have it. I called the pharmacy and they requested the NDI number so I emailed Westward and the gave it to me today. I am going to call CVS tomorrow and see if the drug id number can be found so they can order it. Honestly, the Actavis brand is horrible. I can't believe they even sell this crap. I have like 80 Actavis pills I just want to flush down the toilet. What a waste of money. But I have to keep it in case I find no replacement just to avoid WD so I can somewhat function, but if that's all I can get for future I'd rather be off them if I can find 3 weeks to withdraw :(

I'm so desperate to feel myself, I'll pay out of pocket for the Roxane or equivalent since my insurance won't refill for another 25 days. So upset. All this subutex I have yet I feel like I'm back to square one after 4 years all cause of this!!! Big pharma really is evil.

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Eric Says:

Re: Brittany (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

What is the full name of the pharmacy MD that your friend went to?

I have been trying to find what other pharmacies besides Rite Aid carry the small Subutex with the Arrow 8 logo around the Scranton PA area. If there is someone who can help me out I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

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Melikeybups Says:

Re: riggsk0915 (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

U were 100% wrong. Roxanne is still available and IS BY FAR the best. Idk what the hell the difference in fillers, etc. is, but there is a huge difference. Always get 54 411 Roxanne when u can!

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