Percocet Addiction And Withdrawal

healer Says:

Someone please tell me how long it takes to withdrawal from percocet and what is expected day by day?

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woodstock 2009 Says:

it can take anywhere from a week to 6 months depending on the detox program you chose

now the question of day to day
the sun rises, the sunsets, the sun rises again day to day

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Ginny Says:

Please go to the discussion on Oxycontin, which is Percocet in a slow release form, and read my full account of detoxing at home off high doses of this medication, the physical and mental issues to expect while withdrawing and some tips to help you get through the withdrawl. You can do it. You will know you've found the right discussion if you see my name and postings at the start of the discussion which I began a year ago. I am now Oxycontin free and did it at home.

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Verwon Says:

Percocet and Oxycontin are not the exact same thing, because Percocet contains Acetaminophen and Oxycodone, while Oxycontin just contains a time release formulation of Oxycodone, by itself.

The Oxycodone, however is a highly addictive and commonly abused narcotic.

The length of time the withdrawals last can vary, depending on how much you have been taking and for how long. It could range from several weeks, to well over a month or more.

Some withdrawal effects you may experience can include: nausea, drowsiness, chills, fever, diarrhea, irritability and vomiting.

If you have been on very high doses, you should not try to withdrawal on your own, as it does have the potential to be fatal, you should consult a doctor. If you think you may need treatment to get off the Oxycodone, many people have found that the medication Suboxone minimizes withdrawals, while eventually enabling them to become completely drug free.

You can check the website at Click Here to see if there is a doctor near you that can provide treatment with this medication.

You can read more about this medication here:


Is there anything else I can help you with?

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karrie Says:

I have been taking percs for 2 months now and find myself needing more to keep me satisfied and free from pain.I am thinking of getting them on the streets because I do not have enough to get me to my next Dr.appointment.I think I should get off them if its making me feel like this even though I love the way they make me feel,what should I do

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kellyann Says:


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melynda Says:

methadone, methadone , methadone!! dont try detoxing it can last about 1 month. gets easier in about 1 week. but the trick is to go to your dr. and tell them whats going on and when your done detoxing stay away from the pills! if you cant try methadone it has changed my life for the better and im almost off that too!!

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melynda Says:

and to add, like another replie on here. suboxone, same as methadone in a way try to!!

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Her Mom Says:

My daughter has been shooting up percocet 30's, about 20+ times a day. I am looking for long term problems or any information and advice I can get. We are trying to get her in re-hab but the wait list is so long that someone trying to get off can be dead before they get any help. I know nothing about this and would appreciate any help.

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Jan Says:

On Percocet 10 mg every 4 hrs, for 5-6 yrs. Am Chronic pain patient. Fibro,CFS, Celiac,Osteoarthritis. Pain seems to be escalating once again. Narcotic meds have always worked better for my 'conditions' than other meds. I have many allergies to most other meds, including Lyrica and Celebrex type meds. Is there anything new in the narcotic med field that you might recommend? I would prefer not having to go thro withdrawals at this point. My body is so weak and tired from the high pain levels already. I am concerned about trying new meds, other than narcotics, which I know I can tolerate. I think I've 'maxed' out on the dose of Percocet I'm on at present. Is a breakthrough med a possibility, or not? I know I'm already on a high dose of meds.
Should I consider detoxing and starting all over? I will be talking with my Internal Med physician at end of month about all of this, but would prefer some ideas to put on my 'plate' when I have this discussion. Thanks.

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ready to move on with my life Says:

I have been taking percocet 602s for a year now and I have been ready to quit for months but I'm affraid of the withdrawal systems. I was taking up to 10 to 14 a day. I received some advice and started taking methadone I started on 30 mg at a time and I'm gonna slowly stop taking them it really is helping the withdrawal and I don't even have wants for the percocets at all I'm just hoping that this works is their any suggestions and am I doing anything wrong please help me because I'm surely trying to help myself

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james Says:

ginny how do you detox at home.As my girl was doing 50 pills a day of 5mg for about 2 years. she says she stoped for 10 days and now she is cured and has no need for them. is she cured of shoveling it.

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nomoreforme Says:

I am in the process of tappering off of perc's. I was taking 100mg/day (2 10 mg tabs 5 x day) for 2 years. Monday will be a week since I started and I'm at 4 5mg perc's per day as I speak. I will drop to 3 5mg starting Tuesday for a week and then drop it to 2 for a week and then 1 for a week. I'm hoping to minimize the withdrawls. I'm so scarred. I'm a professional and most people notice you have a problem not when you're using, but when you're not. I've been watching forums like this for a while and I'm very inspired by everyone's stories. Shows that getting off this s%#t id possible. I'm prepared with immodium, Valteren Root?, and started taking wellbutrin at the same time that I started to tapper. Good Luck everyone. Addiction sucks.

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mysweetjosiah Says:

I am getting ready to battle a addiction to perks. I have been on them for almost a year now i was highly addicted 6 years ago got clean and stayed clean for 3 years. UGH i HATE this battle. I REALLY need support here. My husband is also addicted but he is going in for back surgery in 3 days it is in the house so very hard not to take i also have a script. I will be out soon i have 10 and he wont get anymore as he is going in for surgery. I need some suport to get through this and stay strong. Appreciate anyone who can talk with me and/or pray for me as I am a believer in God also I have a precious 7 month old baby so I still have to be somewhat active despite how miserable i feel. I tried tapering but that i salmost immpossiable for a addict to taper when i started feeling bad i just took another 1,2, or 3 7.5's. I also liek the way it makes me feel but i know i need to get off them and i am so TIRED of this lifestyle i want to be healthy for my sweet baby (that we tried for 5 years for and had 2 2nd trimester miscarriages along the way) Thanks everyone who is willing to reply to this i know u r prob going through something similar urself i am willing to pray for people also

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Smith Says:

God can do miracles and if we keep our eyes focused on him and know that he can get us through anything....I believe this with all my heart. Today, I prayed that God would intervene and help me to take away this terrible habit. Unfortunately, for most, we are this way because we had to take it for increasing pain in our lives, whether it was back or leg or migranes, through no fault of our own, did we ever think for one minute that this is that path it would take us....stay strong my friend, this is the beginning of a new start....

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TBre Says:

Been on percs for almost three years now. Started off on the 5's and i would feel so happy. Then i needed something stronger. So i went to the 7.5's, then the 10's and now im up to about four 30's a day. Percs have taken over my whole life. My every move is dictated on whether i have percs or not. I don't even have to motivation to get out of bed for work if i dont have any. I'm 23 years old, have a college degree and a great government job. If i keep going down this path im going to lose everything. I'm now spending about $400 a week on pills. My boyfriend was going to florida and getting scripts for so cheap but now he is locked up (because of getting caught with hundreds of 30's) and i have to buy them on my own now. I went to the ER to try and get help. They gave me .01 mg of Clonodine which did absolutely nothing. I looked the drug up on google and by what i read i had the lowest dosage you can get. I heard great responses about Clonodine helping with the withdrawl symptoms. I'm thinking that i should try a rehab but with my work schedule i would HAVE to be outpatient. Everytime i get sad i snort pills. My life is so perfect on the outside but so messed up on the inside. Wish i could find the will to get off the percs.

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Mel Says:

Not sure if you will get this message. But you should consider taking a new drug called Nucynta. I used to take Oxy 10mg, 200mg a day and I switched to Nucynta and it has totally changed my life for the best and the medication actually works for pain. Just thought I would let you know, you will need to taper from the Perks, but the Nucynta will help with the withdrawals.

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Mike Says:

I have cervical stenosis which causes pain when lying down and severely limited my ability to sleep. My GP prescribed 5mg percocet. I split the tablets and take one half ten minutes before bed and the other half when that wears off, usually in 3 - 4 hours, and I get back to sleep.

I've been taking this same dosage for two years. I have developed some tolerance but I'm holding out for as long as I can before asking for a higher dose. So far I have no symptom of addiction (craving) and I do not experience any euphoria from the drug. In fact I am quite surprised that I haven't developed any such symptoms at all. Thus far I can described the effect of my daily dosage as that of an effective aspirin in that it kills the pain and that's all.

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nicole Says:

Hi how are you? right off the bat I want to express my concern for you daughter & I wish her a speedy recovery! She will need the will and the support of her family or a relapse will be in her future! I am a 33yrs old with 2 children of my own. I was badly addicted to perocets and didnt have my 2nd son until 16 months ago because of my addiction my kids are 9yrs apart!
Im replying to your post because when i wanted to get off the percs so i can have another baby I was able to do it at home on suboxone! It allowed me to withdraw without feeling sick at all! My dr gave me 4 8mg tablets per day... When I promised myself that my quitting date was when I was done with my prescription the day before I scheduled my appt cried with fear all night long to my husband. woke up in the morning there was no more left and suboxones was all I had, naturally I let it dissolve under my tounge because I was afraid of the hot &cold sweats that was approaching. To my suprise I was fine, it was then I knew I could do it! I couldnt believe the will power that i built up to conquer a battle that I in my heart i knew i was going to lose yet willpower was needed just supoxones and people constantly telling me they were so proud! noone ever get me a negative comment again from my 1st day of detoxing and believe me it wad huge for my recovery! i NEVER SHOOTED THE PILLS! but my intake was close to 15 tablets a day, spending 600 after completing my prescription per month! i wish i could tell you that im still sober, after delvering a 9lb 3in baby no epidural the pain was ridiculas speacily the injuries in y back that got me hooked in the 1st place... when i was in the hospital the nurse gave me 2 tablets, i thought were asprin..... that was it 4me! but i know how easy it is 2get off i will do it again! plz contact me if u ever have a question even if its private ! goodluck 2u and your daughter! mt thoughts &prayers are with you both!

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Mel Says:


I am starting my detox on the 31st of October, I will undergo a Suboxone treatment for 15 days and than that's it, no more Oxy or Suboxone. I do have a question though. I want to get pregnant again next year and I was wondering if you were on Suboxone while pregnant or were you completely off during your pregnancy?

Thanks in advance, I hope you get this message!


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steve Says:

so many ppl in my town and state are doing that to its crazy, i suggest a detox program and they can set her up with after care program, shooting 20 times a day she needs months of treatment, if she touches the drug even once after she is clean its 100% chance of relapse

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