Pfizer Oval White Pill With D 5 Imprint In India

Real7 Says:

This should be prednisolone 5 mg? This is in the south Asian / Indian subcontinent. White oval tablet with Pfizer on one side and D 5 on the other.

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Jawad Sukhanyar Says:

what type of pills is the pfizer D5 oval tablets? I was prescribed by my physicians after I had a long coughing due to cold weather.


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Babak Says:

Hi. I'm having Allergy and used Myteka10mg no I'm useing pfizer D5 just on pill in the night if I use it for along time will it effect me or what is the side effects of pfizer D5

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David Says:

I stumbled upon photos of a round white pill with D over 5 on one side and blank on the other, that is reportedly identified as a 5mg Dextroamphetamine sulfate pill. You can view an image for reference by clicking "here".

Has anyone also tried contacting Pfizer directly for more information on these?

Pfizer's number for Customer Service and Product Inquiries is 1-800-879-3477 and their office hours are Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST.

Also, if your doctor prescribed these to you (such as in the case of post #1), perhaps it would be best to ask your doctor or local pharmacist for additional details prior to taking it. Based on the comments of others taking this for allergies and cold symptoms, I can only assume that Dextroamphetamine isn't an exact match. However, an antihistamine does seem likely...

I hope this helps and look forward to reading any feedback others might have.

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