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Availability of nembutal in India

I'm planning on going to India soon, so I'd be really grateful if anyone has any ideas on this. Such as: can I pick up nembutal in India? - Maybe even over the counter in a shop? ## I will be highly grateful if someone can tell me about the availability of nembutal... And just to mention beforehand, it won't certainly be used for euthanasia. ## Hello Carob, I personally do not have the answer you are looking for but one way of finding out is to contact a foreign embassy for the country you are trying to visit and ask them about the legality of the drug you are looking for. More than likely they will have all of the answers you need or at least have a source that you can turn to in order to get the answers. Here is a link to some useful phone numbers and emails to help you fi...

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Pentobarbital - Nembutal

Does anyone has any idea from where can i get Nembutal or Pentobarbital in India? ## you can find on the internet those that sell them. unfortunately i am not able to give you names as I myself don't know which ones are fake and which ones are legit and they will all tell you they are not fake. i hope your intentions are not harmful to another person/other people. I wish you well. ## Thanks Angel. Don't worry, I do not intend to do any harm to others. I did find some names on the internet claiming to be genuine suppliers but there is no way to find out whether they are genuine or fake. ## you can find sellers online but difficult because many who pose as sellers say they are real but are scammers who get the money you send and don't send the merchandise ## i have seen some w...

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Testing for purity

I may have found a way to get some but I really need to be sure it is pure (Nembutal). I cannot get a test kit through Exit International as I do not qualify on rounds of age. I am not good on science and have tried to google for lab testing for barbiturates v.complex. PLEASE SOMEONE HOW CAN I AQUIRE/MAKE A TEST KIT TO BE SURE OF 99% PURITY. It is for myself and my reasons are personal. Any links/info on taking N and suppliers also welcome, want to be as informed as possible ## "I may have found a way to get some but I really need to be sure it is pure (Nembutal)" Hi there, I am from india and could you let me know how did you manage to buy sodium pentobarbital?? I would be obliged if you share with me your source. Did you buy it from india or from abroad? Please send your reply...

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pentobarbital - still on the market?

Is either seconal, Nembutal or tuinal still on the market? ## I have been using Ambien but it does not seem to be doing any good. Thanks, Wayne ## Hi Wayne, According to, Pharmaceutical Associates, Inc (PAI) has discontinued manufacturing all forms of Pentobarbital (Nembutal) here in the US. Secobarbital (Seconal) has also been discontinued in some countries as well, so if you're really set on finding this medication you may have to travel outside of the country in search of other manufacturers. A lot of people tend to visit Mexico for these types of things, but I couldn't guarantee that you'd even be able to find it after hearing about all the health problems associated with its use. Have you talked with your doctor about trying any other alternatives as a potential...

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