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Shelley Says:

I have Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes #2, Sciatica down both legs, Piriformis Syndrome, L4 L5 S1 Vertabre Fracture x2, Osteoarthritis in my spine, knees, thumbs, feet! Chronic numbness down my right leg, groin area that hurts like hell. I started out taking Darvocet and have worked my way up to Percocet 325/10 for the last 3 years. I was wondering IF Opana would work better? My doctor wanted to put me on Oxycotin, but of course my insurance won't pay for it, not even with a required PA! So according to Medicare Part D (which I have) they need a PA for Oxycotin, but not one for Opana! Oxycotin is considered a class 3 and Opana a class 2 drug! So is Opana as strong as Oxycotin? Are they both stronger than Percocet? I tried Morphine Sulfate 10 mgs about 3 years ago, and it did NOTHING for me, isn't Opana in the morphine class of drugs? ANY suggestions will be very helpful. My pain on a scale from 1-10 is on average a 8, 24/7...Once in a great while I will feel better, after a long day of Percocet and my pain level goes down to about a 6! I take 180 percocet a month, that is a little too much acetaminophen for my liver! I was reading up on Kaiden ER which is a Morphine class drug, you take 1 every 24 hours, has anyone heard of that one and how does it work?

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Verwon Says:

The Opana may be a good idea to try, it contains the active ingredient Oxymorphone and is actually stronger than both Morphine and Oxycodone.

For instance 5mgs of it would be equal to 10mgs of Oxycodone and 15mgs of Morphine.


Kadian actually contains Morphine as the actual ingredient, in a time released formulation, and, if you've been taking the 10/325 Percocet, it would take 15mgs of Morphine, to equal it, or about 90mgs in a day, to equal what you're taking currently.


Another option that you may want to discuss with your doctor is the Duragesic Patch, it contains the active ingredient Fentanyl, which is a very potent narcotic, over 80 times stronger than Morphine and it is available as both a name brand and generic. One patch slowly released the medication over a period of 72 hours.


Are there any other questions?

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Tracy Says:

Shelley, OxyContin is also listed as a class/schedule II narcotic, not sced III. JUST an FYI. Opana & OxyContin are both long acting ( time released) narcotics which Percocet is a quick acting narcotic. I don't know much about opana but it works the same ( stronger???) as OxyContin. As far as what works better, oxy, opana, kadian, it is different for everyone. Talk to your doc and get his take. Also, talk to a pharmacist and get their views as well. This may help you choose. Good luck

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Missy Says:

My doctor has been giving me Percocet 10/325 and Baclofen 20 mg 3 each daily for chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, spinal injury, sciatic nerve damage for the past five years. I had an allergic reaction to Cymbaltia that left me paralyzed from the neck down for 8 hours and dropped my potassium to 2.4. I now have cysts inside on every organ and pain levels 9-10 24/7. Now she wants to add Morphine Sulfate ER 15 mg. Has anyone used this combo before without any allergic reactions? Or adverse effects.

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Narcotic Nancy Says:
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I've tried MANY different types of opiates for the same issues as you minus the diabetes. In my experience the Opana does wonders for extending the half-life of other pain killers and does wonders for arthritis pain, but absolutely nothing for anything else. I would see about getting a low dose Opana prescription alongside your percoset because it really does make them last longer, it also takes away those unfortunate cravings that make you feel like you need to take more.

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Kenneth Says:
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Hello I'm Kenneth I'm dissbled due to a number of problems i have degenerative disc disease sciatica nerve damage my left leg gives out a lot here lately also got neckproblems. pinched nerves my left ankle has no reflexes the bend of left arm wakes me up screaming in pain and my hand aalso swells up like its gonna go numb, tingling but yet in serious pain as my spine iv learned to live with it the pain never goes away but the meds help get me through my everydaty chores and kids, So own my own willing i took a break for a year it was hell i felt like a dead man walking so for a year i did subutex so my tolerance would get back to where the meds would work again. I never abused my meds or sold them as i needed them - so by doing that i thought my doctor would like that so now i been back seeing him monthly and he keeps giving me meds i can't take. And also been on at least 3 times over bfore and i been on tons of opiates but the only ones that help have been okayed by painmanagement for my doctor to write any med that he thinks will help so i don't drive monthly to UVA in Virginia but the 2 x 60mg oxycontin for 12hr pain and 6 to 8 roxycodone every 4 to 6 hrs as needed for breakthrough pain. 15 to 30 mg was working fine cause i got more health issues than i stated i got a lot so right now he has me on 4 roxycodone ir 4 a day, 120 a month and that's it so i think I'm under medicated i think i need the long acting with the breakthrough pain meds. I'm no addict or junkie i don't sell them I'm honest and need them for my issues plus i have had more problems come along in the last few months so does that combo sound right to anyone cause he had me on just the roxy 30mg 12 a day, 360 or 380 monthly with no 12 hr med - just roxy 30 mg so to me the combo was the right way but the 10 mg roxy 4 time a day does not help much at all so i see him at 2:40pm this Thursday. So 30min and be seeing him today any help to tell or show him will help. thanks, Kenneth

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taffy Says:
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May I ask whobhour doctor is I have been asking my dictor fir yrs to thoracic and siatic area. My pain when I run out of my Percocet 10/325, I can follow the nerve passages. I used to tesch reflecology and i know where my pain is originating from

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Lori Says:
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YES!!! It is very much stronger. I take it every 12 hours religiously. I was taking 240 pills of Percocet 10/325...Opana is amazing, works way better than the percs!!

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Judy Says:
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My insurance company is taking me off Fentanyl 75 mcg every 24 hours. I have been on this every 24 hour thing 3 years no problem. After DNS test it shows my metabolism doesn't absorb as it should. Have been on patch 6 years. The doc says maybe Opana but what dosage. I am on oxycodon 10 mg every 4 hours. do I keep this as well. Need some honest answers ASAP. appt and change time 3/3/15. HELP

{edited for privacy}

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Judy Says:
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Opana worked great with pain for me but I couldn't sleep with it till I got down to last week
Big problem was the burning sensation from my tummy to my throat. Oh yes I had a terrible temper I would take your head off and not think about it. Now they are putting me on OxyContin not happy they are pushing heavy drugs seems we could have started at the bottom of ladder

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Rene Says:
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My husband went from Roxicodone 15 mg to Opana and he says that it does not work!!

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Jimmy Says:
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If I'm switching from morphine 100 Mos to opana we what strength opana should I be on go to doc in morning please help.

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Ken Says:
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As you all see all medications vary from one person to the other I been on opiates for yrs now an I will say I started out with 10/325 an it did miracles in the beginning then it eat my stomach up so then I was put on opana an oxycodone ir 15mg for breakthrough pain an the opana did nothing at all for my pain it made me feel funny an dizzy followed by headaches then he switched me to morpine an it helped some at first then I noticed I was not getting any sleep the pain would only die down to about pain free only 2to 3hrs but it caused my arm s an legs to just go crazy like restless leg syndrome an what I read on kadian I'm not positive but I think it's like a 200mg tablet an more suitable for cancer patients as is the same as I read fentanyl lollipops are to iv also tried the fentanyl patch an it didn't touch my pain it never allowed me to rest it made me feel bad with nausea but I finally got put on a 12hr med an a 2to4hr breakthrough med but I'm going to go see my doctor cause the 12 hr med is not working hope this helps

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dale Says:

not all opanas are extended release they also have instant release.

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Sirena Says:
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I would like to know how you all got your Drs to prescribe these pain Meds and the dosage. I have Fibromyalgia, back , (two bulging discs, scar tissue from 2prev surgeries, and degenerative bone desease scoliosis, arthritis), and knee problems which keep me awake at night due to All over pain and all my dr has me on is Percocet 7.325 - 1 4x a day , Baclofen 10mg- 1. 3x a day and Meloxicam once a day. I'm reading how most of you are taking several Meds for pain n the dosage is SO much stronger and are taking way more than 4 pills a day. I wish I could get my PA to give me more or stronger Meds to control the pain level I'm in so I could get a decent night's rest! However did you guys get your Drs to prescribe them to you? Any help appreciated. I'm not just trying to get more to abuse, in Any way, shape, or form, just want pain not to be so bad that I cannot even sleep at night. I dread nighttime because the pain ALL OVER is SO bad!

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mschepp57 Says:
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Opana is 2x the strength of oxy' s. I personally think they work better. They are in the oxymorphone family (morphine) .

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Ebbie Says:

I was prescribed opana and it affected me in a really bad way. I told them I couldn't do it anymore and was basically black balled from the conglomerate pain group and told I was not a cooperative patient. This was 4 months ago in my attempt to get a new doctor after mine had retired.

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Mschepp57 Says:
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Obama is twice as strong as oxycontin. I'm on 10 mg 3x day. So you would need 20 mg of oxygen to do the same. I didn't like oxygen it didn't work for me. Try it.

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Ebbie Says:
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Yes opana is stronger. Evidently the difference didn't work well with me. It did make me wonder why Percoset was something that couldn't deal with.

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oxymorphone is not morphine. It is what oxycodone turns into when your liver absorbs it.

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Ebbie Says:
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One of my doctors expressed wonder that they were concerned about Percoset when opana was certainly stronger.

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